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I do not support cutting one's self and/or killing oneself. This story doesn't support it either. This is a STORY and a STORY only! Do not try this at home kids! Threatening to kill yourself to get a girlfriend is not the answer, if having suicidal thoughts please call a specialist! Or contact a Parent or Guardian, etc. In real life if you tried to kill yourself to get a girl/boy, they might actually run away and/or stop you before you can do it.


Suicidal Boyfriend

Chapter 16


It took the Nurse a whole class period to patch me up, bye bye third. I had 'apparently' fallen unconscious for about 20 minutes due to the pain, seems Loke messed me up worse than I thought.

When I woke up our Nurse Houki practically shoved two pills down my throat and made me down them with water. After that she started patching me up. A few bruised here and there, a bloody nose, couple of scratches that pierced through the skin. Nothing to serious, I didn't lose a tooth or anything which surprised me seeing how much my mouth hurt. Maybe it was that punch to the jaw I received from Loke that made it hurt.

Even the Nurse was surprised.

"Going in a fight with the quarterback and coming out like this? You must be one tough kid" she said.

I was only happy that I switched to contacts or else I definitely wouldn't have been able to walk out like how I did in that fight, heck I probably wouldn't have even entered that fight.

Nurse Houki ordered me to rest for a little bit hence me skipping my whole third period. When I woke up it was around forth, but no going off to class with me; it was straight to the Principal's office. While Nurse Houki walked me there, not trusting me to go alone ... smart woman, we passed by Loke getting escorted by another teacher.

Our eyes made contact and that's when he lunged for me; I brought my knee up upon reflex. It hit him in the groin and I sighed, so yeah I protected myself but now it looked like I started the second fight... that was a cheap shot also.

Nurse Houki shook her head and helped Loke up while the other teacher grabbed my arm and almost yanked it out of its socket as he tugged me towards the Principal's office.

"GET IN THERE YOU BRAT!" he yelled shoving me in the Principal's office before shutting the door behind me.

Our Principal... was a short man. He seemed pretty cool every time we had an announcement in the auditorium but I've never met the guy personally. When he stared at me, his face was serious... then it melted away into a grin.

"I'm sorry, could you please take those things out your nose? It's making it very hard for me to take my job seriously" the Principal said.

"Nose bleed, I think it's over by now though" I said taking the tissues out of my nose.

They were bloody at the tips and I just flinched away from them. Tossing them in the trash, I took a seat in front of the Principal's desk.

"I've already heard from the other boy, now it's time to hear your story son" he said.

Ah, so he was that type of guy who calls every boy he meets son... I've only seen those type of people in movies, really old movies... making our Principal really old. No surprised there, his hair was gray. My eyes scanned his desk for a name plate or something to tell me what his name was.

"Well uh Principal Makarov, you see-"

"I've... seen you around" he interrupted.

I blinked.

"Your hair, it really stands out when I'm making announcements in front of the school" he told me.

My eyes dashed side to side, was I supposed to reply?

"You're not a delinquent are you?" he asked.

I shook my head, "no! My Father has red hair and somehow I ended up with salmon."

Principal Makarov nodded his head before snapping his fingers.

"I remember, you used to wear glasses right?" he asked.

I nodded, a little freaked out that he knew me that well. Not enough to know my name but enough to know how I looked like.

"Yeah, you'd always try to blend in with the crowd which only made you stand out more because of your hair. Sorry, you're here for a reason. Well I don't see how you could have started the fight. Why would a g... person like yourself start a fight with a football player?" he asked.

I shrugged.

"What happened though uh-"

"Natsu Dragneel."

"Natsu, what happened? I still need to know your side so I can explain to the other teachers" he said.

I nodded.

"Well um basically it's sort of like those chick flick movies. I got this girl that every other male wanted, Loke especially. He confronted me after class and told me not to ask MY girlfriend to the homecoming dance, I may have engaged into the fight by taunting him a little but it was just words. He was the one who pushed me against the lockers and threw the first punch. After that I just tried to defend myself, then a bystander got in the way and tried to stand up for me. I didn't want Loke to hurt him so that's when I finally started fighting back and then the teachers came" I explained.

Principal Makarov nodded, understanding.

"Almost the same, expect the other fellow tried to make it seem like you threw the first punch. I'm surprised that you actually stood up for your friend, I don't see that a lot in this school."

I don't know why, but I felt a little embarrassed.

"Obviously a case of bullying and self-defense, you should get off with a light punishment. I will have to call home though" he said.

"Yes Principal Makarov."

He suddenly grimaced.

"You looked worse than the other kid, it appears he won" he said.

I chuckled, "it wasn't about winning even though I got a few good punches in. I was just trying... I just wanted to stand up for myself."

Principal Makarov smiled at me.

"I'm not supposed to be telling you this so I won't. I'll just look at my pen and say, you did a job well done" Principal Makarov said.

