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everybody and nobody.




I walked through the school hallways feeling the same way I have for the past year. I felt frustrated trying to get these slow as fuck people to move out of the way.

It felt lonely walking down the corridor by myself.

It felt time-consuming, knowing I could be someone else but I'm wasting so much time doing nothing. I let time pass without trying to become the person people say you apparently turn "into" when you finally get into high school; the person you express yourself as the real you, if there is such thing as that.

I do have my talents. I know I do, because I've been told, and people have seen me in action. I just don't show it to anybody anymore.

Am I afraid? I don't know. Insecure? Maybe. Am I broken? Definitely. I hide my face behind my hood. My mother says it's pointless because I have such a beautiful face, but all moms say that about their children, right?

I hide it because people point, whisper, give me those looks when they see it. The scar. I'm sure at one point people thought my face was beautiful. Hell, they probably thought it was gorgeous.

I had boys and girls all over me at one point. But now that scar, that five centimeters scar that starts at the edge of my right eyebrow to the beginning of my right cheek, reminds me, reminds everyone, what I did l two years ago. It warns them to stay away.

I destroyed my entire life just because of some petty hate. Not one day passes that I don't forget what happened.

I've started my first day as a junior, halfway through high school. Just two more years left.

I can't wait to leave everything behind and move to another state to hopefully attend my dream university, Stanford. Except, it makes me feel guilty to think I get to escape and live life and he never will.

I doubt I'll get in though. Sure, I have the grades, but as soon as they get their hands on my information, my police record, see the news reports, all the articles about what happened, they'll say that they can't accept me.

I'll probably end up going to a community college and have to suffer with the rest of the drop-outs, all because of that stupid night.

I was a somebody, but now I'm a nobody. It's ironic because I'm treated like a nobody yet everyone knows exactly who I am.

Two years ago, the first year of high school was a really good start to my high school life. I was carefree, ready to take on the world, ready to take on whatever high school had to throw at me. I couldn't even care about anything.

I didn't care about being popular, it just happened. I was a carefree idiot; I didn't expect to be popular, of course, and I just wanted a hot girlfriend and to be able to eat a lot of food without getting fat. Guys care about that shit too. I just didn't expect the amount of attention I actually got.

I walked past the people I once called my friends. I remember when people always want to high-five while walking past in the hallway. Now people like to high-five my face. I had become successful and the quarterback of the football team without really trying. People envied me for it. I didn't really want people to but they did anyways. I was so pumped to start high school, unlike everyone else I knew. I wasn't nervous. I was ready to take it all on. Honestly, what is there to be nervous about? It's just high school.

I became a person who was friends with everyone. My friends and I made fun of the dorks. I had joined all the clubs. People acknowledged me in the hallways by giving me high-fives. Soon enough, I became eye-candy as well to the all the girls. I could just take my pick. Life was awesome.

It was all perfect. Funny how things go from perfect to disaster, how you can go from known to unknown, from best friends to strangers, and worst of all from loved to hated, despised.

My life is a fucking tragedy. The funniest part of it all is? There's a girl involved. Always a damn girl.

I wish I knew her before the accident, maybe I could have explained to her what happened.

But, nobody believed me. Why would she?

She's a cheerleader and now before you begin to judge, she's not your average cheerleader. She is nothing like the rest of them. She never picks on anybody: she's sweet; she's an angel and nothing like the rest of them. She's a bundle of cuteness. She's also my sister's best friend. So even though I never knew her, I still saw her around in my younger years, I just didn't realize how important she would become to me. She was always there in the background, but now she is the headline of my life.

She didn't fit in my plan at all. She wasn't popular when we started school so therefore she wasn't someone I could consider to be friends with.

She's short, like 5 feet. She's got fiery hair; literally she caught it on fire once in the science labs during freshmen year.

I remember that day clearly because her nerdy best friend had started screaming like a girl meeting Justin Bieber. He had yelled for the professor, while jumping on the spot and flailing his arms about…it was definitely a sight to see.

The girl had just laughed and ducked her head underneath the faucet and washed it out.

Back then I didn't think much of the scene, I didn't know the girl, and if I'm being honest, her and her nerd friend weren't exactly popular, so I didn't bother.

Anyway, her hair…it's bright red, it's like looking straight into the sun, just less painful.

She has pale, creamy skin begging for touch.

My fingers twitch at the idea of coming into contact with it, especially when she's wearing that sexy cheerleading uniform with the short skirt, legs leading to hidden skin that makes my fingers itch like crazy…okay I got to stop now before I begin to sound like a pervert…well I guess it's a bit too late for that.

With her hair and that attitude of hers, there's a reason why she's called Fire Wire, not only is her hair fiery, but so is her attitude.

She has freckles. Freckles. You'd think they would be a turn off but they aren't. They just make her even more different from everyone else, in a good way.

