My Daydream

I had a daydream that I was backstage when I was grabbed from behind. I was placed in a choke hold. I was knocked out and when I woke up, my hands were tied up as were my legs. The next thing I saw is the nWo. I was scared as the looked at me. I looked scared as I tried to remain calm. The nWo were talking as I felt tears go down my face. Scott Hall was the one that mostly had his eye on me. I closed my eyes as he would touch my face. The nWo kind of taunted me as I tried to get free. Then I was being still held captive on smackdown. Then I was rescued by a wrestler. The next week on RAW, I shocked the fans. There was a match with Stone Cold, the rock and Bradshaw vs the nWo. The ref was knocked out and the rock, Bradshaw, Kevin Nash and X-pac were blacked out outside the ring. Then as Stone Cold hits chair shots on Hall, I come out and attack. The fans were in shock as I left. Then it went to the hospital after that match. Kevin Nash and X-pac saw me enter the hospital. Kevin Nash looked at me and the nWo didn't stop me. I walked into the hospital room. I saw Scott Hall on the bed. He was just about to wake up as I walked over. He saw me and was almost in shock. He didn't expect me.
Scott said," Even after I kidnapped you, you show up again, chica. Why?"
I ended up telling him my reason.