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I do not support cutting one's self and/or killing oneself. This story doesn't support it either. This is a STORY and a STORY only! Do not try this at home kids! Threatening to kill yourself to get a girlfriend is not the answer, if having suicidal thoughts please call a specialist! Or contact a Parent or Guardian, etc. In real life if you tried to kill yourself to get a girl/boy, they might actually run away and/or stop you before you can do it.


Suicidal Boyfriend

Chapter 5


And a 3, 2, 1.

"Natsu? Where are you?" Lucy called out.

With a light smile, I stepped out of my hiding space and into the clearing. Lucy stood there smiling gently at me before turning it into a glare.

"Why don't you just wait for me where I can see you?" she asked.

I shrugged, "habit" I assumed.

Lucy relaxed her face and sighed. I walked over and reached for her backpack, she retracted her hand though.

"It's okay, I got it" she said.

I couldn't let it go though, I wasn't allowed to. Gray's advice was to act like a gentlemen. Gentlemen hold their woman's bags so I needed to hold Lucy's for her. I reached for it again, this time Lucy hid it behind her back.

"I said it was okay, I can hold my own bag Natsu" she said.

I sighed and faced forward, out the corner of my eye I waited until Lucy placed her bag in grab's view before I quickly turned and snatched it. I held the bag up in victory and laughed before realizing this wasn't a video game and I probably looked like an idiot. I heard Lucy's soft giggles though and when I turned around, she had one arm wrapped around her stomach while the other covered her mouth.

"If it means that much to you then you can hold it" she giggled.

I stood up with pride, but still held my smile.

"It does actually, shall we go?" I asked.

Lucy's giggled continued before she stood up too and tried to say with a very serious face,

"Yes let's shall"

Alright, so maybe saying 'shall' and talking like the olden days wasn't a good idea, at least we got a laugh out of it though. I reached out and grabbed Lucy's hand before we started walking towards our... gulp, date. Let's hope Gray and Gajeel gave me enough information for things to go smoothly. If not I still have that razor in my back pocket, for emergencies only though... or for a kiss.

"Wow, I've never been in a comic book store before" Lucy said.

"It's not a comic book store, it's the comic section of the book store" I told her.

Lucy looked at me and blinked.

"Wow I've never been to the comic section of a book store before" she said.

Her fingers glided across the covers of the comics, never staying on a cover for more than a few seconds. I watched her as she strolled down the section, her eyebrows close together as if she was trying to recall if she ever heard of one of the comics. No such luck, Lucy's face went back to an innocent one as she strolled back up to me.

"So, what's the comic you're looking for?" she asked.

"Um... none?"

Lucy looked at me with a questionable expression.

"What do you mean none? What was the comic that Loke dropped?"

I scratched the back of my head.

"That was a manga, located in the manga section"

"Then why are we in the comics?" she asked me.

I shrugged, her guess was as good as mine. Why were we in the comic section of the book store anyway?

"Let's go to the manga section then" Lucy said passing by me.

She grabbed my hand at last minute and started tugging me along. I followed her sloppily, tripping on my own feet before finally catching myself and walking like a normal person would. With my free hand I brushed against my scarf briefly before pushing up my glasses.

"Where's the manga section located in this book store?" she asked.

"Um, second floor" I said.

Why oh why did I tell her? Lucy proceeded to drag me up the first flight of stairs, if I was tripping before I must have been free falling now. Finally we reached the last step and Lucy let go of my hand to go explore.

"Wow, I've never seen so many manga's in one place before" she said walking up to the bookshelves.

Like she did with the comics, Lucy placed her fingers on the spine of the first manga and walked to the other side, her fingers gliding across each book. I stood where I was and watched her in fascination, Lucy really wa-

"Excuse me"

"Oh, sorry" I said moving out of the way.

A young man and his daughter walked passed me, idiot Natsu! Why'd you stand in front of the stairs like that!


I looked up and saw Lucy's gaze on me, a playful smile on her lips. She lifted up her hand showing me the Tenshi Muyo book that Loke had destroyed, ON PURPOSE.

"You found it" I said walking towards her.

