I have no intention of giving up Shadow Figure, but I have come up with a serious case of writers block regarding that story, but after reading a oneshot by ToLayDownMyLife, I was struck with inspiration, and with their permission, I will be writing this along with Shadow Figure, of which I've writen about 50% of the next chapter.

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He thinks back to times of happiness so long ago, centuries now, despite the death occurring all around him with himself as the epicentre. He remembers love, friendship, loyalty, kindness and laughter, before the rage had consumed him. Before the betrayal of those closest to him.

After the war, things were happy, peaceful. For a time. It all happened so suddenly, he was given almost no warning. A series of agonising headaches leading up to it, his temper on a hair-trigger, but it wasn't too much of a red light. It was all put down to stress. And then it came. A flood of memories not his own, but left behind by Voldemort's Horcrux. Probably some of his personality had been assimilated by him too. He had not been so cruel and merciless before. And then it came to a head. A group of Death Eaters had attacked him, in an effort to avenge their fallen master, in the process seriously injuring Hermione. He had slaughtered them, painfully and slowly, taking joy from their screams. The rush from the powerful dark magic was addicting, but the horrified stares of his friends and the strangers around him killed his euphoria and sent him crashing into reality. He had apologised profusely, and his friends had accepted, understanding that he had lost control due to his protectiveness of his friends, but from then on, they were wary of him, the fear never leaving their eyes.

The rumours began then. "His eyes, they have darkened from green to black and reddens in his anger," they whisper, "It is a sign of him turning dark, his black heart, and his growing similarity to Voldemort."

Despite all of his best efforts to keep his temper reigned in at all times, he still snapped on occasions. Even his friends and pseudo family were on edge when he was near, tiptoeing around him, terrified to set off his now legendary temper. He became saddened at this. He heard the rumours and saw the way his supposed friends went out of their way to avoid him. He began to feel isolated and lonely, alone in a world which he believed had rejected him.

He supposes that the Wizarding Community simply had no idea how to deal with him after that. After all, back when Voldemort and the other Dark Lords had been attempting to conquer (or destroy) the world (or at least the Wizarding Communities), there had always been at least a few others who were powerful enough to oppose them. This time, however, most of the powerful wizards and witches had been killed in the previous war which had finally ended only a few months before, and their hero had seemingly turned on them. They instead used his friends and family (to whom he still clung to in hopes of acceptance) as a lure, and had found another way to get rid of him.

He doesn't know how he was sent here, to a world called Earthland, so different from his own, where there were guilds for mages to gather together and no foci needed to channel magic. The feel of this world was different to the one he originally came from, the air thick and heavy with magic which he siphon into his body, making him exponentially more powerful, but he didn't stop to admire his surroundings, nor to understand the changes to his own magic, so furious and at his friend's betrayal.

The rage consumed him, and he lashed out, harnessing the powerful death magic bestowed upon him by the Deathly Hallows and the knowledge of other Dark Arts acquired from Voldemort's Horcrux, mixing it with twisted transfigurations that took the shape of demons, using the knowledge of the Dark Lord to give them extreme powers. The people called him Zeref, he knew not why, and feared him as the people in his world had. It only served to fuel his rage, and as he grew more and more powerful the less control he had over his own power, his magic.

Eventually, the more powerful wizards of Earthland, those who would become known as the Ten Wizard Saints, gathered to seal him away. He had let them, for his anger had simmered down and he had grown tired of the lives lost, but was unable to reign himself in.

In his slumber, he dreamt of happier days, days where his friends surround him, laughing. He began to hate himself at this point, now understanding that it his magic that caused his friends to turn on him. Though also hating the ones he called his friends, for not trusting him, after all they had been through together. He sees the faces of the people he had killed in his rage, blaming him, and the family they had left behind, mourning. He remembered Harry, the kind and righteous young man he had been.

He wakes up one day from his induced slumber, and easily shatters the seals around him with a mere flexing of his powerful magic. He is determined to atone for his mistakes and sets forth to find a way to break the curse of immortality that the Deathly Hallows grants their master. Fearful of accidently losing his control over his death magic, he avoids the people of the lands, but still inevitably rumours of a young Dragonslayer with limitless potential reaches his ears. Natsu, they, is his name.

Natsu, the name echoed in his ears. Hope flared in his chest. He may be the one who could cleanse him of his sins, to kill him before he accidentily takes more innocent lives. But he is still young, inexperienced and not quite skilled enough. He wanders onto and uninhabited island and settles in to wait. And on the other hand, he had heard rumours of a guild. Grimoire Heart. He had heard of their quest to 'resurrect' him and bring about the 'Ultimate World of Magic'.

'Natsu,' he repeats to himself, 'I hope you come soon.'

AN- As for the pairing, I will be putting a poll up, but Ultear is definitely in, because she is one of my favourite Fairy Tail characters EVER! And because she is hardly in any pairings in fanfiction. Seriously, I think I've seen about 4 with her as the main pairing that isn't just smut. And both of them haven't even gotten to actually getting them together. It's infuriating!