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I do not support cutting one's self and/or killing oneself. This story doesn't support it either. This is a STORY and a STORY only! Do not try this at home kids! Threatening to kill yourself to get a girlfriend is not the answer, if having suicidal thoughts please call a specialist! Or contact a Parent or Guardian, etc. In real life if you tried to kill yourself to get a girl/boy, they might actually run away and/or stop you before you can do it.


Suicidal Boyfriend

Chapter 12


Day: 1, Tuesday.

Prank: Waterballons In The Locker.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" I asked peeking behind the wall.

"Shut it Natsu boy, trust me and my ingenious plan" Gajeel said from behind me.

"Let's not forget who got Loke's locker number combination in the first place" Gray said peeking under me.

"Let's not forget who paid for the balloons" I mumbled.

"Chump work Natsu, here he comes" Gajeel said.

Loke came walking down the halls whistling with his backup singers behind him. Perfect. Sugar Boy and Hughes leaned against the lockers between Loke, while Loke started to twist in his combination.


People stopped walked and all started at Loke, correction, at a soaked to the bones Loke, Sugar Boy and Hughes.

"I still don't think we put enough" Gray laughed falling to the floor.

"You said it!" Gajeel laughed.

I smiled and started laughing with them. It wasn't as bad as a swirly but then again things were just getting started.

Day: 1 and 1/2, Tuesday.

Prank: Gay Ringtone In Class

"Are you sure we should be ditching like this?" I asked.

"Look Natsu boy, none of us has Loke's class at the moment. If you don't want to see him get embarrassed by all the kids in class then you could have just said so" Gajeel said.

"No, no I do. Wow, there sure are a lot of girls in there" I said peeking in the window.

"Yup and they're all reading, dead silent. Did you change the ringtone?" Gajeel asked.

"Yup, Gray slipped it back into his bag earlier" I said.

"Didn't even know it was missing, turned the volume at the highest too. So Natsu, what song did you pick?" Gray asked.

"Call and find out" I said smirking to myself.

"Would you like to do the honors Dragneel?" Gajeel asked holding out his phone.

"Why yes I would Redfox" I said grabbing it.

I clicked the call button and started to let it ring.

I wanna take you to a gay bar,
I wanna take you to a gay bar,
I wanna take you to a gay bar, gay bar, gay bar.

Loke jumped up from out of his seat and toppled over.

"Oh my God you didn't!" Gray laughed.

"I didn't even this song existed" Gajeel laughed.

They weren't the only ones who found it funny, all of Loke's classmates started laughing as well.

Now tell me do ya, a do ya have any money?
I wanna spend all your money,
At the gay bar, gay bar, gay bar.

"Why hasn't he turned it off yet?" I asked through my laughter.

"Changed his password, he can't unlock it!" Gray laughed.


Day: 2, Wednesday.

Prank: Whip Cream In The Helmet.

"Loke has football practice right now, hurry before he needs his helmet" Gray said watching the door.

"I'm on it" I said shaking up the can of whip cream.

I started spraying it all over the inside of his helmet.

"Are you sure it's his?" I asked finishing.

I then proceeded to spray some in my mouth, sweet.

"Yeah it's his. Pass the can Natsu boy" Gajeel said.

I tossed the can to him; Gajeel sprayed some in his mouth like me before spraying some in another helmet.

"I thought we were just doing Loke's?" I asked.

"This guy got an A in Chemistry while I got a D, he deserves it" Gajeel snickered.

"Come on! Let's beat it" Gray said.

We all grabbed our bags and evidence then ran out the locker room towards the football field. It was self-study period at the moment and most kids preferred to study out on the bleachers and watch our football team practice. Gajeel, Gray, and I were among those people, we sat in a group behind this other people and watched as they all started running onto the field.

The coach blew his whistle and they all started lining up.

"Think he's noticed?" I asked.

"If he has his helmet in hand I don't think so" Gray said.

"Head gears on! Let's do some drills!" Couch Strauss yelled.

"Here it comes" Gajeel pre-laughed.

