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'The difference lies between you. And me. I'm different from you, Albert Wesker.' - Jake Muller

The next morning

Sherry woke up with aches and sore all over her. A terrible but a pleasant one. Although she tried to stir to make herself more comfortable, she suddenly realized that she couldn't, not with a pair of arms tangled across her belly messily and warm leg entwined with hers. And was that snoring? She didn't remember that she made noises in her sleep. And the whole scenery wasn't as familiar as her room.

Eyes shot open, Sherry fought back a yelp when she realized that Jake Muller was still by her side, asleep. His mouth hung slightly open and his intakes of breaths were relaxed and even. Personally, she had thought about Jake would have slipped away in the middle of the night while she was still in her slumber.

She smiled at him as she stroked his cheek delicately, trying hard not to wake him. The thin layer of his stubble due to his frequent binging in beer actually looks good on him, she thought. Very sexy and manly.

Then she heard the chirping down the side of the bed where her pants were. 'Damn it.' It's her cellphone, must be Leon trying to hunt her down since she had been missing for the whole night. She silently thanked herself for turning on the silent mode, or the blaring ringtone of hers would have awaken the sleeping man beside her.

Unwrapping herself from his limbs as careful as possible, Sherry used the strength of her upper body to reach for her pants down the side of the bed. It wasn't very far away from her position so a long stretch and she got the article of clothing. Digging through, she finally got a hold of the metallic object inside it as she took a quick glance over at the screen.

Yup, Leon.

"Hello?" Her voice was a whisper, she was covering her mouth with the other palm. She was sitting up as she pulled the sheets over to her chest.

Leon, on the other hand was loud and concerned, "Thank god you answered the phone! Been caling you all night and I was about to call Hunnigan on you... Are you okay? Why are you whispering?"

'Oh, no, I just had a very naked Jake sleeping beside me and I don't want to wake him up just yet. He looked hot, naked on his bed. Screw it, Birkin.'

She choked on her breath before replying properly, "I...uh... Jake was still asleep in his room and..." As she was trying to make up an appropriate excuse, Leon suddenly interrupted urgently, "What? Jake? You've found him?"

"Yeah. I'm at his hideout. He didn't look... too good. So, I had a talk with him the whole night. He's getting bet- Oh!"

Sherry couldn't hold back a squeak when a pair of warm arms found their ways to her stomach and hot lips began nibbling her shoulders. Jake grinned childishly and Sherry elbowed him softly to his bare belly. The feeling of his warm chest against her back was sapping her concentration quickly.

"Are you okay?! Is something wrong?"

Now she was struggling to keep up the coherent conversation she had with Leon, with Jake continously assaulting her delicate skin, she never knew that a phonecall would have been so difficult, "Um... yeah. I'm fine, just a bugger landed on my shoulders." She meant Jake, and he chuckled silently before kissing up from her neck to her earlobe - one of her most sensitive spots. She tried her bestest to surpress the moan from escaping her lips, "Uh... I guess I'll talk to you later, Leon. Jake had woke up, I need to talk to him about bring him back to New York."

"O...kay?" Judging from the sly reply from the veteran DSO agent, Sherry partially believed that Leon had guessed what exactly the scenario was.

She and Jake were wedded after all, right?

"Uh, I guess we'll talk later. Um... give me a call if you need a lift back to New York, okay?"

Yeah. He knew. That awkward goodbye. She was almost glad that she didn't need the trouble to explain herself, "Sure. Thanks, Leon."

And he cut off almost immediately. Leon was as quick-witted as a woman, Sherry now believed Claire when she said so.

"Mornin, Supergirl." He finally said out loud, grabbing the cellphone on her hand and tossed it somewhere on his pillow.

She smiled shyly when he brought his hands up to hers, intertwining them as she felt hot kisses all over the back of her neck, "Good morning." Then, she turned around so that she was facing him. It was now daylight so she could see him more clearly compared to last night due to the lack of lighting. He still looked very muscular and a few new scar adorned his chiseled body, ones that she had never seen before.

She touched them subconsiously and he shivered, "What have you got into?" She asked softly as she finally reached the worst scar on his abs. It was a freshly recovered wound.

Jake shrugged, "Nah. Just some fights. Trying to earn a living."

Without another word, he kissed her lightly on her lips as he quietly whispered into her ears, "You still haven't told me how did you manage to find me."

Then, Sherry went silent which worried him. They were still in bed and she pulled herself closer to him as she breathed, "It was purely accidental for us to discover you are at Montreal. Leon happened to stumble across your friend, Diego. He refused to tell us at first. Then, Montreal was all he said. We didn't know which part of Montreal."


