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Water frightens you.

Well, maybe 'frighten' was the wrong word for what water did to you.

You hadn't always been entirely incompetent at swimming. Sure, you'd needed your sister's help just to stay afloat in the lane pool. But you managed. It made her happy, and your sister. And because they had been happy, you had been too.

Now...You'd probably say (if anyone ever asked and you actually told them the truth) that the water swarmed with memories. Like fish in an aquarium.

(You had shuddered, the first time that thought formed, quickly pushing it down and away.)

Treasured memories, shameful ones. Accusations, reminders of what you had been responsible for. Reminders of what you'd lost, more and more trickling into your mind the longer you thought about water in a glass cage, water stretching out before you until it met the sky. No friend to you. Not anymore.

The mocking voice, murmuring as it crashed against the pier, that those times were lost for good, that you chose a foolish task to devote yourself to, and that only shame would await. Your family would be divided for good, with no chance of reconciliation, and you would only have yourself to blame.

The vastness that hid how and why your family had acted the way they had, their reasons lost in the fathomless depths you dared not encroach upon, lest you abandon all hopes of healing in their wake.

The tides that threatened to wash your joys away if you did not maintain constant awareness of their reach, the riptides that promised to pull you away from safe shores, wrenching the hope you had cradled in your heart for years.

So, when you could, you stayed away from the water. And, until you met your friends, you stayed away from mahjong.

There was no point in keeping such painful reminders, what with the memories the tiles held.

But now you had hope. The same game (not really, your family's mahjong and the mahjong you played today were very, very different) that had torn your confidence to shreds, that was also a reminder of the past, now gave you hope. A small chance, but a chance nonetheless.

(With the luck you had, that was all you needed.)

You weren't so alone now. Nurturing that dream of reunion was one thing, but acting upon had been another, when you were the only one who seemed to want your family as it had been.

Your friends had you, were there for you. (For that, you were and would be eternally grateful.) They were there to see you through to the end, and would, without a doubt, be there if the second part of your dream came and went unfulfilled.

Maybe, if you succeeded in your goal, or at least made peace with your sister... If you finally knew why things happened the way they did, why they ended up as they were...

Maybe you could face the sea.


This came about from being on Tvtropes, and someone suggesting that Saki's inability to swim caused some sort of trouble in her past. I simply reversed it, so the trouble is why she cannot swim at all.

Might do something about Teru, later. It depends on how well it comes together.