Loke placed his helmet over his head and screamed... like a little girl. I toppled over on the bleachers, crying out in laughter.

"Natsu, hahaha, it's dripping all down his face!" Gray wheezed.

"TAKE THAT CHEMISTRY A!" Gajeel yelled out.

Good prank for the second day, really good prank.

Day: Still 2, later in the afternoon though, Wednesday.

Prank: Dead Fish In The Backpack

"They're in the showers, now's our perfect chance" Gajeel said.

He ran into the locker room then ran back out carrying Loke's bag.

"Where'd you get a dead fish anyway Gray?" I asked holding my nose.

"Where else? Asian market" Gray said digging in his bag.

Gajeel unzipped Loke's backpack and held it wide open as Gray began to take the paper wrap off the fish and drop it in his bag.

"This reeks" I coughed.

"Perfect for Loke" Gajeel laughed zipping the bag back up and running into the locker rooms again.

"Isn't this going a little too far? Loke is your friend you know" I asked Gray.

"All is fair in friendships" Gray said patting my back.

"You're not use to friends are you? We do this stuff all the time to each other, well at least the guys do" he added.

"If you say so" I mumbled.

Gajeel came running towards us, then right passed us.

"Run! Let's go!" he yelled.

Gray and I scurried from our spots and ran after him.

"Knowing Loke he probably won't even open his bag until next week!" Gajeel laughed.

That actually sounded exactly like Loke, he never did his work in class anyway. Even if he did that fish was small so he probably wouldn't even notice it. Stinky Loke for a week, now that was funny.

Day: 3, Thursday.

Prank: Library Murder, Levy's actually in on this one.

Gajeel, Gray, and I stacked a whole bunch of books badly in one of the book shelves. The plan was for Levy to ask Loke to help her reach a book and when he pulls it out, bam! They all come tumbling down. The problem was that we couldn't be in the library since there wasn't a lot of good places to hide and that we'd laugh so hard Loke would probably hear/see us and realize we did it.

So today during nutrition Gajeel, Gray, and I decided to join our friends at the usual spot waiting for Levy, who would be videotaping the whole thing. The question on my mind though was.

"How'd you make Levy agree to this?" I asked Gajeel.

He started choking on the juice he was drinking and pounded against his chest.

"Simple. Levy got the REAL hots for Gajeel over here" Gray said wiggling his eyebrows.

"SHUT UP!" Gajeel yelled catching his breath.

I got it now.

"So you just had to turn up your charm huh Gajeel? Take one for the team?" I smirked.

Gray started laughing and punched my shoulder.

"That was good, although I'm sure Gajeel didn't mind doing it" Gray laughed harder.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

I felt myself leaning sideways, Lucy pulled me towards her and whispered in my ear.

"Gajeel likes Levy" before pushing me back up.

"Oh I see, so you weren't really taking one for the team huh?" I asked laughing.

Oh, it was good to have friends. Gajeel turned red and started yelling at Gray for mentioning something while I wiped the tears coming from my eyes.

"Where have you been Natsu? I felt like I haven't seen you all week?" Lucy asked me.

"Aw, did you miss me?" I asked, eyes hopeful.

"NO!" she yelled turning away.

I frowned.

"Not even a little?" I asked.

Lucy looked at me out the corner of her eyes.

"Maybe a little" she said.

Got her, I hugged Lucy.

"Well I missed you a whole bunch even though I see you every morning and walk you home every day. I still want to see you for longer" I confessed to her.

"You're very honest Natsu, do you know that?" Lucy asked.

"Well I wish some of that honestly would rub off on you so I'd know you missed me a whole bunch" I told her.

Lucy was about to say something but someone beat her to it.


Gray and Gajeel stopped their bickering and looked up, same as me. Levy came running towards us holding her cellphone in the air.

"It worked?" Gray asked.

Levy smiled and nodded her head frantically at us.

"Yup, perfectly. The librarian made Loke stay and pick up every single book too" Levy giggled.

