Leah Clearwater's Classic Rock Mix Tape

Given to Jacob Black for his 16th Birthday

January 31, 2006 in Chapter 16 of "Bella's Guitar"


"Black Dog" — Led Zeppelin (4:56)

"Cisco Kid" — WAR (4:35)

"Light My Fire" — The Doors (4:40)

"Can't Find My Way Home" — Blind Faith (3:16)

"Southbound" — The Allman Brothers Band (5:08)

"Oye Como Va" — Santana (2:59)

"Beast of Burden" — The Rolling Stones (4:24)

"Heart of Gold" — Neil Young (3:07)

"The Weight" — The Band (4:34)

"Layla" — Eric Clapton (Derek and the Dominoes) (7:11)


"Magic Carpet Ride" — Steppenwolf (4:25)

"Midnight Rider" — The Allman Brothers Band (2:57)

"Going to California" — Led Zeppelin (3:31)

"Aqualung" — Jethro Tull (6:34)

"Don't Fear the Reaper" — Blue Oyster Cult (5:07)

"Lowrider" — WAR (3:09)

"People Are Strange" — The Doors (2:12)

"The Joker" — The Steve Miller Band (3:37)

"Landslide" — Fleetwood Mac (3:19)

"Kashmir" — Led Zeppelin (8:28)

Some of my favorite tunes. And oh yes, I did the math, so it'll fit on a Memorex 90 minute tape with 45 minutes per side! So authentic. And I put the epic ballads at the ends of the sides, as all mix tape makers should, so that the listener can sustain the mood of the song when the tape ends.

I was going to make a Seth Clearwater birthday mix tape of Justin Timberlake, too, but the first side is basically a dub of "FutureSexLoveSounds" and the reverse side is just "Rock Your Body" over and over and over again. Seth is so cute. He's learning to dance to this.

Let me know if you like this music, too. I'm mostly imagining you'll enjoy Leah's tape, but I suppose Seth's is not too bad, either. :-)