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~~~Chapter 7~~~

Tsuna dodged as Fon charged at him with quick speed and went for another kick. He dodged just in time, but was too late to notice that Fon had flip back onto his feet and used his index and middle finger to jab Tsuna in the chest. Tsuna slightly winced as he felt the pain spread around his chest. He ignored the pain and went for a straight kick at Fon's side. Fon quickly used his left arm to block the attack and grabbed Tsuna's ankle.

Tsuna growled and pulled back, jumping away a bit.

"Don't just attack in random places. Look for your opponents weak spots." Fon advised and jumped outside, off the porch, and landed on the grass gracefully. Tsuna narrowed his eyes and followed after him, trying for a low kick and failing to kick Fon off of his feet.

"He needs this training." Tsuna said, talking in third person, as if there was completely different being inside of him. Fon's lips thinned and went for another palm strike at Tsuna's stomach. Tsuna countered by blocking the attack with his right hand and used his left foot to kick Fon to the side. Fon didn't even flinch at the impact and just smiled lightly, getting in a dragon stance.

"I know he does. You've been there for him ever since he was just a child, am I right?" Fon asked, noticing the brunet's shoulder's tense slightly. Tsuna didn't answer and instead, went for an uppercut punch at Fon's jaw. Fon moved his face, Tsuna's hand grazing his cheek slightly, and grabbed Tsuna's wrist. Fon's lips twitched into a small smile and did three moves: He first kneed Tsuna in the stomach, then did an uppercut palm strike to Tsuna's jaw, then flipped, kicking Tsuna's jaw and making the brunet fly back and crash on the ground, groaning in pain, and half-passed out.

Fon sighed and let go of his dragon stance.

"The Plum Flower Punch: Three of the Seven Ways." Fon explained his previous move to the sprawled out Tsuna on the ground. Tsuna moved and groaned, indicating his discomfort how much pain he was in.

"It's one of my most powerful moves, and it stuns the opponent for a while, and that gives the user the chance to quickly finish off his opponent. Though that was only three of the Seven Ways. It could have been fatal if I used the Seven Ways." Fon described, and kneeled down to the paralyzed Tsuna. The brunet didn't say a single thing, choosing to ponder about the future, and Tsunayoshi. He then sighed heavily and looked at Fon straight in the eyes.

"Train him, or he could fall into darkness."

And with that, the orange glow in Tsuna's eyes disappeared and faded back to confused honey colored eyes.

"Huh? Fon-sensei?" Tsuna said weakly, noticing that he couldn't move his limbs and that his stomach, chest, and other parts of his body hurt and burned from overuse. Fon didn't answer, contemplating the other Tsuna's odd words.

Train him, or he could fall into darkness.

What did that mean? Tsuna could fall into darkness? He would turn against everyone?

Fon was at loss. He didn't know what to think of.

It was nearly impossible for a kindhearted boy such as Tsuna to turn evil. Tsuna couldn't even defend himself from his violent brother! And then, there was the other Tsuna, or as Fon called it, his 'Hyper Dying Will', though he hadn't come to conclusion to that. It could have been another being inside Tsuna, another soul, but that was highly unlikely to be. Tsuna was too kind to turn into a destructive, calamitous, and crazy insane villain. Nope, it couldn't happen. But there was one thing that made Fon nervous.

The Hyper Intuition NEVER FAILS.

"F-Fon-sensei?" Tsuna's voice broke Fon's thoughts.

"Huh? Oh, I'm sorry for ignoring you." Fon snapped out of his thoughts and apologized. Tsuna shook his head, not caring whether he was ignored or not and gave his new teacher a worried look.

"A-Are you okay? Y-You l-look really n-nervous…" Tsuna's voice died down as he stared at Fon. Fon sighed and shook his head, picking up the paralyzed Tsuna. Tsuna blushed and began to mutter that he could walk perfectly fine and tried to move his legs, failing in the process. Fon chuckled and walked into the small mansion.

"I'm alright, Tsunayoshi. Just thinking about… What I should teach you!" Fon lied. Tsunayoshi couldn't know about what the Chinese Kung Fu Hitman had heard, but he needed to observe just a little more to come to a final conclusion.

Tsuna nodded, totally buying the lie and his eyes slowly drooped. He yawned adorably and whispered: "Hm. I'm tired…"

Fon smiled lightly and set Tsuna down on a couch.