I blinked.

"You're a pretty cool Principal Makarov" I told him.

"Right, you can expect to be pulled out of class tomorrow for your punishment. Until then you're free to go back to class" he said.

I nodded and stood up from the seat.

"And Natsu" he said.

I paused at the door and turned around, "yeah?"

"Get some ice on that face of yours, it should help the swelling" he said.

"Will do."

It was about 10 minutes before the bell rang for lunch when I left the Principal's office. I had a slight limp but couldn't feel it thanks to the drugs Nurse Houki gave me. I needed ice but didn't want to risk going to the Nurse's and seeing Loke again so instead I limped my beaten up self to the cafeteria. The lunch ladies were nice enough to take pity on me and give me a bag of ice for my apparently 'swollen' face.

I didn't want to limp myself back to class with it being over soon so I just stayed and told the lunch ladies my story about the fight. My normal self, my loser self, wouldn't have had the courage or guts to talk to them. I was... a blender, I never tried to stand out, I was shy but now look at me. I was talking, even if it was to adults, I was having conversations and they were happy for me. For the sticking up part not the getting beat up part.

They even told me that they'd tell the Principal to lessen my punishment and gave me a free lunch as a reward for sticking up for myself aka fighting. I smiled and thanked them before leaving and walking towards our table. So this was what I got for talking to people, free lunches and nice lunch ladies who supported me. By the time I finished my free lunch the bell had rang and students were starting to fill up the cafeteria.

Some stopped to stare at me, but I didn't know any of them well enough to say anything. I just waited patiently at the table for-


It was a screech, it sounded like a cry for help. The ice pack I was holding against my cheek dropped as I turned around. Lucy came running towards me, pushing people out her way, tears running down her cheeks... hey! She was wearing my scarf! So Romeo was able to give it to her, that's good. I half expected him not to half enough courage to go talk to-

Lucy launched herself at me, her hands hugging the life out my neck as she cried into my shoulder.

"Lucy! Ca-n't breathe-!" I choked out.

She loosened her hold and I took a deep breath.

"Natsu! Natsu, your face" she cried poking it.

I flinched a little, seems those pain killers were wearing off now.

"Natsu boy! Ouch! He really messed you up bad!"

I looked up and saw Gajeel rushing towards me, Levy, Lisanna, and Jellal right behind him.

"Wow, that kid wasn't kidding. I really hope he was but when he came over with your stuff I kind of expected it" Gray said coming from my left side with Juvia.

He was carrying two bags, one of them must have been mine. I raised my hand and started rubbing Lucy's cheeks.

"Stop crying, I'm fine! Can't feel a thing!" I smiled at her.

"This isn't a joke! I'm going to kill Loke! How could he do this to you?! He took it too far this time!" she yelled.

I made her sit down at the seat next to me and comforted her in my arms.

"That's the good thing about Nurse Houki, just tell her you're in pain and she'll drug you right up!" Gajeel laughed.

Levy punched him, "he's in pain! Now's no time to be making jokes!"

"Exactly! I'm just trying to cheer him up, laughter is the best medicine" Gajeel stressed out.

"What the hell happened to you?!" Erza yelled.

She was the last of the group to come, it was only safe to assume Loke and his back-up singers weren't going to show up.

"Kind of got into a fight with Loke, a tiny one" I stressed out.

"HA! Yeah right! From what Romeo said it sounded more like a street brawl or something from Tekkan or Street Fighter!" Gajeel yelled.

I glared at him as Lucy started to sob harder against my chest, I was trying to stress out that it wasn't a big deal and here he was making it sound like a death match.

"You missed the kid's explanation at nutrition Erza, that's why Mini Me here didn't show up" Gray said.

Erza grabbed my chin and started examining me.

"It's not that bad, I've seen worse and after coming from a fight with Loke? Believe me when I've really seen worse" she said.

This seemed to help Lucy, her shivering stopped and her cries got softer.

"No black eyes so that's good and the swelling should go down in a couple of days. You'll be fine" she said patting my shoulders.

"Thanks" I said.

Not as much as for the check-up but more for calming Lucy down a little.

"Erza's our personal nurse, she's seen battles willy nilly so you can trust her judgment" Lisanna explained.

I nodded then stared down at the still crying girl in my arms, Juvia being the good friend that she is sat beside Lucy and started rubbing her back. This seemed to help her even more. As our friends all started sitting down at the table, Erza just had to ask.

"Now tell me what happened between you and Loke!" she ordered.

"Yeah! From what the kid said you two were arguing over something, then you said something that really pissed Loke off so much that made him throw the first hit!" Gajeel cheered out.

I wasn't going to tell them about the homecoming thing, but I did tell them about everything else.

