In case you didn't know this is a Snakerat fanfic, it's yoai, Snake eyes and Tunnel rat, getting romantic. If you don't like, then please don't read, all flames will be used to burn down houses of my enemies. Critics are welcome though, but no flamers, hell I will even take trolls~

This is a high school au, where Nicky, I'm just going to call him that in this fanfic evey one else will call him Tunnel rat, becomes a transfer student to Japan to live with the Arashikage family, who is filthy rich. The family becomes close to him, Snake eyes and Nicky eventually get into a relationship. Storm shadow isn't evil, just a jerk of a big brother, this will make Nicky a little home sick. Kimi, who will get her nick name latter, becomes like a little sister to Nicky, and Hard master becomes a second father. Together they will help Nicky survive his year in Japan, while keeping in contact with his friends and family.

Nicky "Tunnel rat" Lee hated air ports, nothing could compare to that hatred. Well maybe Marvin "Roadblock" Hinton's music, but that was another story. Shifting a little bit in his uncomfortable seat, he had been sitting in said seat for the past 2 hours. After a long delay of flights from New York to Miami to Los Angeles, he had finally made it to Japan, and his host family was no where in sight. Not that it wasn't bad enough that people were shooting him weird looks, but he didn't have any money and he was hungry. Also he hadn't slept in the past 24 hours. It's official I hate, hate, hate air ports, Nicky thought with all the vile he could muster. Which at this point in time, was a lot.

Shifting again, Nicky grumbled, he knew this had been a bad decision form the get go. Thinking back on it now, he really should have just said no, but his friends had pressured him into it, again. Well at lest now he had a few more people to blame, his friends. His dumb, but lovable friends.

The "Japanese culture" class had been heavily pushed by Shana "Scarlett" O'Hara. She was probably the only girl that voluntarily talked to him, but she also was the bossiest girl he had ever met. With Scarlett backing it there was no surprise when Conrad "Duke" Hauser also jumped onto the band wagon. Duke had a "thing" for Scarlett, Nicky had a good amount of money saying Duke would confess to her after she got her self a boyfriend, then proceed to beat the crap out of said boyfriend. It didn't take long for Duke to convenes the rest of us to join in on it. Alvin "Breaker" Kibby joined in for the same reason as Duke, only Breaker has puppy love for Scarlett. Wallace "Ripcord" Weems jumped on the chance, he was such a dare devil, too bad he failed the class. Roadblock had been roped in with the power of friendship, and then used said tactic to get Nicky and Harlan "Snow job" Moore into the class.

And to think I could have had an extra study hall, he thought with a small sigh. Things had gone really well until some unwanted company decided to take the class as well. Adam "Cobra" DeCobray, James "Destro" MeCullen, Anastasia "Baroness" Cisarovna, Brian "Mind bender" Bender, Sebastian "Major" Bludd, and Zartan Dreadnoks. All of which had been given nicknames by Ripcord, who gave nick names to every one. The groups fought all the time over everything, and Nicky meant everything. It was a competition to see who could get the best grades or get the best place in sports, well their parents couldn't really complain.

So there was no surprise that it was a big show down to see who would go to Japan as part of the extension of the student exchange program, it was between Zartan and Nicky, you had to get an A or an A+ in the class. Scarlett and Baroness couldn't go because of sport team activities. So it was up to Nicky to win this round, after a big fight with his parents and older brother. His family was upset about him going to a strange country, man he hated being the "baby" of the family. His parents were more upset about him learning Japanese and doing better at it then Chinese, you know with the hole Japanese-Chinese-rivalry thing. His brother was just being an ass, but after a lot of arm twisting he got their permission, luckily before the creepy ventriloquist.

Groaning Nicky laid his head back, he really should learn to let things go, now he was stuck in Japan for a year. Fiddling with his now dead MP3 Nicky began to look around, man he was short he noticed, even in Japan he was considered short. Maybe that was why people kept giving him weird looks, and it probably didn't help that he dressed like a military thug, and smelled like he just rolled around in dirt. Leaning back he decided to just listening to the chatter around him to help pass the time. At lest he knew a good amount of Japanese, he could be considered fluent, and knew people were really talking about him.

Slumping foreword again he let out another grunt of annoyance, it had been 30 more minutes and no one had came yet. Maybe they got tired of waiting? He wouldn't put it past them, his first flight was delayed by 2 hours because of "maintenance". Or did his host family forget about him and go home? Or maybe this had all been some sick joke, he wouldn't have doubted it with his bad luck.

"Nicky!" Three voices called out threw the loud air port. Maybe they didn't forget him, Nicky perked up at the sound of his name. He could tell that one was really old and sounded like his host "father", and the other was a really young girl, the second one just sounded like a typical young adult.

"Nicky Lee!" it was the same three voices, his host family really did come to get him! Better late then never Roadblock would say with his usual optimism. Quickly shooting out of his seat in hopes of finding them, but he couldn't see over the large crowd of people. Hopping up and down Nicky began to wave his arms.

"Here, here!" Nicky quickly shouted out in Japanese, "I'm right here!"

It didn't take long for his host family to find him, he was the only person jumping and screaming in the whole air port. When he saw them Nicky didn't know how to feel when the group of four came racing up to him. He was conflicted between punching them square in the jaw and hugging the day lights out of them. He decided to just go with scowling at them, at lest they were here.

