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Suicidal Boyfriend

Chapter 9


The weekend. God's gift to us losers who go to school. Two full days, 48 hours, where we don't have to worry about classes, teachers, friends, social lives, bullies, or anything else school related. Two whole days to ourselves where we get to just sit back, relax, and watch an anime.

Only problem was though, I could only to that for one day of my bully-school-free weekend.

... why?

Because I, Natsu Dragneel, have decided to get over my 'Scardy Catness' and set up an appointment with an Oph... Ohafa? Ohopho? Ohtha? WHATEVER! With an eye doctor! Stupid long name that has like 20 syllables and is impossible to pronounce.

Sunday was the appointment.

Until then... I guess it's back to watching anime.

I can't believe I was here. Scratch that, I can't believe I've been here for... a little over half an hour. For an eye doctor place they sure were popular.

"Natsu? Dragneel? Natsu Dragneel?"

My name was being called but I couldn't move. It was like someone had tied two anchors onto my shoes... speaking of anchors that reminds me of that one car- CONCENTRATE NATSU! Save your day dreaming for classes in school. I cleared my throat before pinching my knees so they would stop shaking and do what they were made to do; stand up and walk.

"Here!" I yelled a little too loudly.

Stares, all around me. I pushed up my glasses and ignored them as I walked up to the main desk. The receptionist sitting behind it smiled at me.

"The Doctor will see you now" she said.

No turning back Natsu... well I still could turn back right now but I wasn't going to. I wanted contacts, not for Lucy but for me. Alright maybe a little for Lucy since she gave me the idea for them but I... I didn't want to be seen as the loser around her. I don't want her life to change because she's dating a geek like me, even though she doesn't care what I look like.

This is my sacrifice for forcing her to go out with me. If Lucy has to suffer then I'll suffer as well so she won't have to do it alone. With my new bound determination I followed the receptionist into the back rooms and marched straight into the Doctor's office with my chin held high.

"Take a seat please" the Good Doctor said looking over a chart.

Uh, I looked around before spotting a chair in the corner of the room; I walked over and sat on it. The receptionist smiled and winked at me before closing the door, leaving us. I don't think it was a 'flirt wink' more over as a 'good luck' kind of wink. Since when have I become the winking expect?

"Sorry about that, Hello..." the Good Doctor took a look at a sheet of paper, which I assumed had my information on it.

"Natsu Dragneel, hello Natsu I'm Dr. Greed" Dr. Greed introduced himself.

"Hello Doctor."

I pushed up my spare pair of glasses and looked around Dr. Greed's office. Everything screamed Ofa... Opha? Ohou? Eyes! Everything screamed eyes, I'll learn that word yet. I spun around the chair once to get a better look at his office while Dr. Greed started to look over my chart.

"So, what can I do for you today?" Dr. Greed asked me.

Come on Natsu, if you do this you won't be a scardy cat anymore. Just think it over.

You were a loser, loner, geek, stalker, scardy cat... you get my point. I'm not some of those things anymore though.

I became friends with Gajeel, Gray, and Lucy so I wasn't a loner anymore.

I won against the match with Loke so I wasn't a loser anymore either.

I was going to go through with this then I won't be a scardy cat anymore.

I don't know about the stalker part... I guess technically I wasn't stalking Lucy anymore... technically.

I just have to work with the geek part and then I could be normal! A normal boy with a super popular girlfriend.

"I want contacts!"

The good Doctor looked at little taken back at my sudden outburst.

"Alright, I've never seen someone with so much enthusiasm for getting contacts before" Dr. Greed chuckled.

If only he knew.

"How to Put in Contact Lens, 11 Easy Steps" I read to myself.

11 easy steps, sounded easy enough to me. Thanks to the Good Doctor and his eye doctorness I was able to get my contacts the same day, HOORAY FOR ME! Now all I had to do was put them on... every single day... for the rest of my life with Lucy... or at least until we both graduate from school and never see the bullies again.

Why am I imagining my future with Lucy already?

Duh because she's going to be in it.

I'm wasting time arguing to myself, I still have to pick up Lucy when I done and walk her to school. 11 easy steps here I go!

"Step 1, Properly care for your contact lenses whenever they're not in use."

The pamphlet showed a picture of my contact case and that cleaner Dr. Greed gave to me. Well I was about to use them so I guess I could skip that step.

"Step 2, Wash your hands with soap."

Did the Dr. Greed wash his hands while he was showing me how to put them on for the first time? Hmmm... I couldn't remember. Oh well, I walked into the bathroom and started washing my hands. After I dried my them off with a towel and picked up the pamphlet again.

"Step 3, Remove one contact from its case."

Only one. I unscrewed my case and tried to take out one of my new contacts, slippery.

"Step 4, Gently place the contact on the index finger you're most comfortable with using."

I guess that would be my right index? I don't know? Why did it feel like I was taking a math quiz all of a sudden that I knew none of the answers too? Stop being paranoid Natsu, listen to the nice pamphlet.

"Step 5, Gently pull your skin away from your eye."

It was getting harder and harder to read this pamphlet now.

"Step 6, Move the contact towards your eye calmly and steadily."

Steadily... What did that mean again? Slowly?

"Step 7, Gently place the contact on your eye."

Alright now we were getting ahead of ourselves, maybe I should read the future steps first.

"Step 8, Let go of the skin around your eye; Step 9, Blink slowly so as to not dislodge the contact."

Alright... I'm doing this. I looked at myself in the mirror and 'steadily' started to gently place my contact in. Hold it,... hold it,... hold it,... creepy aanddd it's in. Now let go of skin, and blink. Blink, blink, blink. Now that wasn't so bad, and to think I was afraid... well I was when I first did it in the Dr. Greed's office but now it I was less afraid too.

"Step 10, Repeat the process with the other contact."


"Step 11, Pour contact solution from the case into the sink and close the contact case."

Poured out, and closed. I started blinking as I started at myself in the mirror. I didn't look any different, just no glasses. I took Lucy's other advice as well and decided to have a Gray hair style, spiky. My hair looked like a porcupine... or a chicken's butt... ugh. Maybe I was ahead of myself with the no glasses and no flat, downy hair. Maybe I should have taken things one step at a time, no glasses and if that worked out more spikes.

I'll just gel it down before I leave to... What time was it? Damn! I forgot I have to pick up Lucy! Let's see if I forget about the gel and skip breakfast then I'll probably make it there on time... but... food. DAMN MY CONTACTS FOR TAKING SO LONG TO PUT ON! WHY COULDN'T IT BE A ONE STEP PROCESS?!

Sometimes, I wonder to myself.

Why me?

And then I remember.