"He pushed me against a locker, I told something that ticked him off making him throw the first punch like you said. It hit but I still didn't back down, idiot on my side, so then he threw another which I was able to dodge so he hit the lockers-" Lucy laughed at that part, I smiled and pulled her closer,"- then he let me go. He was going to try and hit me again but Romeo threw a paper ball at me and tried to help-"

"Romeo?! That little kid! He tried to help you?!" Gajeel asked.

I nodded.

"Well I need to give that kid a reward or something for sticking up to Loke too, he left that part out" Gajeel laughed.

I gulped and continued.

"Loke got mad and started heading towards Romeo so that's when I jumped him. We sprawled on the ground for a while before a teacher came and broke us up. I got carried to the Nurse's while Loke was carried to the Principal's" I said.

"So you lost?" Gray asked.

Juvia and Levy both punched his shoulders.

"That's all you MALES care about, are you alright?" Juvia asked.

"Yeah I lost, but in my defense I did get a few good hits. Might have broken his nose when I knee-ed him in the face, and yeah I'm fine. Perfectly, honestly fine. No worries" I tried to calm everyone.

Lucy pulled away from me and stared at my face. She quickly reached for my ice back on the table and brought it to my face. I sighed and picked up the end of my scarf, wiping her cheeks with it.

"I'm in pain when you cry you know" I told her.

It was true, my heart was hurting because of her tears. Lucy sniffed and shook her head a little.

"I'm sorry, you should be the one crying seeing as... sniff... Gajeel! Gray! Erza! Go beat up Loke!" Lucy barked at them.

I laughed and kissed her forehead.

"No, no, it's quite alright. He's your friend a-"

"You're my boyfriend! And I warned Loke to stop picking on you! This is ridiculous!" she yelled pushing the ice pack rougher against my cheek.

I flinched away from it.

"Sorry" she whispered taking it off.

"She's right, let us personally teach him a lesson" Erza muttered evilly cracking her knuckles.

"You can trust her Natsu, Erza will give Loke a scar he'll never forget" Jellal said.

"I should have had Erza beat it into his head in the first place" Lucy growled.

It was strangely cute seeing her angry.

"Guys no. Thanks for your concern but I want to fight my own battles" I told them.

"And you did, now if we so happen to start a fight with Loke then it's not for you, it's for us" Gajeel explained.

"He's you friend" I stretched out.

"I don't like him! He... he hurt you Natsu" Lucy said, a stray tear falling out the corner of her eye.

I smiled sadly at her as I went to wipe it off.

"Who's hungry? I am, I'll bring you something back Natsu. Come on Levy" Gajeel said tugging Levy away with him.

"Come on Juvia and Gray, I left something behind in my locker. Nice holding your own there Natsu" Lisanna winked at me before grabbing the two people's names she said.

"Uh, uh, let's just go" Erza said walking off with Jellal.

Soon it was just me and Lucy at our table. She sniffed against and started rubbing her cheeks.

"I'm sorry, I just know this had something to do with me. I never wanted to hurt you Natsu" she whimpered.

"Hey, don't say that. If I had to get beaten up by Loke every day for the rest of my life to be with you then I'd gladly go through it. You're worth the pain Lucy" I said rubbing her head.

Lucy blinked at me, a small smile tugging on her lips.

"I love you, so much that it over powers the pain. I'm fine Luce, really so stop worrying" I said brushing her hair back.

Lucy tried her best to smile at me.

"You look very nice in my scarf, I hope you know that" I said.

Finally she smiled, her fingers came up and touched my lips.

"Does that hurt?" she asked.

I shook my head against her fingers, she dropped them so I spoke.

"No, he wasn't really aiming for the lips" I joked.

Too soon, Lucy grimaced. I thought she was going to tear up again but she didn't, instead she leaned up to kiss my chin.

Then my cheek.

Then the corner of my lips.

She stopped centimeters away from my lips.

"Lucy?" I asked.

She blinked, fluttering her eyelashes, before looking up at me. She neither moved back or moved forward and pressed our lips together. Something Loke said reminded me.

"I've never been to a dance before" I started.

Lucy raised an eyebrow but kept still.

"So I don't know if you'll have fun with me or not but... the homecoming dance is coming up soon and I was just wondering! I mean feel free to say no but do you want to go with me?"

Old Natsu, loser Natsu would never had asked. Lucy's Natsu, he had no trouble asking. Heck, he could have probably done anything after getting out alive in a fight with Loke. Lucy didn't answer, she just smiled and pressed our lips together. I heard her moan quickly though so I thought it was a yes. My arms wrapped around her and pulled her closer to me.

"Yes Natsu, I'd love to go to homecoming dance with you" she said.

I placed my forehead against hers.

"Good, I was scared for a second" I chuckled.

Lucy giggled and rubbed her forehead against mine.

"Thank goodness for them giving us privacy" she said.

"Yeah, they're good friends... thanks for that again."

Lucy brushed her lips against mine again, a fleeting kiss.

"No problem."