"Sleep, you'll need it. I've already evaluated your skills." He said. Tsuna muttered something incoherent, half listening to Fon, not remembering a thing about battling Fon.

"Wake up and call if you need something, Tsunayoshi." Fon said and brushed the boy's hair out of his face.

"Sleep well Tsunayoshi." Fon said quietly and walked out of the room, a small smile in his face. He remembered the conversation he had with Reborn the other day, over the phone.


"Fon… I need a favor…"

"Oh? What is it, Reborn? It's rare for you to ask for favors."

"Yeah Yeah, I know, but this is very important, it decides the spot for Vongola Decimo."

Fon's eyes widened, and then turned serious. The Vongola Decimo situation was indeed serious. There are currently only two candidates: Sawada Takahashi, and Xanxus. But it is said that there is another possibly candidate, another Sawada.

"What is it?"

"You've heard of Sawada Takahashi right?"

"Yes, Iemitsu's son right?"

"That's right, he's one of the candidates for Decimo."

"What does this have to do with me? You're training him to become Decimo right?"

"Yeah, but he's horrible. Tried to kill his brother, not just once, but more than enough times ever since they were around seven. He's cruel, hangs out with bullies, and has terrible grades. He's a rude brat with an ego the size of Jupiter."

"Wow… That's…"

"Exactly how he acts. And I don't approve of him as the next Vongola Boss. Nono has already made his decision and has stuck with the brat."

"Wait, again. What does this have to do with me?"

"He has an older twin brother."

"Excuse me? An older twin brother?"

"Sawada Takahashi is the younger twin brother of Sawada Tsunayoshi."

"I… I see…Iemitsu's never mentioned this Sawada Tsunayoshi you speak of."

"Because he doesn't want his adorable and innocent son to be involved with the mafia. That's why."


"And, he's a much better candidate for Vongola Decimo. Despite his horrible grades, and clumsiness. He's kind, and has gained the Hyper Intuition of the family. He even noticed me observing him from afar. The Brat didn't notice a thing."

"Wait… Don't tell me-"

"-And I need you to train Tsunayoshi into a stronger person. Someone who can actually stand up to his abusive brother."

"Wait Reborn, this is against-"

"I'm still training Takahashi right? And you'll train Tsunayoshi. That's not against the rules. As long as it's someone with Vongola blood racing through them, then it's perfectly fine."

"I suppose… But-"

"Then I'll see you in less than a week, Fon."