Using all the willpower that she had, she pushed Jake away gently by his chest as she climbed down the bed, pulling a sheet away with her as she wrapped it around her. The sudden changing atmosphere had frighten Jake to no end. 'Was there something wrong when she tried to find me?' He quickly jumped down and grabbed his boxers. By the time he turned around, he saw that Sherry; still wrapped in the bed sheets, was holding up a crumpled piece of paper that he recognized very much so.

It was the letter he sent her. With all his heartbreaking words and all. A sharp pang of regretment hitted him and Jake immediately went over to her and hugged her tightly, whispering soft words, "I'm sorry. I didn't have a choice."

"I...I didn't know how to find you when I came to Montreal. But then, I suddenly remembered this was the only thing you left for me... So I traced it." Her voice was breaking and he could hear it. Jake could imagine the moment when she had read his letter and he felt so terrible about it. But it wasn't by choice at that time.

As Sherry rested her head to his chest, she could't help but to ask him, "Did you really sign the divorce papers?"



He shook his head lightly, "I couldn't do it."

Then he peeled the paper from her hands and crumble it into a ball, throwing it to the corner of the room. Then he playfully lifted her up bridal style as he carried her to the showers.

2 days later
DSO Headquarters

"For going AWOL for so long and to participate in illegal underground pit fightings, Jake Muller: I have no choice but to suspend you for a year. Unpaid."

He scoffed as he crossed his legs on his seat. He looked rather amused when Hunnigan announced that she had force a year of unpaid vacation for him. Jake eyed back at his superior as he chuckled, "Well, that wasn't so bad, ma'am."

Hunnigan crossed her arms as she leaned back to her chair, "It could have been worse considering what you have done, Jake. Go thank Sherry for it, alright?"

"Sure." He replied non-chalantly as he rose from his seat and exited the room.

Sherry was waiting for him outside the office. When his figure appeared on the front door, she immediately went over and pounced onto him into a hug. He returned it and then smiled down to her, "Not so bad. A year of unpaid suspension. Gotta find some time killer while I'm at it."

Realizing that they were in the DSO office area, Sherry fought the urge to kiss him as she released her grip and stand on her feet. She looked very relieved when Jake wasn't fired from his job, "Director Hunnigan was being too kind." And they walked towards the exit of the building.

They stopped at the main entrance as Sherry had to remain at the office, Jake might have his leave but Sherry still had her job.

"I guess I'll go find some work before the due." Jake laughed as he pulled the keys to his bike from his jackets.

She nodded before wrapping her arms around his shoulder into an embrace, "Mhm. I'm sure you can find one. I'll see you back home, okay?" It was only for a while when she planted a soft kiss on his scar.

"Can't wait to see you."

He found himself waving her goodbye as he mounted on his dark grey motorcycle, revved up the engine and sped away from the DSO headquarters.

It was only a few miles before it started to drizzle again. 'Deja vu.' He thought.

Do you really think you would rid of me that easily, my boy?

Jake smirked cockily underneath his shades, he had expected that Albert Wesker would pay a visit soon, "No, for a jackshit as persistent as you, I would have doubt if you'll leave so soon." He was speeding along the highway as he spoke, so no one had noticed that Jake was speaking to himself.

Then, what nonsense are you doing now?

"Becoming a better man that you were. Just watch."

7 months later
South Africa

It had nearly been a year since he had last stood before the marked grave of his father. Nothing had changed, except that the tombstone had a few cracks on it. Just like the last time as he knelt before Albert Wesker's grave, rain was pouring down but it could only be counted as another drizzle. The water droplets were gently drumming his skin.

As Jake Muller settled down a simple bouquet, Jake couldn't help the frown on his face. As much as he despised his father who had left his mother to fend for her own and became the world most dangerous bioterrorist - Albert Wesker was still his father. He had his blood in him, it was something he couldn't change.

Jake Muller was different. The Wesker blood just made him different from everyone else on the planet.

"Hey, dad."

His tone was more to a friendlier side, instead of his usual mocking tone whenever he addressed his megalomaniac father, "Just came by to tell you something. Though I'm not sure you'll be happy to hear it." He chuckled innerly as he wiped the wet leaves away from the concrete, "You were right when you say that I'm different. I'm different. But I'm not different from anyone else."

"The difference lies between you. And me. I'm different from you, Albert Wesker."

Just as he finished his sentence, another figure with a smaller frame approached him. She was holding up an umbrella, with red and white stripes. Jake's lips pulled into a smile when he saw the person next to him. He got up to his feet as he kissed her cheeks softly and placed a warming hand on the small bump on her belly. Sherry Birkin returned the smile warmly at him as she wiped the dampness on his face due to the rain, "Told you to bring along an umbrella."

"Nope, too girly." He replied as he turned back to the tombstone.

A smirk was forming on his face, "Dad, meet your grandchild." His hand was rubbing in circles to her growing belly, warming her insides.

"And we'll be dominating the world together. Me, Sherry and this kid. Differently."


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