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"What about him." I rolled over and glanced at Daryl's face before looking at his chest. "I know it bothers you to talk about him, but I've told you about my dad."

Daryl sighed heavily and rolled onto his back. He put both hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling of the tent. I watched his face closely as his eyes darted around. I rolled onto my side and laid an arm across Daryl's chest. He stayed still a few moments longer before slowly bringing his hand to rub across my arm.

"I don' have any good memories about my dad." Daryl shut his eyes and rolled his head towards me. "It was always yellin' and boozin' and beatin'. I can' remember much before Merle left, he was so much older that I was only about eight when he left. He only showed up for a few days every few months and even less after he joined the army."

"My dad was mean sober, but worse drunk. He beat up on all of us with whatever he had. Worst was the kickin' though. He always wore his steel toed work boots and he'd keep at it too." He opened his eyes and looked at me. "Yer not stupid for missin' yer dad, I wish I had somethin' to miss."

I snuggled closer to Daryl's side and closed my eyes to go to sleep. Daryl rolled onto his side taking me with him and I opened my eyes looking at him confused. Daryl looked at me and pulled me close against him so I couldn't see his face.

"I didn' grow up talkin' 'bout shit. I'm not gonna tell ya all 'bout growin' up or start spoutin' off feelings, but I do care 'bout ya." Daryl went stiff, but held me a little tighter. "I love ya."

I shoved myself away from Daryl and looked at him, mouth open and eyes wide. Daryl looked nervous and I could see him swallow before shutting his eyes, as his arms tensed. I felt tears in my eyes before I pushed myself up against him.

"Oh Daryl, I love you too." I gripped his shirt in my hands as I pushed my face against his neck. I tried to hold back tears. I had never felt as loved as I did with Daryl. I didn't need him to say because I could tell he cared for me, but hearing him say it was something new entirely. I don't think I had ever been this happy. I could feel Daryl relax against me and he tightened his grip around my back before rolling onto his back. He didn't say anything and neither did I, we both just drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning alone in the tent. I quickly pulled on a some clean clothes and seeing the pile of dirty clothes in the corner of the tent I decided it was a laundry day. I gathered the pile of clothes in my arms and struggled to open the tent door before stepping out into the sunshine. I walked towards the main camp before dumping my armload of clothes into the laundry tub. I picked up two of the buckets of water by the fire and dumped it onto the clothes before kneeling next to the tub and scrubbing the clothes.

I couldn't think of a single chore I hated more than laundry. I think it was the repetition. Even as I washed the clothes I knew that in a few days I was going to have to be washing them again. The other chores at least seemed to have some sort of end to them. As l slowly moved through the tub, I tried not to think about what laundry was like before all this. I used to be able to put a load in the machine and then sit down to read for an hour and say I was "doing laundry." Now I actually have to sit here and do laundry. When are the clothes even clean?

I held up the shirt I was currently washing I tried to see if there was any dirt on it. It looked pretty much the same as it had before. I sighed before tossing the shirt onto the clean pile. I kept washing and let my thoughts drift until I remembered last night. I froze and gripped the shirt I was holding tightly in my hands.

Daryl loved me.

Daryl told me he loved me.

I had always thought and hoped he loved me because I loved him, but he actually said it. In a panic I started going through the laundry as quickly as I could. The few things that were left probably didn't get very clean and I almost fell, twice, in my haste to hang things on the line. I left the dirty water sitting by the fire as I raced back to the tent.

When I got there I realized Daryl hadn't been there when I woke up. Puzzled I turned around wondering where he could have gone. I kept trying to think of where he could be, as I turned in a circle looking for him. Now that I was looking where was everyone? As I searched I could see members of the group, but everyone seemed to be spread out across the farm. Coming around again I saw Daryl heading towards me from the animal shed. I quickly took off in his direction smiling.

When I got close enough I put my arms on his shoulders and kissed him hard. Daryl stumbled back slightly before grabbing my hips to steady himself. He barely had time to kiss back before I pulled away and threw my arms around his waist pressing myself against him.

"I love you." In return Daryl hissed and pressed his hand against his side while pulling my arm away.

"What happened, I thought you were getting better." Daryl threw an arm over my shoulders as he steered me back towards the tent.

"Was gonna go out and look for Sophia, but I pulled the stitches pickin' up the saddle."

"Well, let me see, you may have to get them redone." I stepped in front of Daryl as I grabbed his shirt and started to pull it up. He quickly pulled the shirt back down and glared at me.

"Don' pull my shirt up out here." I huffed before grabbing his hand and pulling him behind me towards the tent.

I tugged Daryl inside before getting on my knees to zip the door closed. I lifted his shirt and examined his stitches. The skin looked irritated with a little blood seeping out, but it didn't look like any of the stitches pulled out. I gently covered them before looking up at Daryl. "They look ok, but you have to be more careful. You still aren't a hundred percent and I don't want you hurting yourself again. You don't need to act tough. I don't mind doing things for you if you need some help."

"Got somethin' you could help me with while yer down there." Daryl shifted his hips towards my face and I gulpped. I quickly looked up at Daryl wide eyed and the smirk fell from his face, as he turned away, beginning to fidget.

"Nevermind, stupid.." He started to move away from me, but I quickly gripped the top of his pants in both my hands. I stared at Daryl's zipper before slowly bringing my hands together and unbuttoning his jeans. Daryl grabbed my hands and I looked up at him.

"You don' have to." I shakily smiled up at him before unzipping his pants. I had never done this before and was terrified that I wouldn't be able to please him.

I pulled down Daryl's pants and boxers enough that his dick fell free. I had never looked at it until this point and I blushed. I never really thought about what an erection would look like and I quickly put my mouth around the head before I lost my courage. I took a few minutes to calm while I tongued the tip before slowly moving my mouth down the shaft.

I didn't really know what to do, but I had overheard some talk in high school and decided to try to wing it. I kept pushing my mouth further down, but before reaching the base I gagged and quickly pulled back to the tip. I blinked away the few tears that had gathered before moving back down the shaft. This time I was careful not to go too far before pulling back. I tried to get a rhythm going and started sucking while I pulled back.

I heard Daryl grunt as he gripped my shoulders with both hands. I tentatively reached up and rolled his balls in my hand as I continued sucking. I started running my tongue across the head each time I pulled back until I was surprised by liquid hitting my tongue. I froze, but kept my mouth closed around the head. Daryl relaxed his grip and I pulled away from him while swallowing. I wiped spit from my mouth and looked up at Daryl. His face was flushed and he was tucking himself back into his pants.

Daryl sat down on the bed before looking at me. I hadn't moved from my spot, but was staring at him anxiously before he smiled and held out his hand. I took it and let him pull me onto the bed where we both laid down. Daryl settled himself and I thought taking a nap might not be such a bad idea.

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