Taking a small second to look them over he began to take in their features. The oldest, his host "father", looked to be around 50 or so, crankily with age, and the warmth of hard learned wisdom. The oldest son, from what Nicky could tell, was tall with black jaw length hair. He also had the walk of a man with pure arrogance. The second oldest was just as tall with very short blond hair, he radiated a cold and calculating vibe. Then came the youngest, a typical happy short teenage girl with shoulder length black hair, who almost skipped over to him. They looked like his host family...

Quickly the boy with blond hair took Nicky's bags as the group began to drag Nicky to the exit. Slightly panicking on the inside Nicky didn't fight them, only keeping his mouth shut and hopping this really was his host family. His fears were soon put to rest, as the youngest of the family, Kimi, began to talk at a rapid pace and the others quickly introduced themselves. The oldest son, Tomisaburo, didn't really say much he just added his unwanted opinion into the conversation, the dude was just rude. Their father ,Hadoasuta, didn't say much, he just held on to Nicky's hand with a strange gentleness and warmth. The blond one didn't say anything, he just walked slightly ahead of the group at a very brisk pace.

As they approached what looked to be an expensive van, did Nicky's fears truly end. The van was a metalic black, with the driver waited on the outside waiting for them. Instead of handing the driver the suit cases the blond, who had said nothing the whole time, just threw Nicky's suit case into the back. After a silent argument the group piling in, and the driver was given the unspoken command to take them home. Then Kimi continue to talk Nicky's ear off, he really didn't have enough energy to handle a exited 13 year old.

"Is New York as big as they say it is? Why do you ware that bandana, it looks old and smells bad. Do you have any phone charms, they are supper big here." She just kept going, and going, Nicky let out a silent groan of pain.

"Hime, let the our guest relax," Hadoasuta's kind voice cut of Kimi's next words with ease, "I am sorry Lee-san, my daughter is quite excited to have you here."

Nicky didn't know why, but the older man's voice just calmed his nerves. After a short pause to think about what he was going to say Nicky quickly answered, "Na, It is fine, I am just a little tired. And please don't call me "Lee-san", my name is Nicky, but my friends call me tunnel rat."

"Very well Nicky-san," It didn't really seem to bother the older man at all, but it bugged Nicky a bit. Only his family and teachers still called him Nicky.

Thank the lord he had taken all four years of the class or else he would be screwed. He felt pretty confident that he wasn't messing up, well at lest no one was making fun of him if he was. Japanese was hard compared to English, every thing was said backwards. Fucking grammar, he quickly thought. He still felt a bit nervous, and cranky.

"Your Japanese isn't bad, for an American." Tomisaburo rudely cut in, only to be shushed by his father. Nicky was about to send back a snappy remark when the two then proceeded to have a very hushed argument. It was like watching a married couple on the buses, every one knew that they were fighting, but didn't want to say anything.

Nicky just shifted around nervously, the two were worse then his parents on a long car ride. He was startled by Kimi's sudden laugh, "They always do that, don't mind them. They think we won't know that they are fighting if they talk like that."

"My friends, Duke and Scarlett, are the same way," He quickly shot back in English, only to stammer it back out in Japanese the second time. Man, he was nervous, must be the creeper van. If he didn't miss his friends before, he was really starting to feel it now.

Kimi after letting out a small laugh, it mustn't have bothered her too much. After a short amount of time she almost jumped out of her seat in excitement, as if she just realized something during a game show. Turning back to face Nicky with bright joy filling her eyes, she started to gesture over to the silent blond that sat next to Nicky, "This is Hebinome, he can't talk, just so you know he's not ignoring you."

A pone the mention of his name the older boy gave a small nod, Nicky turned away and felt a shiver go down his spine as Hebinome's eyes stayed focused on him. They were scary, like a snake's. They were sharp, almost piercing, and felt as they could see everything, it freaked him out. Guess someone got his name right form the get go.

That was the another thing about the Japanese language that really bugged Nicky, and than there was the grammar, it was that their names were actual words. Hebinome meant Snake eyes, Tomisaburo meant Storm shadow, that one was also pretty accurate, and Hadoasuta meant Hard Master. It was almost funny how strait on those name were, Kimi didn't really mean anything, well at lest from what Nicky could remember at the moment. With out really thinking about it Nicky decided it would just be easier to think of the three men by what their names meant, it just seemed right. And would help with the writing of their names.

The van went in to a quiet pause after Storm shadow and Hard Master stopped arguing. After a few minutes of what looked and felt like New york lunch traffic, the van made it's way up a hill to what was one of the biggest houses Nicky had ever seen in his life. The place was huge, traditional styled Japanese mansion, with the gate and every thing. And he wasn't even going to think about the lawn, let alone the back yard.

"I hope you enjoy your stay with us Nicky-san." Hard master gave him a friendly smile

Nicky nodded, he didn't really think that could argue with the old man at this point in time.

I guess I should explain why I named Hard master Hadoasuta, because his real name was never given I just used hard master and translated it. And I think Tomisaburo means Storm shadow, but for convenience I will just go with that.

The Arashikage clan will not be evil ninja assassins, in this story they are just a powerful business family.

Sorry for such a short first chapter, but I didn't want to over whelm every one with a long chapter of my writing just yet, the next ones should be much longer, but it is late and I needs sleeps, so very bad.

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