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Mrs. Garrett had to explain to the rest of the girls that things between Blair were going to be complicated, for now.

"Blair's going through something she's not quite ready for, that means that being her friend, is the best thing that you can do for her right now."

The next day when Tootie and Natalie were at school Blair told Mrs. Garrett what happened. The whole truth. Everything. She told her about how she went out to a party with a guy she met at school and how he left her there. Then a different man, a little older than her date kept hitting on her. She said that she liked the attention and he offered to give her a lift home in his van since her date abandoned her.

Then she told her what happened next and it broke Mrs. Garrett's heart. He didn't take her home. After pulling over on the side of the back road she described how it felt funny, the whole atmosphere changed. He smiled and leaned in to kiss her. She pulled away disgusted,

"What are you doing?" she remembered asking him before he began taking off his coat and locking the doors, locking them both in.

Being shoved into the back of the van was where she had to stop for a little bit. She didn't want to talk about it with Mrs. Garrett, it was too embarrassing and she just didn't want to say anymore. But Mrs. Garrett just took her hand waited, eventually she continued.

She screamed loudly for someone to help but no one could hear.

He was so aggressive when he removed her clothes and wasted no time in taking her. It all happened so fast, and the pain, it was so sudden that she didn't even have time to get nervous.

She remembered how he didn't say much, just that it wouldn't hurt as much if she would stop fighting him.

She was very aware of what was happening but she really tried to block it out.

Oh please let it be over soon...

And it was over.

And she wasn't a virgin anymore.

Then he drove a little ways down the road while she laid still in the back in shock. He told her to get out at some point and she did, he drove off quickly and that was the end of that.

Mrs. Garrett knew that after months and months it would be incredibly difficult to even catch the guy.

"It doesn't matter," Blair shrugged, "I mean I know I'm going about this the wrong way but...I just want to...forget it all," she said surely.

"Honey, you'll never be able to just forget it."

Blair shook her head, "I'm too tired to talk about this anymore. I mean what's the point? I wouldn't even believe me..." Edna took her hand and kissed it, "I believe you. And we're all here for you. If you want to go to the police, and I strongly urge you too, I'll take you down there right now."

"I don't want talk about it anymore. I'm just so tired of dealing with all of this."

"But Blair don't you want to have justice?" Edna almost gasped.

"Mrs. Garrett," Blair answered calmly and slowly, "the only thing that I want is to feel like myself again."

Edna stayed silent for a moment; she leaned in and kissed her cheek,

"I love you, but I really wish that you would go to the police."

"Mrs. Garrett," she stopped her quietly, "I have bigger problems right now."


Immediately after Blair left Edna's room she was confronted by Jo, who was taken aback,

"Why didn't you tell me you were raped?!" Jo shouted.

Blair grabbed her by arm and hushed her, "Keep your voice down!"

They both walked into their bedroom and shut the door,

"WHY BLAIR?" she shouted again.

"This isn't your business Jo, just stop."

"I hate it when you do this!" Jo spoke harshly. Blair wrinkled her nose, "What are you talking about?" Jo shook her head, "You always do this, acting like it's not a big deal, telling everybody it's not our business, Blair you're my best friend, of course it's my business!"

Blair stroked her hand, she looked away from Jo, "Well you already know all there is to know."

"That's not what this is about. I'm sick to my stomach that you're going through this and I just want to help but you won't let me."

"So don't take it personally, I just want to be by myself right now. I have a lot to think about."

Jo rubbed her forehead and took a few moments to gather her thoughts. Blair did the same.

After letting the tension loosen Jo asked Blair is she was going to keep it.

She shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know yet. I want to, but I really don't know."

Just then Mrs. Garrett knocked and opened the door, "Is everything alright in here?"

"Yeah," Jo said. Edna walked with her face was drawn, "I couldn't help but overhear you. Are we talking about ...the baby?"

Blair nodded her head sadly. "Blair honey, if you want to keep it, I'll help you. I'll help you raise it."

Her eyes shifted back to Jo's, who was in tears herself, "So will I."

Blair looked at them both, she threw her hands up in the air, "I want to..." she said walking to her bed and sitting down. She put her hands over her face, "I'm not ready for this but I want to..."

"You're under a lot of pressure right now," Edna said compassionately, "you can take your time deciding what you want but you know now that we're all here for you, for you both."

She nodded her head and put her hand over her heart, "Thank you. I really appreciate that."

Edna and Jo left Blair to herself. She let the door close and arose from her bed. She looked around the room she shared with her friends, her three friends. She tried to picture a crib in there...but they were cramped already, how could they find room for a crib? What about her closet, it already was overflowing with clothes, how could she find room for another person's wardrobe? And what about college...

Blair walked into the bathroom and splashed water on her face; she felt the nausea begin to stir inside of her. Instinctively she put her hand over her stomach. She wanted the baby. It was her baby. She forced herself to hold down her nausea and she stepped into the full view of the mirror. She saw the curve in her belly, and she lifted her blouse up to see its entirety. She couldn't believe she almost had an abortion.