"Yes! Show us!" I said.

"Show us what Natsu?" Lucy asked.

"You'll see, you'll love this" I told her.

And she did, they all did in fact. The video Levy took was so funny that even Jellal, the man I have yet to talk to, laughed.

Day: 3 1/2, Thursday.

This last prank was for all the nerds, geeks, and losers who has ever been picked on or bullied by the football team.

Last Prank: Gatorade

"Hey water boy!" Gajeel yelled.

This scrawny looking kid turned around and visible flinched.

"It's cool, we aren't here to harm you" I said knowing how scary Gajeel looked.

"Wow, your Natsu" he said.

I blinked.

"Sorry, do I know you?" I asked.

The Water Boy blinked and shook his head.

"No it's just, wow. I'm meeting the school's legend" he mumbled.

Gray and Gajeel started laughing.

"Legend for what? Having pink hair?" Gray laughed touching my locks.

"Well a legend for us nerds and junk. The loser who's dating the head cheerleader, Natsu Dragneel."

This man knew my full name, who I was dating, and idolized me for some strange reason.

"You give us losers hope you know, if you can date the head Captain then maybe I can date a cheerleader too" he said.

"Keep dre-"

Gajeel was cut off by the elbow in the gut Gray gave him. I was so shocked, so surprised, so... flattered, I think I was blushing.

"Thanks... um-"

"Romeo! Romeo Conbolt" he introduced himself.

I started scratching the back of my head as I stared down at my shoes.

"Thanks Romeo" I muttered.

"And you know what Natsu would really appreciate Romeo?" Gray asked butting in.

"What? Anything for my hero" Romeo said.

Hero? Oh God, this could not be happening to a loser like me.

"If you'd help us prank the football team by letting us mess with their water supply" Gray said.

"Of course! It would be my honor! Follow me" Romeo said leading the way.

This boy idolized me, thought I was a hero, I gave him hope and for what? Because I was a loser dating a cheerleader? I felt a sinking feeling in the bottom of my gut.

"Natsu sir, if you don't mind me asking, how did you score a cheerleader?" Romeo asked me as he led us... somewhere.

Don't, I don't deserve this. I don't deserve to be this boy's idol. I couldn't tell him I threatened to kill myself to get Lucy because what if he does it? What if he does the same as me? Some of the cheerleaders would be scared, I knew Lucy. She wouldn't let me do that, she would try and help but as for the others? What if they walked away from the kid like they didn't care? What if Romeo actually killed himself?

I really felt like throwing up now.

"I just was honest and asked her out, Lucy was kind enough not to reject me and give us a chance" I answered.

Lies. Lies, lies, lies. You Natsu Dragneel are going to hell.

"Oh, I wouldn't have the courage to do something you did Natsu" Romeo said.

"One day Romeo things will get better, I'm sure you'll date a girl who used to be a cheerleader when you're older" I said trying to offer this boy a little hope.

Who was I do say that though? Wasn't I going to kill myself over one girl? Sure I loved her more than my life and watched her for years but killing myself? Was my life that horrible before? Was I so weak that I had no escape? I couldn't remember. I didn't remember my old no friend life, all I could remember was Lucy.

Did my brain just block out those feelings? Was I in so much pain that I subconsciously made myself forget? My brain never wanted me to feel that way again, that much I knew.

"Here it is guys, though I'm the water boy I actually serve Gatorade. I don't know why the coach stopped serving water?" Romeo muttered.

"We know, we didn't want to call you Gatorade boy though. Too long for our taste" Gajeel said pulling off his backpack.

Gray and I did the same. While Gajeel dumped the Gatorade out, Gray and I started unloading our water bottles.

"What's the prank, if I may ask" Romeo asked.

"Spike the Gatorade, not like that though" I told him.

When Gajeel came back with the container we all started pouring the water out of the water bottles. 15 bottles later and almost filled to the rim, we were finished.

"I'll just go recycle this for you guys" Romeo said collecting our trash.

"Thanks" I told him.

