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Chapter 50

Hermione closed her eyes, laying back on the warm sand. The sun warmed her skin, causing her to feel sleepy.

"You want something to drink?" Ron asked from the seat next to her.

Hermione lowered her glasses. "Sure, a water if you don't mind." Ron leaned over and gave her a kiss. "Be right back."

Hermione smiled. Her and Ron had left two days after Christmas for the Bahamas. They would be staying for a week and a half, and Hermione had never felt so relaxed. Ron planned the whole trip by himself, and he did a wonderful job.

Ron returned, handing her the glass of water. "Thanks," she mumbled, taking a sip.

Ron let out a sigh. "This was a great idea."

Hermione nodded. "What a great way to spend the rest of yuletide."

Ron nodded, reaching out and grabbing her hand. Hermione smiled, closing her eyes.

She had everything she could ever want in the world. She had never been happier.