I'm sorry. I don't know. I saw a Tumblr gif of a quote from the Mortal Instruments. "Jace won't let me touch his mango!" and then the thoughts just sorta escalated to Jack and Bunny and mangos and Jack not letting Bunny touch his mango.

*massages temples* Stop. Brain, no. Bad brain.


North's not sure what's more disturbing – the line he heard, or the scene he just walked into.

"Don't touch my mango!"

He blinks as Jack holds the tropical fruit to his chest protectively.

"Mate, we need to cut it for the salad. Now hand over the mango." Bunny says firmly.

"My mango!" Jack says, glaring at Bunny.

"You can't eat it like that anyway – ya gotta cut it." Bunny tries to reason.

North chooses this time to announce his presence. "What is going on?"

Both Jack and Bunny look to him. Bunny sighs.

"Jack's discovered mangos." Bunny says, as if it would explain the reasoning behind Jack hugging the fruit protectively.

North blinks again. "Yes, I see that."

"My mango!"

"And apparently likes 'em." Bunny adds, crossing his arms over his chest. "Now, mate, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Easy way is I take the mango from ya. Hard way is I take the mango from ya, with more force."

Jack frowns. "You're not touching my mango."

Bunny looks at North. "I dunno what's gotten into him. Sugar high, or somethin'."

North walks over to Jack. "Jack, may I please see the mango?"

Jack looks between the mango and North, then places it in his hand.

Bunny gapes as North smirks, tossing the mango to the other Guardian. "Piece of pie."

"But-I-you-wha-" Bunny stutters.

"Did you say please?"

"Er, I…no." Bunny admits, his ears drooping slightly.

"That is your problem." North says, before moving to leave the kitchen.




North debates going back, before shaking his head and deciding that he really, really doesn't get want to get involved.

Just... wut. I have no idea. I'm publishing this and will probably regret it in the morning. Thumbs up to whoever gets the reference. Mention it in a review and Jack will give you a piece of his pineapple.