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'Who are you?' - Jake Muller

He had forgotten that his real name was Wesker. He had forgotten that his blood was special. He had forgotten everything about his past 19 years ago except his mother, whom he loved the most even when she had passed long ago.

Jake Muller was now a completely different person than he was from the past 19 years. From a cold-blooded soldier of fortune who did nothing but to kill for cold hard cash - he was now a man with purpose; he now worked for the DSO. From a lonely mercenary who had nobody to trust but himself - he now had a family of himself, the Muller household; although so far, there was only two members on the household, but still a family nonetheless.

No longer a drifter, he now had a home to return to.

It was a rainy night when he swirled his dark grey bike into a screeching stop. He angled himself a little to his side to balance himself to the gravity before sending his bike into a full stop in front of a small humble concrete home around the town. The whole building was a little worn by the sun and rain and snow and it was definitely screaming for a new coat of painting. It was all he could afford for now. But he liked his home. Who cares?

Pulling the keys out, Jake guided his vehicle to the garage. He made sure that the whole thing was properly locked before pacing back into his house hastily. Being drenched with clothing wasn't very comfortable. Jake peeled off his jacket from his shoulder and hang it to the dining chair, letting it to dry itself.

The house was dimly lit with only several lamps on the living room and the porch outside were on. No one was home, much to his disappointment. He was on a field mission and had just returned after several days.

He sighed, he was still dripping wet as he removed the leather glove and setting it clumsily on the coffee table before noticing the contrasting white on the black screen of the TV.

To: Jake

Welcome home from your mission! If you see this note, I'll not be home until tomorrow morning.
Sorry, but I have to stay over at the office for some overtime I promised Hunnigan. Got some stuff that needed to be sorted out ASAP. Dinner will be on the fridge, you know which. Just heat it up on the microwave.

I promise I'll make up for not welcoming you back properly.

I love you, Jake.


Sticking back the piece of paper back to where it was, Jake smiled as he head for the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and true enough, there was a bowl of soup and rice wrapped neatly with plastic left for him. Glancing to the microwave, there was another note left for him.

Please tell me you know how to use a microwave properly by now. I don't like having the house burnt down when I return. Am I understood?

His appetite wasn't very encouraging. So Jake decided to skip his dinner. He'll leave it for his midnight supper, if he happened to wake up.

The silence of the house was boring into him when he walked across the dark hallway. Jake Muller was used to silence and loneliness back when he was a mercenary. Somehow, he realized that he didn't like it anymore. Entering his bedroom, Jake grabbed the towel along with his sleep pants from the wardrobe and went for a brief shower to rid himself from the rain and dirt.

When it was done, he fell back to the queen-sized matress with a heavy exhale of air. He stared into the ceiling, letting his mind drift to wherever it wanted to as long as he fall asleep soon.

The rain was still pouring outside the shutted window and he wondered if his wife was alright at the DSO headquarters. Then he think about his mother, then his job a few days ago, then some other silly thoughts about the movies on the TV.

The sleepiness began to drowse him as he closed his eyes.

Why are you here?

His eyes snapped open. Jake lifted himself offf the bed as he stare widen.

This is not your home. You don't have a home.

Jake was now positive that that the voice echoed on his mind. Not from anywhere else. He panicked, but he froze at where he was, "Who are you?" He whispered.

You still have a legacy to carry.


A momentarily silence. And Muller thought that it was finally over. But the back of his mind finally rang one last word.

My son.

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