Lucy nodded and opened the book, flipping through the pages.

"Wasn't that hard, so is this book actually any good? I hear Gajeel talking about it all the time to Levy" she said stopping on no page in particular.

I took the book out her hands before she could read a single word and started looking at the books.

"Not for you but... let's see... this one would be good" I said pulling it off the shelf.

"Head's up"

I laughed as I saw Lucy scramble to catch it. Once she did, she sent a quick glare my way before turning over to the cover.

"Say I Love You?"

"I love you" I said.

Lucy looked up at me.

"Ha ha, very funny Natsu" she said blandly.

I grinned.

"Come on, let's go pay for these so we can continue our... date" I whispered in her ear as I walked passed her.


I love it when she screams me name.

"So what's Say I Love You, don't say it! About?" Lucy asked.

I held back my laughter, "well it's about this girl who doesn't believe in friends" I said.

"Oh" Lucy said looking at the cover again.

"She's a loner but after she gets her first boyfriend all of a sudden she starts to have friends. It's a very heartwarming story" I said.

"Hmm, this 'Tabachi Mei' character sounds a lot like someone I know" Lucy said.

I looked at her with an raised eyebrow. "Really, who?" I asked.

"Well he was a loner. He believed in friends though, he just never tried to get any. Anyway he's a loner but after he got his first girlfriend all of a sudden he starts to have friends" she said.

I know she was talking about me, but why not play dumb?

"Who? Is it Loke? Who's his first girlfriend?" I asked.

Lucy pouted and slapped on the shoulder me with her book. I only laughed.

"I was talking about you Natsu!" she yelled.

"But you're not my first girlfriend, so it can't be me" I said.

The smile on Lucy's face dropped, she stood still and stared at me. Was it something I said?

"I'm not?" she asked.

Yup it was definitely something I said, I wasn't too worried about it. I walked up to Lucy and held her hands.

"You're not my first, you're my last" I said.

Gajeel's advice came to mind, 'don't force the kiss, let the opportunity come to you'. It would have been a perfect opportunity to kiss her, and I did go for it... but! I got nervous halfway and ended up kissing her cheek instead. My glasses bumped against her forehead; I leaned back and rearranged them correctly.

"So I'm not your first?" she repeated completely ignoring my kiss to the cheek.

I laughed, "didn't you hear me?" I asked turning back around.

I lifted up bags up and held them behind my back whistling a little show tune as I walked.

"You said last, who was your first Natsu?" Lucy asked tailing behind me.

"Do you honestly think that a girl would go out with me?" I said peeking behind my shoulder.

Lucy looked at me.

"You're my first Lucy and hopefully you'll be my last, hmm. Maybe it would have made more sense if I said you're not my first, you're my only" I continued.

Lucy latched onto my shoulder, causing me to drop my hands.

"For the record, I do think a girl would go out with you, I mean look at me" she said.

"That's only because I held a razor blade to my wrist" I mumbled.

"Nah uh, you said go out. You asked me out on a date Natsu, you didn't force me to say yes. See I'm a girl and I'm going out with you" she said.

"I meant as a girlfriend kind of way"

"Well you should have been more specific" Lucy said and giggled.

I sighed, but a smile clearly showed on my face.

"That I should have"

"Are you sure you don't want to go half's?" Lucy asked.

"Lucy who is the gentlemen here?" I asked her.

Lucy lifted an eyebrow and said with an amused expression.

"You are"

"That's right! And as the GENTLEMEN I'm going to be the one paying. Go on and order whatever you want" I said.

"Alright then I take the whole left side of the menu" Lucy said.

My glasses fell.

"Just kidding" Lucy teased sticking her tongue out at me.

I laughed pushing my glasses back up. Thank goodness that was a joke.

"And what would you two be having today?" our waitress asked walking up.

Lucy lifted up her menu, "well I'd like the scones with jam please" she said.

"What type of jam dear?"


"And the usual for you Natsu?"

"Please Amelia" I said.

"2 orders of scones with strawberry jam coming right up!" Amelia said before walking away.