Fon sighed. Looks like he has no choice but to follow Reborn's instructions.

~~~End of Flashback~~~

"Oh? Fon, are you done training with Tsunayoshi already?" A familiar voice echoed through the wooden walls of the Japanese mansion. Fon snapped his eyes open to see Tsuyoshi sticking his head out of another room, where he could hear Yamamoto's sword slicing objects, and his pants. Yet, the halls were silent, only Fon's and Tsuyoshi's heartbeats could have been heard.

"Yes, he's resting for now. We'll get to the serious training tomorrow." Fon said and continued to walk down the halls. He bowed as stopped and stood in front of the room Yamamoto was training in.

"I suppose he's sleeping right now then?" Tsuyoshi asked, looking up and down the halls, not seeing the brunet anywhere. Fon nodded.

"Yes, he's resting for a while. He needs a lot of training. Especially in stamina, but I've got to admit, his speed is remarkable, in his current stage." Fon explained. Tsuyoshi nodded and considered something for a moment, then looked at Fon with a slightly sad look.

"He was always bullied. Takeshi told me he would see the boy run down out of the gates and down the streets with bullies after him. They could've been the other Sawada's friends. Before Takeshi and Tsuna met, he told me there was this other boy that looked a lot like Takahashi coming to school with bruises and an occasional black eye and swollen cheek. And I had a feeling who did that." Tsuyoshi said sadly. Fon frowned.

'Sawada Takahashi… Just what are you thinking of?" Fon wondered and shook his head.

"I'll be going out for a while. Call me if Tsunayoshi wakes up." Fon said and bowed. He stood straight back up and waved as he walked down the empty halls of the Yamamoto mansion.

"Hm… I wonder where I-pin is…" Fon muttered and sighed.

"Must be with Lambo or something… I hope they don't cause any trouble…"

"Give Lambo some candy!"

"As I said before brat, you gotta pay!"

"Lambo demands free candy!"

"And as I said before, NO!"

The ten year-old raven-haired boy huffed as the candy sales rep glared at him in annoyance. His sea green eyes glared right back at the man, an invisible spark going on between them.

"If you won't give Lambo candy, then I'll blast you!" The child said and began looking through his pockets for the purple colored grenades he hides, just in case he wants to blow up someone.

"No! Bad Lambo! You shouldn't do that!" Another raven-aired exclaimed, although it was a 10 year-old girl with short braided pigtails and coal eyes. Her name was I-pin, a Chinese girl. Lambo turned his head towards the little girl and stuck out his tongue.

"No! Lambo wants candy!" And with that, he brought out two purple grenades and bit off the pins.

"Lambo, no!" I-pin shouted and tried to get the explosives, but it was too late. The grenades had already landed in the pile of candy on one of the stands. The man laughed, amused at the boys antics.

"You think those plastic grenades will blow me up! Ha! Grow up kid!" The man said and used his large hands to push the boy down. I-pin went over to Lambo and tried to comfort him, glaring at the man. Lambo sniffed, tears welling up in the corner of his eyes.

"Gotta…Stay…Calm…" He hiccupped out. And a millisecond later-


And with that, Lambo ran off, his yellow backpack slightly zipped open, and you could see the top of a purple machine-looking thing.

"W-wait! Lambo!" I-pin called out to her friend and ran after him. The man smirked and crossed his arms.

"Serves those brats right. This candy's all mine." He said childishly, then noticed smoke coming out of the candy.

"Huh? What's go-"


An explosion of pink exploded from the candy stand and the man was blown away, the candy on fire and all burnt.

"What's wrong with that man, mommy?" A child asked, tugging on his mother's sleeve and pointed at the now burnt stand. The mother shook her head quickly and pushed her child along.

"Just ignore it…"

"Lambo! Wait!" I-pin called out to her crying friend, who was running ahead of her.

"W-wahhh! The big man's a meanie!" Lambo cried out and continued to run, not noticing a few figure's up ahead. One had wild, spiky, brown hair and mischievous caramel eyes while the other two both had raven hair, except righty had dark black eyes and lefty had crimson red eyes. All in all, the three looked like some sort of gangster group.

And unfortunately for Lambo… He ran straight into the brunet.

"Oi! Watch where you're going!" Righty shouted, annoyed at the fact that the stupid 10 year old cow dressed boy had the nerve to run straight into his boss. The brunet held his hand up as a signal for Righty to shut up.

"Now now Keita. Don't be so rude to the boy. It was just an accident, right… Kid?" The brunet said in false kindness, which Lambo had apparently not fallen for. He glared up the brunet, who was trying to smile kindly.

"B-but Takahashi-sama…" Keita started, but Lefty, also know as Hachi, had elbowed the raven-haired boy in the ribs, earning a small yelp and a glare from his buddy.

Takahashi looked back at the two glaring boys and sighed.

