This is my first story and I am the only person who spell checks and the like, so sorry in advance about any mistakes. Since I'm a new writer I would love to hear your thoughts. I hope you enjoy!

Everyday waking up it always took a few minutes of staring at the nylon ceiling before I remembered where I was and today was no different. I rolled over and stared through the open tent door. Outside I could see the rest of the camp going through their new daily routines. Getting up and poking my head out of the tent I could see my mom gathering clothes from the rest of other group. I quickly gathered my dirty clothes and headed to help her with the laundry.

"Did you get everyone's clothes?" I asked her.

"Could you please see if either Merle or Daryl need anything washed."

As she walked towards the quarry, I immediately regretted asking. Daryl was tolerable, not very friendly of course, but his older brother was awful. Every time I had any sort of interaction with Merle Dixon it always left me feeling sick. Most of the time it was an out of body experience. It wasn't until afterwards that I realized what he had said to me. I wouldn't even bother getting their clothes if it weren't for the fact that the brothers kept the group alive with their hunting. Well Daryl did most of the hunting, but the Dixon's definitely came as a package.

As I walked away from the main camp and towards the area where the Dixon's had set up i saw Daryl sitting outside his tent working on his crossbow, but he looked up quickly as I approached. The second he saw me he looked back down and continued what he had been doing.

"Do you need anything washed?"

He glanced up at me, chewed on the side of his thumb and shook his head.

"Well do you know if your brother has anything to be washed?"

As Daryl looked up to answer me he got distracted by something behind me, but before I could turn around I felt two hands grab my waist.

"Why ya askin' him for when I'm few feet away Darlin'?"

I could feel his breath on my neck and the second he was done talking he laughed and rubbed his face into my neck. And I just stood there...I always just stood there when it was Merle. I think that it has a lot to do with my dad. I never did anything about him either. I hate to say it too, but I think that I would take Merle over my father. I could deal with crude comments and relatively harmless touches, it was the yelling and beatings that always got to me at home.

"Now Darlin' you going down to the lake to do some washin'? Well don't keep the girl waitin' brother go and get our clothes. No reason not to let the woman do the women's work unless your dick's gone to shit with the rest of the world."

Daryl quickly got up and headed into the tent to collect Merle's clothes. Merle laughed again and let go of me to move towards the fire. That's when I saw that he was mostly naked, wearing nothing but his boxers. It was bad enough to have Merle pressed up against me let alone to know he had been wearing so little.

"Sweetheart what ya starin' at ya know anytime ya want ya can come get some." As he said this he reached down and grabbed his crotch thrusting towards me before he turned laughing to stir the fire.

I quickly looked down blushing and was glad when Daryl came back out of the tent and placed clothes into my basket. He then turned and picked up his crossbow and was about to sit back down when Merle grabbed the weapon from his hand and got in his face.

"You deaf? I said get our clothes not mine, now get in your fuckin' tent and bring out your clothes boy!"

Daryl looked startled, but turned and went into his tent. I kept looking down, but it was in that moment that I realized that Daryl was probably not so different from me. It had never occurred to me that Merle had been abusive, but there was no denying what I saw.

Daryl emerged with another armful of clothes and walked up to me. As he put the clothes on top of the pile I looked straight at his face for the first time, but he didn't look me in the eyes. Looking at Daryl this close I saw that he was really very handsome. He quickly stepped back and went back to his crossbow. I watched him walk away and could feel heat on my cheeks. I had never really had a chance to be interested in guys before. I think it was the fear that I would eventually have to bring them home to meet my family. Of all the times to get my first crush of course it had to come after the zombie apocalypse. But there was no denying it.

I had a crush a Daryl Dixon.