"Two questions, one she knows you?" Lucy asked.

I nodded. "I come here every other Sunday for breakfast, it's a nice cafe. You'll love the scones" I told her.

Lucy started to think this over.

"Alright number two, you stalking my orders too now Mr. Dragneel?"

"Au contraire, I think it's the other way around. I've been coming here for longer remember?" I asked.

"Alright, so we have one thing in common. We were bound to have one" Lucy said taking a sip out of her pink lemonade.

"Let's find out if we have anything else in common huh?" I asked.

"Alright, favorite color on the count of 3. 1, 2, 3! Pink!"


We smiled at each other.

"I'm glad to hear your favorite color isn't pink or else I wouldn't know what to think of you anymore?"

"Well pink is similar to red" I said.

Lucy giggled.

"Alright um favorite... pet! Yeah favorite pet! 1, 2, 3! Kitten!"


I smirked.

"2 for 2" I said holding up the peace sign.

"That's nothing to be bragging about, I like kittens and you like cats"

"And what does a kitten grow up into?" I asked.

"A cat" Lucy mumbled blowing bubbles in her drink.

"My turn, favorite pass time?" I asked.

"No fair, you know it's reading" she pouted.

"Did I now?" I asked innocently.

"Favorite... favorite..."

"Favorite cereal?" I asked.

"Cereal?" she repeated.

I shrugged, "the most important meal of the day" I said.

"Cereal, alright. 1, 2, 3"

"Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets!" we said.

Our eyes widened.

"You're kidding!"

"No way!"

"Stop that!"

I started laughing. We were in sync, perfect harmony.

"Sorry to interrupt you two but here you guys go" Amelia said placing our meals in front of us.

"Nice to see you finally bring a friend Natsu, and a girl none the less! I can keep a secret, is she your girlfriend?" Amelia asked nudging my shoulder.

"Oh Amelia hahaha, you're embarrassing me! Beat it! Hahaha" I mumbled.

Amelia winked at me before leaving.

"Sorry about that" I sighed scratching the back of my head.

"No worries... so how long you've been coming here?" Lucy asked.

She reached for one of her scones and was about to dip in her jam.

"Hold it! You're doing it wrong! Here let me show you" I said grabbing it from her.

"I didn't know you were the scone police" Lucy said but made no attempt to resist.

"Well I am, and you in violation of code... 117? Not eating a scone properly" I said.

"Pray tell, how is the proper way to eat a scone?"

I answered her question by showing her.

"First you split, then you fill it with jam, then you close it back up, and then you dip it in more jam and now it's eatable. This is the proper way to eat a scone" I said holding up the master piece to her.

Lucy reached for it but I quickly stuffed it in my mouth.

"HEY! That was mine!" she yelled.

"Really because I did all the hard work" I smiled.

Lucy pouted and reached for my plate. She did exactly as I instructed and at the end ate the whole thing... whole.

"Haha, wow! This is really good" she said while chewing.

"Told you" I said preparing another scone for myself.

"Now back to your question, how long have I've been coming here? Hmm, ever since I was a child I guess" I said.

Lucy hummed in agreement, or moaned because of the sweetness... either one was good.

"So Natsu, how come you wear those thick glasses?" Lucy asked.

"Well, why do people normally wear glasses?" I answered.

She rolled her eyes.

"You really can't see with those glasses on?" she asked.

"As blind as a bat" I said.

Lucy started to reach over the table.

"Hey what are you-"

She took my glasses off me. I could no longer see Lucy's beauty, only a blurred figure of her.

"Very funny, now give them back" I said.

"Wow! I can't see anything in these" she said.

How I wished I could see her wearing my glasses but alas, I'm blind!

"Come on Lucy" I said.

"Alright, if you can answer my question! How many fingers am I holding up?" she asked.

Damn. I extended my hands to the figure that seemed to be floating in mid-air; I was relieved to feel it was her hand. I felt the fingers, counting them.

"5, 5 fingers now hand them back" I said.

"Smart... but you still cheated" Lucy said.

