*blushes* I sincerely hope that, like the other Guardians, you guys never mention this again. I should really take this down... *hides head in shame*

By the end of the week, it's over.

There's no more fruit in Jack's room, or odd declarations of possession, or anything fruit related at all, really.

Jack appears in a Guardian meeting, head down and face flushed.

"Can we never mention this? Ever?" He mutters, looking up through his lashes at them.

He stutters through possibly explanations – a tropical disease? The elves drugged his drink? He doesn't remember hitting his head really, really hard, but it's possible. Maybe heat stroke?

At some point during his mumbling and stuttering, North puts a hand on his shoulder.

"It is in past. We will not mention it." He says.

Jack smiles gratefully at him.

"Uh, maybe you won't, but this is payback, mate!"

"Bunny!" Tooth hisses.

"What?" Bunny demands.

She makes a cutting motion in front of her neck, shaking her head.

"Oh, so the galah's allowed to make fun of me for bein' adorable for less than an hour, but I'm not allowed to make fun of him for being Prince of the Mangoes for two weeks? Bloody brilliant." He growls, crossing his arms over his chest.

Jack blushes further. "It was a phase."

And that becomes the official explanation.

At the annual Christmas party, he's corned by spirits who'd heard about the "Mango Incident." His reply is always the same.

"It was a phase."