"I'm so sorry..." she said rubbing her belly while still looking into the mirror, "I'm not normally like this, but I promise I won't ever put you in any danger again."

She let her blouse fall down and she held her tummy and smiled, "I'll protect you from now on, I promise."


Blair eventually went to the police. They told her they would do everything they could, despite that fact that many months had passed since the attack. When she finally contacted her parents they were the first to take action. Her father hired detectives and her mother made plans to fly out from Spain, where she was currently living.

They quickly found a suspect and Blair identified him out of a line up. It turns out he had MANY other cases pending against him, but they had never had DNA to convict him.

Blair then remembered something extremely important...her dress. It was still under her bed, left untouched from the night this whole nightmare started. She retrieved it and held onto the hope that this would be enough.

It was.

The man was convicted and tried, and he was going to be in prison for a VERY long time. He wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else.


"I'm more nervous now than I was in court," Blair said to Mrs. Garrett who was rubbing her back. They were sitting down on Mrs. Garrett's bed, "Well you did absolutely nothing wrong, you have no reason to be nervous, honey."

"I just want to get this over with, I avoid my biggest problems because it runs in the family."

Edna smiled, "You're going to be just fine."

Suddenly the door creaked open, Jo walked in quietly, "Your mother's here," she uttered.

Blair looked at Mrs. Garrett, they stood up and in charged a frantic Monica, "I'm so sorry, Blair!" she said wrapping her arms around her daughter's.

"I'm okay, Mother," she hushed letting her mother hold her. She saw Mrs. Garrett sneak out of the room and she wished she wouldn't have.

"Daddy wanted to be here but he wasn't sure if he should come," she slowed down. Blair wasn't too unhappy that he wasn't there. She didn't even want her mother there, she really just wanted to be left alone.

Monica stroked her daughter's cheek, "Daddy and I have found a beautiful couple, who would be willing to adopt the child."

Blair was caught off guard, "What?" she asked to be sure she heard correctly.

"We can do this privately dear, and this can also be as discrete as possible...and things will be back to normal in no time. I'll be there for-"

She pulled away from her mother, "What are you talking about? I'm not giving the baby up for adoption."

Monica tilted her head and chuckled, "Haha...what?" Blair shook her head and cradled her stomach, "I'm keeping my baby."

"Blair you can have another baby later, when you're out of school, and married," she said trying to take her daughter's hand, but Blair wasted no time pulling away again, and crossing her arms protectively over her abdomen, "I'm having this baby in January and I'm keeping this baby forever."

"But why would you want to have a...rapist's baby?" Monica asked confused.

Blair shook her head, "Because I love it."

"Honey, I'm only trying to save you from such a heartache-"

"HEARTACHE?" Blair shrieked, "How can a little baby be a heartache? It's mine, I want it!"

"Do you really, Blair?" she asked trying to put her hands on her shoulders but Blair pulled away for the third time,

"Stay away from me!" Blair turned and sat on Mrs. Garrett's bed.

Monica saw her belly stick out when she sat down, "I just love you so much. I just want to help you."

"Then stop telling me to give my child away," Blair whispered looking up. She traced the curve down her stomach, "I mean at first, I'll admit it: I didn't want to have a baby. I almost..." she didn't finish. She rubbed her belly and her mother watched her. How she cradled it in her hands and stroked it with each finger. She never touched her tummy the way Blair did. Blair was already a better mother. And Blair's frown soon began to loosen to a tiny smile, "Mother, it's mine. I'm keeping it...and I want you to be a part of our lives."

Edna creaked open the door and quietly entered, "Monica, I told Blair that I would help her take care of it, we all are more than capable of giving it a home. We're a family."

"Because you're her family!" Monica exclaimed. "I never did right by you Blair and I'm so sorry," she said painfully.

"Mother I am fine. I've had a great life, one bad thing happened in it and it had absolutely nothing to do with you."

"I'm sorry I didn't protect you-" Monica tried to apologize but Blair stopped her, "Stop it!" she screamed, "just stop this!"

Monica started to cry. Edna took her hand and Blair stood up to make eye level with her mother.

"I couldn't protect her either," Edna said sadly.

"Stop this," Blair said more ease. "This isn't your fault and this isn't your fault."

Edna stroked Monica's back as Blair took her mother's hands and held them tight.

"Mother you and Daddy did the best that you knew how. This is just how you two are. At the end of the day you're there but you miss out on so much in the meantime."

Monica frowned as her own guilt cut into her heart like thorns.

"I learned when I was very little that you would never be who I wanted you to be, and that I shouldn't hold it against you or I would always be mad at you. I wish you would've been like Mrs. Garrett, and YOU wish you would've been like her too" she said taking Mrs. Garrett's hand as the older woman stood there uncomfortable. Then Blair continued, "But when I stopped wishing you would be someone you weren't, I stopped getting upset when you would let me down. But you were never holding me up, and that's something that you need to forgive yourself for. I love you."

