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Rating: M do not read if you are under age.
Words: 1,518
Pages: 4
Pairing: Kaname&Yuki

It was far late in the evening, the sun was only just setting and all those in the vampire household were still asleep. Kaname had awaken to a soft warm presence beside him and he inhaled deeply. His Yuki… his sweet, beautiful, wonderful girl. She had a thing for sneaking into his bedroom every night regardless of their parents scolding's.

He inhaled her sweet scent again, before trailing a few kisses along her neck and shoulder. He couldn't help himself, she tempted him so and to add to that he had awoken with a bit of a… problem. No doubt because his sleeping mind had known she was beside him and he couldn't push those certain needs down.

"Onii-sama…" She whimpered his name and he inhaled sharply at the jolt it sent straight to his gut. "It's too early. Let's just go back to sleep…"

He groaned in exasperation at her innocence. Didn't she understand how badly he craved her? How much he wanted her. He wanted her so badly, it was driving him insane. He wanted to…to… he just wanted to be close… in a way he knew he should ignore, but… her sweet innocent smell, that adorable way she crinkled her nose in obvious frustration because she wanted to go back to bed… he wanted it all…

"I can't…" He whispered in a strained voice laced with his need. He needed this so badly he had begun shaking.

"Onii-sama…?" She asked softly, worried and fully awake now. He gave in to it finally after so long and pressed himself up against her. She quickly rolled over to face him and set a hand on his forehead. "You're really warm." Of course she had felt him hard and pressing against her, but that was mostly normal for him in the morning and he was normally fine, but now she was worried about him.

He griiped her wrist and dragged her hand away, "Yuki… touch me…" He begged edging on insanity as he brought her hand down his sweat pants, begging for the touch. "please…"

She gave him a surprised look. "Onii… sama… I don't… know how you mean…"

"If I show you…?" He asked uneasily, thinking maybe she didn't want to.

"If you show me…." She trailed and he took her hand, wrapping it around himself slowly and whimpering as the tips of her fingers grazed him. She had never really seen that part of him, but now it made her a bit nervous and she blushed a bit.

"Like this…" he said, starting to pant as he slid her hand up and down his hardness.

"Just like this?" She asked and he nodded while letting go of her hand.

"Haaa-ahhh… yes, Yuki… just like that….uhn…" He groaned loudly and Yuki almost had to worry about waking her parents, because she was relatively sure they weren't allowed to do this, but… if it made him feel this good… she wanted to make him feel good. She had never touched him her before, it was odd for her, but not exactly unpleasant.

"Mmm…" She slowed slightly; the sounds he was making were beginning to make her feel oddly, little pangs low in her belly. "Onii-sama… I feel weird…"

"Weird?" He asked through a groan. "You… don't have to continue…"

"No…" She replied at his disappointed look. She gripped him a little harder and he gritted his teeth and fangs. He leaned down and breathed deeply.

"You're aroused…" He said, lowering his hand to brush her away from him. She was confused.

"Did I do it wrong."

"No… I want to show you something else…" He reached down and pressed his hand up against her and she gasped in surprise. "You're already so wet… I didn't even have to touch you…"

She flushed at his words, but gasped suddenly when she felt his fingers slowly sliding inside of her, slipping in very easily due to the wetness. She quickly reached down and grabbed his hand, not sure if she was pressing him closer or pulling him away, but he let out an amused sound and slowly slid them out to the tips, before pushing back in and she moaned softly, shocked she made such a sound. He slowly started moving inside and she dug her fingernails into his forearm. He whimpered and shifted closer to her.

"Yuki… please do hurt me…" He begged and even though her mind was hazy she managed to understand. Regardless she didn't really want to hurt him. His fingers rubbed at something inside that was making her lose focus, before he just stopped and pulled back. "I asked nicely…"

"I… Onii-sama…" She whined, but he ignored it and sucked his fingers clean of the wet liquid that had been on them and groaned. Seeing that made her stomach clench with a feeling that wasn't unpleasant at all.

"I want you to hurt me…" He said quietly, looking very serious, but he simply grabbed her and shifted her around so she was on her side facing the wall. "It truly does make me feel good…" She gasped when he leaned over and kissed her, sliding his tongue past her lips and groaning lowly. He moved behind her again, leaving her dazed, before feeling him press himself up against her. "I will not ever hurt you again after this…"

She was about to ask what he was talking about when he suddenly pressed up inside of her and she gasped out in pain. It was sharp and stinging and she never experienced a pain quite like it. He was only shifting slightly, if he did it quickly the pain would be done and over with. He began to rock and thrust himself into her, slowly and deeply. More and more. Deeper and deeper. Groaning and grunting the entire time he did so.

At first she tried to wiggle and squirm away under him, his hips rolling and grinding into her, but he slid his arm around her, holding her there as he continued. Finally it started to feel good and unbelievably good at that. She dug her nails into her forearm, hard enough to draw blood and that only served to make him press closer to her. Which at this point she was grateful for.

She brought a hand up and slowly licked his blood up from her fingers, it held his feelings and she understood exactly how he felt. Like he couldn't get close enough to her, that he needed to be with her in this way like he needed air to breathe.

"I… Onii-sama you're…. inside… it's hard…" She whimpered pathetically.

"Yuki… unh… you feel so good." His grip around her tightened. "No one… nobody else gets to feel you inside here… only me…"

"But… I… mmmm… I only want you, Onii-sam-ahhhh." Her nails dug deeper into his forearm and he cried out blissfully, now thrusting erratically from feeling such erotic pain. "Kaname… onii-sama… I feel… something building up inside…"

He felt her tighten around his pumping length and he grinned as he continued to go on. His pants were heavy and loud in her ear, making chills run down her spine as the pleasure became too much for her. she reached back and tangled her fingers in his thick hair, pulling him over so she could kiss him, she purposely nicked her tongue on his fangs and he did the same so the feeling was mutual. And with the added effects of their blood and feeling each other's feelings it was soon building up for him as well. Finally she yelped loudly as everything built up and spilled over. She was dimly aware of feeling a sudden added wet warmth inside her and the few shallow instinctual movements he made inside her before stopping completely and resting his head against her back.

"Yuki… I…. I lost myself… please forgive me…" He pleaded once he was back in the realm of rational sense. "I should have been more gentle." He made to pull away, but her grip tightened on his arm once more.

"Don't, Onii-sama… it was nice and I'm really happy… because I love you… and I understand that you wanted to be close to me."

He blinked in surprise, before burying his head in-between her shoulder and neck. "Yuki… I love you so very much. Next time… it won't be as rushed… I promise."

She giggled quietly at him. "It's alright."

Unbeknownst to them, Haruka stood outside with a worried look, while Juri held a slipper in hand, which she had just procedded to beat her husband with.

"Now, Juri… we knew this was coming…" Haruka tried to ease her temper.

"This is your fault! You let them stay together." Juri accused, and he sighed deeply. Before setting an arm around her shoulders and attempting to lead her away.

"Now, now… everything has already happened… we cannot hope to change-ow!" She smacked him again.

"And you are going to be very lonely until I'm not so mad!"

"But Juri!"

Inside the room the two young vampires stayed together peacefully and completely content.


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