Temari smiled lovingly at the baby. The infant's eyes were closed as she slept soundly, snuggled against Temari's warm arms. Temari started to rock the little girl, singing the lullaby that her mother had written for her.

Beautiful Baby

Asleep in my arms

Don't let the world bother you

I'll protect you from harm

Beautiful Baby

Continue your slumber

If there is darkness

It won't pull you under

Beautiful Baby

Just close your eyes

When you finally wake

The sun will rise

The baby started to smile, and that stretched Temari's smile even wider.

"Is she yours?"

Temari almost dropped the baby, which caused the poor girl to start bawling. As she tried without avail to calm her down, she turned towards the lazy ninja, her conflicting emotions merging into one - Rage.

"Now look what you've done! She was alright just a minute ago!"

Temari continued to rock the baby rhythmically, trying to regain the sense of peace that the baby had felt just a minute ago. She started to get frustrated as the baby refused to calm down but instead her cries grew louder and louder. Shikamaru just shook his head lightly and smiled at her, taking the baby from her arms. Temari started to protest, then thought better of it, Shikamaru seemed to know what he was doing.

"Hey little one. Don't cry, alright?" The little girl stopped crying briefly to survey this new change. Shikamaru kissed her nose lightly and she giggled. Holding her just under her arms, he lightly bounced her up and down. When she stopped crying completely and started to laugh, he kissed her on her forehead then passed her back to Temari. Temari smiled gratefully at him as the giggling baby tried to grab Shikamaru's spiky ponytail.

"She's really cute. Whats her name?"

"It's Karou. She's an orphan from the orphanage in Suna. The orphanage was attacked not long ago, and some of the orphans were assigned to the shinobi who are currently on break, like me."

Shikamaru smiled. "You two seem really close."

Temari smiled sheepishly. "I like to think that we are. I really hope to adopt her one day, I'm kind of getting attached."

"Then what's stopping you?"

"Well, I do plan to adopt her eventually, but now, I am still a ninja of Suna, and being a single mother will really be tough."

Shikamaru smiled tentatively, then put an arm around Temari's shoulders.

"Maybe, by the time you're ready to adopt Karou, you won't be a single mother."

Temari's beamed at him.

"Sadly, I'm only interested in guys good with children."

Shikamaru smiled playfully at her, then in one swift motion, picked Karou up and sat her on his shoulder. When Karou started to giggle and pull on his ponytail, he grinned at Temari.

"Well then, what are we waiting for?"

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