"Lambo!" I-pin called out to her friend, running up to the crying cow and the three teens. She gasped as she saw the brunet.

"Looks like… I-pin's target!" I-pin shouted and stood behind Lambo, getting into a weird stance, a Gyoza Bun suddenly in her right hand.

"Huh? Who's this?" Takahashi asked, an annoyed look on his face. He really didn't want to deal with irritating kids today. He had to hide from Reborn to avoid training.

"Keh, never mind that. Move, I need to go." Takahashi commanded and proceeded to push Lambo out of the way and down on the ground, making him cry even harder. Lambo had probably gotten injured from the harsh push. Takahashi never was good dealing with kids. He found them way too loud and aggravating

"W-wahhhh!" Lambo cried out, completely upset. I-pin slightly narrowed her eyes at Takahashi.

"I-pin's target hurt Lambo! I cannot forgive!" I-pin shouted and suddenly punched the thin air, making Takahashi and his two goons laugh in amusement.

"What? Are you going to attack me with a bun? Like that'll…" Takahashi started, but suddenly, his body began to move by itself, along with Keita's and Hachi's. He slapped himself in the face and kicked Keita, who cried in pain and punched Hachi in the face, who had been thrown back into a brick wall. People who were nearby watched, a strange look on their face, wondering what the hell was going on.

"Daddy, why are those kid injuring themselves?" A girl asked his father, who shook his head and quickly covered her eyes.

"Just keep walking." He said and hurried off with his daughter.

"Gyoza Bun!" I-pin shouted and grabbed Lambo's hand. The Cow boy sniffed and rubbed his eyes.

"Let's go Lambo, before it wears off!" I-pin exclaimed and ran off to another part of the street, dragging Lambo along with her.

"Gah!" Takahashi yelped as he was kicked in the place no boy would ever want to be kicked.

"S-sorry boss!" Hachi apologized, effectively smashing his face into Keita's.


"Shut up! I can't move my limbs! That girl did something dumbass!"

"I'm not the dumbass here, you freaking jackass!"

"Grrr, take this!"

And at that moment, Hachi kicked Keita square in the face, making the boy cry out in pain and fall to the ground, his limbs still, the Gyoza effect gone. Hachi smirked in triumph, happy that he had managed to hurt his buddy. Takahashi growled at them and glared.

"After them!" He barked out, wanting to hurt those annoying kids. Keita scrambled to stand up and stood perfectly straight, wiggling around every few moments, testing his limbs. He clenched his hands and opened them again.

"I can control myself again!" He exclaimed, turning to Hachi, who was still out of control.

"Payback!" He shouted and punched Hachi in the face, making the red eyed teen cry out in pain, and clutched his face, suddenly in control of his body.

"What the hell Keita!?" Hachi shouted, glaring at the smirking black eyed boy.

"It's payback for punching me in the face!" Keita exclaimed and crossed his arms.

"Shut up and get them you idiots!" Takahashi intervened, very angry and still out of control. It seemed as if his face was burning red with anger, but maybe it was just their imagination.

"H-hai!" Both boys said and ran off the way the children had ran, leaving a completely vulnerable Takahashi.

"Wait! You need to…"

But the two were already gone.

"Free me…" Takahashi finished lamely and sighed in an annoyed tone.

"Why do I even have two idiots as guardians…" He muttered, remembering the conversation he had with Reborn.

You lost the Storm, and now he belongs to Tsunayoshi

You nearly killed the Rain, and now he belongs to Tsunayoshi

Takahashi clenched his teeth angrily and slapped himself in the face, as if his uncontrolled body knew what he was thinking. It was weird, but it was as if luck had suddenly switched to his idiotic brother's side.

Then, he smirked.

"Heh… I'll get them back…" He whispered, grinning like a shark. He always got what he wanted, and he would make sure he would hurt Tsuna so much, that the boy would wish he was never alive. And he suddenly began to do a weird ballerina dance.


"Juudaime~" Gokudera called out happily as he walked into the Yamamoto mansion. It was eerie silent on his side of the hall, but if he strained his ears, he could hear clanging and a few shouts.

"Juudaime?" Gokudera called out once again, uncertain. He hoped his boss was alright, or he might have to commit seppuku it his boss had been injured. After all, a right hand man does have to care for his boss at all times. And it worried Gokudera all the time. He knew that his boss was constantly bullied and abused by his brother, but he wasn't allowed to hurt anyone of Juudaime's family, Tsuna had told him sternly, but quietly.

His boss had a quiet and strained voice, from the lack of use, and Gokudera wondered why his boss had stopped speaking and had only recently began to speak. Did he injure himself when he was little? Did he have a traumatic moment? Did Takahashi-

Gokudera narrowed his eyes at the thought of Juudaime's copy.