I felt my glasses being slipped back onto my face, and saw Lucy's um... chest as she leaned over towards me. I felt my face heat up, how long have I been staring at them? Better yet how come I was blind when I could have been staring at them!

"You acted really twitchy when I had your glasses Natsu" Lucy said leaning back.

"I wasn't acting twitchy! Just... nervous, without them I can't see anything. I lose one of my most needed senses"

"Sorry, I didn't think of it that way" she said.

"Don't worry about it, so! What question were we on?"

Lucy smiled at me.

"I think we were on the question whether or not you were going to finish that"

"What's next on the date Natsu?" Lucy asked.

"I don't know it's getting pretty late" I said.

I'm pretty sure when we walked into the cafe there was blue skies, now there was a rosy colored one.

"I guess you're right" Lucy mumbled looking up.

Something caught my eye at the moment though, I grabbed Lucy's hand and started running.

"What?! Natsu! Where are we going?!" Lucy asked.

With the way things are progressing, we probably won't kiss unless I pull the razor out. Then again, why ruin such a fun day? I could just tell Gajeel and Gray we did kiss, end of story. I was having so much fun with Lucy today, I don't want to forget it. What a better way to not forget our first date then with a-

"A Photo booth?" Lucy asked.

I nodded pushing Lucy inside it; I inserted the money then went inside too. We both sat down on the bench; alright so the camera was right there. I just had to remember that it's right there, right in front of me while I took of my glasses.

"What are you doing?" Lucy asked.

"I look better without them" I said.

And I'm pretty sure you'd rather not take a picture with a ge- loser like me. I felt her take my glasses out my hand.

"Fine, if you aren't going to wear them then I am" she said.

"Wait?! Lucy?!"

"Smile, you're about to get your picture taken"

"Cheese!" Lucy said.

I saw a blinding light; suddenly I felt my glasses back on my face.

"Cheese!" she said again.

This time I was able to wear a smile before the flash came.

"How many do we get?" Lucy asked looking at me.

"I don't know fou-"

Another flash.

"Damn, we wasted a-... picture?" I said.

Lucy placed her hand on my cheek and made me face here in mid-sentence. All of a sudden her lips were on mine.







"Finished! Please wait outside while your film develops!"

Lucy pulled away from me and ran outside the photo booth. She kissed me. She k-k-kissed me. Why am I stuttering in my mind? I took a few deep breathes trying to calm down. I'm sure my face was as red as a fire hydrate right now. After a few breathes I grabbed our things and walked outside. Lucy was nowhere to be seen. Where did she go?


I looked beside me and saw our picture was done. I bent down and picked it up. The first one was of Lucy wearing my glasses, she had a goofy smile on while my mouth was open. I chuckled; the next was me wearing my glasses again, we were both smiling in that one. In the third one we were staring at each other with both our mouths wide open and in the fourth... we were kissing. I felt my face heat up again.

"So how'd they come out?"

I turned behind me and saw Lucy.

"Where'd you go?" I asked.

"Water fountain, the pictures?" she asked.

I smiled, "very funny, see for yourself" I said handing her the strip.

Lucy took it, I saw her smile, then laugh, then blush; same reactions I had.

"W-well! Um... are you ready to go?" she asked.

"Hold on" I said.

I dropped our things and grabbed the picture. I held the picture against the photo booth and took my razor out, cutting the photo's in half. When I finished I put my razor back in my back pocket and held the two pictures up.

"Which ones do you want? Glasses or open mouth and kiss?" I asked.

"Whatever one you don't choose is fine" she said.

I stared at the photos. This was our first kiss, but... I had to go with the glasses.

"Are you sure? People will believe we kissed more if you have evidence you know" she said.

"People? Why would I want to gossip about something special that happened between us? Besides I like this one just a little bit better, I wondered what you looked like wearing my glasses" I said eyeing the picture again.

So far, I was liking it.

"A-alright then" Lucy said grabbing the other half.

I placed the picture somewhere safe and grabbed our things.

"Ready?" I asked.

Lucy nodded and took my hand. I started to walk her home when suddenly she asked me...

"Natsu? Why'd you bring the razor?"

"Hahaha, funny story"

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