Monica pleaded through her tears, "Please forgive me-"

"Mother stop," she squeezed her hand, "I know that you love me. When I was little I always knew that you loved me. And I never held anything against you because I knew that you still loved me. I've never been mad at you, so just be there for me now. And we don't ever have to talk about this again."

Edna spoke in her soft voice, "You two don't see each other enough, so when you do, be thankful for the good times. And don't let the bad steal any time that you're given."

"Thank you," Monica said hugging Edna, "for taking care of my baby girl. You've brought her upright and I can never thank you enough. I will always be grateful."

Edna nodded her head and smiled, "But because of you I have another daughter, and for that, I MYSELF will always be grateful."


"I hope I'm doing the right thing," Blair said to Jo once her mother left and they were alone.

Jo leaned her head back, "What are you talking about?"

"I don't know, maybe this is wrong. Maybe my mother was right. I mean I have no idea what I'm doing. And one day I'm going to have to look my baby in the eye and tell it the truth."

Jo nodded her head, "I know, but will that mean that everything else isn't worth it?"

"What do you mean?" Blair asked. Jo continued, "Well because of that one thing you want to sacrifice all of the happiness and love and joy that a baby brings. You said it yourself, you love it. Because it's your baby. Not his, it never was his and it'll never be his."

Blair frowned, "I know. I just want to do the right thing, Jo." Her friend wrapped her arms around her and squeezed her tight, "We all love you and we are here for you."

Mrs. Garrett was absolutely right. They could all give the baby everything it needed. They were a family, and Blair knew that this was the right thing for everyone. Her baby was staying right here, in her house, with her family and nothing was going to change that. No matter what happened next they were going to be able to do it because they had it other. That's what friends do; they just get through it together.

•°•ღ•°• 3 MONTHS LATER •°•ღ•°•

She was lying down on her side in her bed that was so small nowadays. 7 months and she was feeling it. She couldn't imagine how it was going to be when she was at 40 weeks, if she would even make it that far. Everything hurt and she was so nauseous all of the time.

After being in their bedroom for most of that Saturday it was now getting dark. She hadn't seen the girls all day, and she was so uncomfortable she didn't want to move.

Blair didn't go back to school in the fall, and she hadn't worked in the kitchen in quite a while, the pregnancy had really taken its toll on her body and her mind. Her normal sense of smell was long gone, she never got a night of peaceful sleep, her breasts exploded while her clothes continued to shrink, and worst of all: she couldn't dye her hair...and now everyone knew she wasn't a real blonde!

There were of course wonderful things that made all of the bad things okay. Now instead of spending lots of money in her wardrobe, she got to start two new ones because she didn't know if she was having a boy or a girl! And when she was lying down at night and couldn't sleep and would get frustrated, she would feel it start to move and that made all the difference in the world. It was fun feeling the baby kick, and think about what she would name it. That always made her smile.

Suddenly the door flew open and in pranced Natalie and Tootie who were giggling, "Come with us, we need to show you something," Tootie smiled. Blair didn't want to move.

"No..." she groaned rolling over so was facing opposite of them. They ran over to her bedside still cheery as ever, "No really, come with us," Natalie urged. She rolled back over annoyed, "What?"

They each grabbed a hand of hers and pulled her up and out of bed, "We need to show you something!"

She trudged across the room with Tootie pulling her and Natalie following right behind, "I can't believe we pulled it off," she mumbled.

"Pulled what off?" Blair asked as they stopped in front of a door, the one right next to Mrs. Garrett's room.

"You'll see..." Tootie smiled brightly as she slowly opened the door.

Blair's eyes lit up when she saw this room that she'd never set foot in before. Mrs. Garrett and Jo were in there, standing in the corner as Blair entered and looked around. The room was beautifully furnished with a King bed, a TV, and a white baby crib next to the bed.

"What is this?" she exclaimed in shock. "It's your new room, for you and the baby," Edna smiled.

Natalie gave a cheeky grin, "Now you don't have to worry about getting in anyone's way." She was given a jab in the arm by Tootie who quickly corrected her, "What Nat MEANS, is that we want you two to have your own space."

She suddenly had lots of energy, and she ran to the bed, "Oh you have no idea how happy this makes me!" she smiled throwing herself down on the soft mattress. She couldn't stop smiling, and then she shot up and went toward the white crib that was next to the bed. She touched the railing, it was beautiful.

"Do you know I really wanted a crib but I didn't think we were going to have room inside of our bed...well actually, your all's bedroom now," she laughed. "When did you all do this?" she asked.

"It only took a few hours, we got some of my brothers to move the furniture but we've been cleaning here and there for a while, thank God you decided to hide out in your room all day!" Jo grinned.

Blair smiled, "Thank you. All of you." They all went in for a group hug, "We hope you like it," Edna whispered and Blair tightened her grip on all of the girls, "I love it."

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