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Natsu broke up with Lucy and gave her the necklace back, Lucy kept the necklace safe with her and after a while she remembered Natsu. The day after Lisanna and Natsu talked in the hall, Lucy asked Lisanna what really happened and she told her the truth or something like that. Look, I didn't really think up of it. I just knew once Lucy saw the necklace, she remembered the boy and knew he loved her for reals. That's why at the end Lucy tells Natsu she loves him, that was the big secret she was going to tell him at Homecoming until Lisanna ruined everything.

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Suicidal Boyfriend



"So Mommy, how did the geek end up dating the most popular girl in school?"

I stopped picking up the dolls on the floor and stood up, turning behind me.

"Now what have I told you little girl? He preferred to be called a loser, not a geek."

I chuckled to myself before throwing all the toys in my arms in the toy box. The room was fairly clean now, I'll just make our little angel clean it up tomorrow. The reason I didn't want to finish up was because this bed time story was interesting me now. I pulled down the top of the toy box and sat on it, looking over to stare at my two beautiful girls.

"I don't see what the difference is Mommy, I think I'd rather be a geek than a loser."

I hanged my head down a little, "it made a lot of difference to the loser baby, he didn't like the term 'geek'" I said.

"But Daddy! It's practi, practic-..."

"Practically sweetie."

"Yeah! It's pra-ti-cally the same thing!"

"Now do you want me to answer your question or do you want to argue with your Father?"

I chuckled at Lucy as she waved a finger at our daughter of five years old. She was the spitting image of Lucy, her hair, her eyes, her voice. Not a single trait lost from my loving wife, though she was disappointed that our daughter didn't have any traits from me. In return I told Lucy that she ate like me... she only sighed as I laughed.

"Story please, it's taken you for-ever to finish the story Mommy! I'm getting ima-imi-..."

"Impatient is the word baby." I answered.

"Impatient! Thank you Daddy."

"You're welcome precious." I smiled at her.

Happy meowed loudly at the foot of our daughter's bed and curled up into an even tighter ball. I watched as Lucy tucked her in, making sure she was all snuggled up, before sitting down in her chair.

"Well, the reason the most popular girl starting dating the loser was because she loved him." Lucy said.

I sighed peacefully, loved.

"But the cheerleader hated the geek! Excuse me, loser!"

"At first she did, but later on she realized that hey, maybe this loser wasn't such a creep after all."

That one stung, right there.

"Maybe he was sweet and actually had a kind heart. The cheerleader loved the way she felt around the loser, she loved how the loser would make her feel, she loved him."

I couldn't contain myself any longer. I walked over to Lucy and draped my arms over her shoulders, hugging her. Lucy welcomed the hug and placed her hand on my arm.

"What happened after that Mommy?!" Our daughter said bouncing in her bed.

Happy got annoyed and jumped off, making himself more comfortable on the rug.

"That's all sweetie, and they lived happily ever after." Lucy said.

"Now hold on Lucy, your forgetting something. After the cheerleader and the LOSER made up they continued dating, graduated together, went to college, got jobs, moved in together, had fun, got pregnant, got married, and had a beautiful baby girl." I listed.

"Natsu!" Lucy yelled.

What? It's not like our daughter was smart enough to put two and two together... actually she was... not so surprising that our daughter inherited Lucy's smarts as well as her beauty.

"Really! And then they lived happily ever after?"

I laughed, my daughter sure was a sucker for happily ever after's.

"Yes dear, then they lived happily ever after. Go to sleep now, we have a big day tomorrow." Lucy said getting up.

She bent down and kissed our daughter's forehead.

"Yes Mommy, good night Mommy."

"Good night precious." Lucy said moving aside.

I walked over to our daughter's bed and kissed her forehead too, hugging her real close.

"Oh baby, don't let the bed bugs bite! Have sweet cookie dreams and just stay perfect and little and small and cute just the way you are dear. I don't want you to grow an inch taller do you understand?"

I heard tiny giggles from underneath me, "alright Daddy. Good night."

"Good night sweet spirit." I said brushing her blonde hair back.

Lucy grabbed my shoulder and started tugging me out the room, as she tugged me I turned off the bedroom lights and kept the door cracked for my little angel.

"Really Natsu? Sweet Spirit? You need to stop coming up with these ridiculous pet names." Lucy said once we were in the kitchen.

"What? I like it, she's just my little sweet spirit oh yes she is." I smiled hugging myself.

"Never pictured you're for the doting Father type seeing as how Igneel practically let you raise yourself." Lucy giggled.

"Hey, he raised me partially. Anyway I turned out okay, and so did we right?"

Lucy smiled as she walked over to wrap her arms around me.

"Okay? I say we turned out wonderful."

I saw lights dancing in her eyes and smiled back, "even better," I said giving her a quick peck.

Lucy giggled and laid her head against my chest.

"She's turning 6 tomorrow."

I groaned, "don't remind me."

"She can't stay your little girl forever you know."

"Yes she can, I already have Jellal working on a freeze ray for me. I'm sure it'll be done by the time she's ten."

Lucy laughed and punched my shoulder lightly.

"Do you think she's old enough to have it yet?"

And by it Lucy meant our necklace. I pulled away from her slightly and reached for her neck, lifting up the heart necklace that was lying against her chest.

"I think so, though I hope she won't lose it. This thing got me through a lot of rough times." I sighed rubbing the top.

"I still can't believe you've kept it after so long, I mean we were children when I gave this too you! Children! Plus with your forgetfulness and clumsiness it's even more of a miracle."

"Hey! I resent that! I never forget, but I just don't always remember. You're the one with the memory problem remember? Forgetting about me," I whined.

Lucy looked at me and smiled softly, "yeah I remember... sorry about that. I still find it amazing though that after all this time, it was like this necklace brought us together. Even when we were apart again, this necklace helped you find your way back to me and helped me remember you. Destiny I suppose."

"Well then Destiny, thank you very much." I smiled.

"Come on, it's bed time for us as well Mr. Dragneel."

"Aw but Mrs. Dragneel! I want some cookies!" I whined as Lucy dragged me to our room.

"Can't, I gave the rest to our daughter before dinner."

"Lucy! And you yelled at me for giving her ice cream before dinner."

"I can't resist that pouty, teared up face she gives me."

I sighed and shook my head, "we're spoiling her too much."

"We? Have you seen what our Father gets her? I mean Igneel practically bought her the whole toy store then took her to an all you can eat candy joint!"

"Yeah... my Father is pretty bad. I mean he never took me there!"

Lucy laughed, "alright Natsu. I'll take you but you can only get one toy."

"I'd rather have you." I whispered hugging her close to me.

"I love you loser."

"And I love you most popular girl at school aka captain of the cheerleaders aka Lucy Heartfilia aka Lucy Dragneel aka-"

"Enough with the aka's, just kiss me you geek."

"Hey, I am not a geek, I am a loser." I said right before I kissed her.