For Sam. Happy Christmas, love.

He is the only


you have never been able to tame.



are as sharp as razor blades.

He l.a.s.h.e.s out at you

(but you bite back)

He's fiery and fierce and stubborn

(and you wouldn't want him any other way)

You fight


Him with his quicksilver, knife-blade words.

You throwing barbs right back.

(There's a fine line between loveā€“hate)

(You and he insist upon blurring it)

You {love3 him

precisely because

he doesn't baby you.

He doesn't p.u..l...l his punches

He doesn't soften his blows

He's rude and he's honest and he's real

and you love him for that.

Some part of him loves you, too, you think

And for much the same reasons

You fight back

You don't baby him, either.

But you accept him.


After all,

he is the only


you have never wanted to tame.