A/N: Hey, guys! I'm posting a new story 'cause I have it in my head and can't get it out. It should be interesting. I own nothing except what I own! It is rated mature for later chapters! Smut! For those who like it and if you don't then why bother reading the chapters that don't have it? Enjoy!

I slowly onlined my optics, pain shooting through my systems. I groaned as I struggled to move out from underneath the pipes and wires pinning me down. I heard noises from outside. I could only hope that they were my faction.

"Lord Megatron! You might want to come and see this!" A deep voice that sent shivers down my spinal struts said. Megatron. I almost laughed out loud and probably would have if I wasn't in so. Much. Pain! Anyway, I would have laughed 'cause Megatron is my father. I know shocker right? You see the thing is, the Decepticons aren't as bad as everyone says they are.

"What is it?" Dad's voice asks. It's good to hear his voice again.

"It is an escape pod from the end of the War." A very familiar voice stated. Starscream. My Primus, he is a dumb aft! I had hoped that he was dead. Sigh, I get no such luck.
"I can see that Starscream, but is it ours or theirs?" Dad growled out. Ha, wish I could see Screamers face!

"We're unable to tell, we will have to open it. Knockout, Breakdown! Open it!" His gravelly voice coughed out. He wanted to make me go and die in a hole.

I heard the sound of welding and smashing. I sighed I relief, I was getting this thing off me!

"Hey Breakdown, come and look at this." A voice who I assumed was Knockout said.

"What? Oh…" 'Breakdown' said. I loved his voice. It was sexy to say the least. I looked up to see a blue bodied, red faced, single golden opticed mech looking at me. He was nice looking.

"H-he-lp m-m-me…" I tried to say, but my voice cracked and I coughed up Energon. Breakdown didn't hesitate to get the pipes off me. When he did, I felt instant relief on my back, legs, and chasis. I sighed and smiled weakly up at Breakdown. He blinked and slowly lifted me up and every time I hissed in pain, he would stop and wait until I relaxed again. He was a gentle 'con unlike most other 'cons I know.

He carried me slowly out into the sunshine. I hissed and shrunk back into his chasis, burrowing my head into the warm, smooth me- Whoa! Bad thoughts, bad! No thinking those thoughts!

"Nightstalker?" I heard a disbelieving, gravelly voice say. I looked to see Starscream staring at me in slight fear and awe. I know I'm awe inspiring, but really? You have to stare, don't you?

"Nightstalker!" I hear an excited murmur run through the crowd of Decepticons.

"Where is she?!" I hear Dad roar. Primus, it's good to be home!

"She is here My Lord." Breakdown was still holding me so when he talked it caused me to vibrate and I didn't like it. So, I whined in distress.


I was beginning to lose consciousness. Not a good thing. But I was tired. And so I slept.

I awoke to voice speaking. Actually it was more like yelling then anything and it made my processor hurt.

"Shut up!" I shouted with my optics still closed. I heard a deep rumbling chuckle that I knew was to belong to Dad.

"It is good to see that you are among the living Little One." Dad said with mirth evident in his voice.

"Yeah well I'd really like to go back to recharge so bye." I said turning away from his voice. A hand stopped me. I opened my optics to see the same mech from yesterday looking at me.

"It would be best if you lay still, My Lady." He said. Have I mentioned how much I love his voice? I sighed and looked at Dad.

"'Sup?" I ask. A sharp pain flared up my back causing me to hiss. Breakdown glanced at me and then turned toward the monitor and typed in things that made no sense to me. I looked back at Dad.

"So how have you been these past few miliena?" I asked him. I got no answer. I looked over at him to see that he was staring at me with a strange look on his faceplates.

"You okay?" I ask, sitting up with protests from Breakdown. He gazed at me with an unreadable expression, then he pulled me into a hug and held me as tight as my injuries would let me.

"I'm glad you're awake, my Little One."

"So am I." I said softly. It wasn't often that he would hug me and I loved every minute of it when he did. I pulled away and smiled at him. He smiled softly back. He then frowned.

"Where is your mother?" He asked. My smile vanished and my arms fell from my sides.

"She's-"My voice cracked. "She's off-line."