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Tokine...looked wide eyed at him...then moved a bit back.'What was happening? What was Yoshimori doing? And why am I getting tensed up like this?' Tokine felt her heart beat faster. Yoshimori looked at her and took a piece of cake and put it in his mouth. "It does taste different! You are lying!" he acted like he was protesting against her not complimenting him. Inside...Yoshimori smiled...

When Madarao and Hakubi felt another ayakashi, Tokine jumped down from kekkai to kekkai, making new ones to jump on. Yoshimori had just wiped his mouth and was jumping down when she shouted "Hoi!". He looked at her. She was looking at him. Yes, he knew that she noticed that his speed has improved. It felt like fun... "Joso!" Yoshimori smirked. "Ketsu! Metsu.."

Tokine's jaw dropped in astonishment. Yoshimori had created a three layered kekkai and that too before her...which means his kekkai had already captured the ayakashi. "Tenketsu!" she shouted. Yoshimori smiled again. He was enjoying this. And just because of that, Tokine was giving him attention. So he was definitely loving this.

Next day in school...everything was normal except for one thing. Yoshimori was not dozing off. Infact he was listening the class even though it was boring. Most of the students were staring at him rather than the teacher. He just smiled.

Tokine felt something. She didn't know what it was. She told her friend "I don't know whats happening...he is taking responsibility for everything! He doesnt want me to get hurt...ever..."

"Hey, you speak like you are both warriors" her friend joked. Tokine suddenly looked alarmed. Then changed her face. "No..it's just that he cares too much. Last day he had a bad dream...he saw me getting hurt and was crying in his sleep."

"Oh my god! Isn't that sweet? He really cares about you!" she said and walked away. Tokine looked that way. He really cares about you...those words rang in her head. He really cares about you...Was she not caring him ? Was she crushing his hopes of never letting her get hurt by always not listening to him? Was she ignoring him? His cakes? His smiles?

Wasn't he a brother? No! Not brother. He used to be. But that was long before...somewhat when he used to be five or something. However she tries to put it, Tokine can't find the right word to describe her relation with Yoshimori. He was definitely more than a friend. He is NOT a friend. What they had was something special. She knew it...but what? Yoshimori would die for her. She knew it. But why? Their grandparents quarrelled like mad people, they never visit each others' houses even though they were neighbors. But something was different with Yoshi...and Tokine. Would she be willing to die for him just like he is ready to do it for her?

That question felt strange! But she remembered her words... 'If you do this again, and disappear someday, I, I...' However hard she tried...she wasnt able to complete the sentence... She decides to talk to Yoshimori that evening.

Hakubi is with her. "Yoshimori is early today". Tokine looks aroung but cannot find him.

"Ho...ney? He is usually up these days...!" says he. Tokine looks up...there he was...glowing in the moonlight. Like a statue...his hair moving with the is shocked to see a great platform made of his kekkai in the sky. He was sitting on it and has something on it. She reads "For Tokine..." on it and her eyes go wide.


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