"Hey Natsu boy, how much salt do we put in?" Gajeel asked.

"How much do you have?" I asked.

Gajeel pulled out a whole salt container from his backpack.

"Are you trying to give them high blood pressure at the age of 16?" Gray asked.

Gajeel shrugged.

"I don't know, it was the only salt we had at my house."

"No, it's hilarious that way. Pour all that junk in" Gray laughed.

Gajeel smirked as he stared to dump the salt in.

"What color was the Gatorade again?" I asked.

"Green" Gray and Gajeel answered.

"Good, I only brought the colors green and blue" I told them.

"We still could have used blue, they wouldn't have noticed the difference" Gray said.

I shrugged and pulled out the green food coloring from my bag.

"Not too much Mini Me, it's a light green not a dark one" Gray said.

"Right" I said as I poured in a fourth of the bottle.

Gray pulled out a spoon from his bag... a spoon... okay? And started stirring out contraption.

"Little more, it's too light" Gajeel said.

I did as told, soon our water-salt mix looked like regular Gatorade.

"Good now let's beat it" Gray said getting up.

The guys started packing up the evidence while I just stood there.

"You guys go ahead, I'll wait for Romeo and catch up" I told them.

"Good idea, make sure he uses this one for the football team. See you at the bleachers" Gajeel said walking off with Gray.

I stood there and waited; Romeo came 5 minutes later.

"Hey Natsu, you guys done?" he asked.

I smiled.

"Yup, make sure the football team gets served this one" I said.

Romeo looked inside the container.

"What you do to it? It looks exactly the same" he asked.

"It's a secret. Whatever you do don't drink it" I whispered.

"Right!" Romeo said nodding his head.

I blinked.

"Thanks for the help Romeo and don't sweat the small stuff so much. Life always has a way of working itself out"

Romeo smiled at me.

"Thanks Natsu."

"Last prank of the week for Loke boy" Gajeel said.

"In all honestly, I thought we were even by the second day but the fun kept rolling" I laughed.

"Well I'll take full credit for this one then" Gray said leaning back into his seat.

"Now let's see if we'll get a smile out of our monotone buddy here" Gajeel said patting Jellal's shoulder.

Jellal just sighed and shrugged himself off of Gajeel while he stared out into the football field.

"Hey did Lucy invite you to our karaoke night tomorrow after the game Mini Me?" Gray asked.

"Yeah she did, I don't plan on singing though" I said.

"Really? Why not?" Gajeel asked.

"Not really the best singer" I mumbled.

"Have you heard this fool sing? Talk about nails on chalk board" Gray shivered.

I started laughing, "Lucy told me the same thing."

"Shut up Gray! Like you sing any better!" Gajeel yelled.

"At least I can keep tone" Gray argued.

"Enough yelling, since Natsu's new to the group he'll be the one singing this time" Jellal said.

Everyone froze and looked towards Jellal.

"Looking forward to it Natsu boy" Jellal smirked.

"I swear it's like Natsu's a God" Gray spoke amazed.

"That's the most I've seen Jellal speak... ever" Gajeel said.

"My conversations are to intelligent for the likes of you guys, Natsu is probably the only one on my level" Jellal said.

"HEY! Jellal's first words to us and they're insults!" Gajeel muttered.

"We're still friends guys, no hard feelings" Jellal said.

I smiled, "yeah so let's all turn our heads, as friends, to the football team who have just finished practice."

My friends followed my suggestion, we all leaned back into our seats and stared down at the football team as they all started jogging towards the water coolers.

"Will Romeo get blamed for this?" I asked suddenly out of the blue.

"Nah, the kid's a nerd remember? He probably has something all planned out to escape" Gray said.

"The little kid isn't even down there, he's safe" Gajeel added for my relief.

I released the breath I held in for Romeo's safety. Gajeel's hands slapped together and rubbed them as the football players all started piling around the water cooler.

"This is going to be funny" Jellal said.

And it was. Especially when Sugar Boy spat his 'Gatorade' all over Loke's face. Very funny indeed.