I remember in our freshmen year she was toothpick thin, but over the years she has filled in nicely everywhere. She is beautiful.

But, she knows everything. She's heard the story; so she looks at me the way everyone else does. She doesn't know me, but she knows the story and she wants nothing to do with a troubled kid like me.

Could anything be worse than that? Oh yes. I'm constantly bothered by assholes who hate me, people I once considered my friends.

Girls found me hot. I used to have one hanging on each of my arms. They loved me; I was the star of the school. But, I lost that status after he died. I got kicked off the team and the girls disappeared too.

I had blond hair that I knew stuck up in all the right places. I would know because girls used to be able to never stop tugging on my locks.

My body was hard but smooth in all the right places. People think that I've had sex with a lot of girls, but the truth is I'm a virgin.

Yeah, that's right.

Jace Herondale is a virgin.

Girls loved my lips. I'm sure I made a girl pass out once from my smirk.

They love the lip ring. That's right; I've got a lip ring. Rebel, right? The girls used to love sucking on it. I'm sure they still find me hot, they just all hate me.

The principal had told me I was lucky to still be at the school, because there was no evidence I was there so they couldn't take me to prison. But everyone knows the truth anyway and ever since the students at the school decided to make my life a living hell.

The only person who believed me was my mother, but even she had her doubts at times and that's when our arguments were at their worst.

Yes, there were a lot of girls. However, this girl was the girl. Oh I wanted her so bad, Clary Fray. That was her name. Funny how she started school off being a nobody but now everybody knew her. I started off being popular but now I was the nobody.

Well there you have it, my life story, well in very brief detail anyway...




I finally reached my locker, which has its usual "murderer" paint sprayed across it.

How I wish we actually changed lockers every year so people didn't know which one was mine until after the year started.

I twisted in my locker combination and opened it. I planned on putting my books in there, but suddenly somebody cupped their hand around the back of my neck and bashed it against my locker, repeatedly.

"Hey." Bang. "Loser." Bang. "Why." Bang. "Do you bother?" Bang. "Coming back." Bang.

Sebastian Verlac, the greatest asshole. I hate him so much, especially because he was going out with Clary, my Clary. He was also a complete tool.

When he stopped banging I lifted my head and raised my fingers to my temples to rub them.

"It's state law, if you don't go to school, you go to jail, dumbass." I said, rolling my eyes.

Suddenly all my personal space filled up. "Trying to act funny with me? Don't be funny with me; I'll kick your ass, Herondale." He said viciously, leaning into my face, trying to look menacing. "Anyway, you don't need to miss school to go to jail; you already have a first class ticket there, don't you? A jail cell already waiting with your name on it."

He should know by now his or anybody else's shit doesn't faze me anymore. Then suddenly Sebastian's head was gone from my personal space. Thank God.

"I leave you alone for five seconds and you already jump on to the next guy you want to beat the crap out of? God-damn Sebastian, could you not?" A girl shrieked at him.

I already knew who it was before looking over his shoulder to see at her glare. Clary Fray. I could recognize that voice anywhere. God she was still beautiful.

Her hair was lighter; probably from being in the sun all summer whereas someone like me spent summer in Canada, with my brother Alec and his fiancé, Magnus.

"Aww come on baby, it's just Herondale. You know we love taking away his sunshine." Verlac said smirking.

Haha, so funny.

"How about I stick your head where the Sun doesn't shine?" I spat at him.

"Oh now, now Herondale, let's not get into it. You don't want to end up killing somebody else, do you?" Verlac asked with a gleam in his mischievous eyes.

"You're fucking dead." I whispered, but loud enough for the people standing in the now silent hallway to hear.

"Bring it on, bitch." Sebastian growled.

"No! Guys, stop! Sebastian, let's go!" Clary pleaded. Her eyes were so wide and frightened.

What was she even doing with an ass like him? I'm probably scaring her too now.

"Clare Bear, how about you go find the other cheerleaders and go have your little gossip chats, huh? Let the men deal with this stuff." Sebastian tone turned sugary, as if he was babying Clary.

Both Clary and I narrowed our eyes to him.

Who the hell did he think he was?

Clary raised an eyebrow at him and then grabbed him by the arm and said, "No. Go now." He stomped off like a little kid being told off by his mom.

She looked to me. "I'm sorry about him, he's sometimes a bit of a…" she bit her lip trying to find the right word to say. I wish I was biting it instead.

"Asshole?" I finished for her while raising the side of my mouth to a half smirk.

She gave me a smile, and then glanced at me up and down for a little longer than a second before he gaze settled on my face.

I raised an inquiring eyebrow at her.

She blushed and it spread from her cheeks and down her neck.

God I loved it when she blushed. It was so hot.

"Err, yeah, bye," she spluttered out before jogging off to catch up with Mr. Stompy Sebastian.

Still got it.

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