It seemed as if everything bad that happened in Tsuna's life was always the copy's fault. The bruises, the bullying, EVERYTHING. He was glad that he had been rejected by Takahashi had didn't plan on switching sides anytime soon. Tsuna was the real Decimo to him. The boy was so kind, even when he had treated the brunet badly in the beginning, he was still accepted and became one of Tsuna's first ever friends. He would make sure Juudaime was always safe, even if it meant risking his life.

"Oh? Hayato? What a surprise." A familiar voice had cut the silver-haired bomber from his thoughts. Gokudera froze and looked behind him towards the entrance to the mansion. And there, stood a 20 year-old with gentle magenta colored hair and vibrant green eyes, similar to Gokudera's. Gokudera's face visibly paled as he saw who it was. He staggered to the floor holding his stomach. He looked as if he could pass out at any second.


And with that, Gokudera fell to the floor, unconscious, and with a horrible stomachache. He was groaning in pain in his unconscious state, muttering:

"N-no… I don't want anymore poison cookies…"

The woman raised an eyebrow at her brother and sighed. Looks like she still had that effect on him.

"Ah, Bianchi, you're here!" Tsuyoshi's voice said from just down the hall, where he and an exhausted looking Yamamoto stood. Bianchi nodded and waved lightly and looked down at Gokudera's motionless body.

"Huh? What happened to Gokudera?" Yamamoto asked curiously and quietly walked over and stood in front of the body.

"Gokudera? Gokudera? Are you tired enough to sleep in front of the entrance?" Yamamoto asked and poked Gokudera's face with a bamboo stick he was currently holding. As he continued his doing, Tsuyoshi walked up to the woman. He momentarily glanced at Gokudera and looked at the woman.

"It seems that you've still kept up your reputation, Poison Scorpion Bianchi, sister of Smokin' Bomb Hayato." He praised and gestured them towards the Sushi shop, 'Takesushi'.

"You must be hungry from your long trip. You too Yamamoto. Let's get some lunch, shall we?" Tsuyoshi suggested and walked off to the sushi bar, with Bianchi and Yamamoto, who was now carrying Gokudera, following after. He laughed.

"Haha! Gokudera would be angry at me if he saw me carrying him like this!"

Indeed he would Yamamoto, indeed he would.


"I never got the chance to apologize to Tsuna-san about the fight with Mochida-san." A light brown haired girl said sadly as she and her friend Hana walked into town, going to look for some cake.

Hana snorted and shook her head.

"He's alright Kyoko. But if you really want to apologize, why don't you stay after school for one of our studying sessions tomorrow?" She suggested. Kyoko lit up at this and nodded, a bright smile adorned on her face.


"And make sure you never go near that Monkey King ever again…" Hana muttered, obviously gesturing to Takahashi. Kyoko giggled and shook her head.

"It's alright, Hana. Takahashi-san didn't do anything wrong." She said. Hana grumbled, disagreeing with Kyoko and entered the cake shop with Kyoko.

"That Sawada will always be a Monkey…"

~Meanwhile, again~

"Why can't you catch those stupid brats!?"

"I-I'm terribly sorry boss, but they were just too fast!"

"No, you were just slowing us down!"

"What did you say, Keita."

"What? Are you deaf? I said-"

"Okay okay! That's enough you two! Keep searching for them! I wanna hurt those brats!"

~And In another area in Namimori~

"Where did that Taka-Baka go? He better not ditch training or else."

"Maybe you're going a little too far with him Reborn?"

"Nonsense Fon, I have to do what Nono's orders are, no matter how much I detest it."

"And so, you'll make his life a living nightmare?"


"You really are the Devil himself Reborn."

"And that's why I labeled Number One."

~With Tsuna~

"Nghh…" Tsuna groaned and rolled in his sleep, making him fall to the floor.

"Hiieee…" Tsuna quietly squeaked out, looking around, finding himself next to a couch, next to the room he and Fon were training. It was a little odd, since he had no idea how he ended up on the couch, sleeping alone. How long had it been?

'Huh? I wonder where everyone went…' Tsuna thought and stood up, slightly wincing from the pain his stomach, jaw, and legs were in. He slid open the door and walked out, looking down both sides of the hall and shrugged.

'Maybe they're at Takesushi's. I should go check it out or something…' Tsuna thought and walked down the silent halls, slightly shivering at the eerie quietness. He normally liked the quietness and peaceful moments he had, but after having Gokudera and Yamamoto around for a while, he barely had any peace in his life. But it was slightly refreshing, hearing nothing but his breaths and loud heartbeat. Maybe it was just him, but there could be anyone out there in the world like him, but he preferred being alone than having people around him. It made him nervous, after having Takahashi around for so long, it was as if he couldn't trust anyone anymore, scared that they'll hurt him. So he chose not to get attached to anyone, it didn't seem to be doing very well at this moment, as he slowly got attached to Gokudera and Yamamoto.

What the hell had he gotten himself into?

~Chapter END~

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