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Rating: M do not read if you are under age.
Words: 2,367
Pages: 6
Pairing: Kaname&Yuki

Once again a certain vampire was spending his day sulking in his room alone, spread out on his bed for a lack of anything better to do. If he were honest he would say he was a completely useless guy, but that would just bring him down and he didn't need that right now. So he wouldn't be honest.

Haruka and Juri were off on a business trip and Yuki was at school. It irritated him to no end that Juri had sent Yuki off to a normal human school for her years so that Yuki had a chance to experience a normal life like a normal teenage girl. It seemed to him that Juri was only living vicariously through Yuki at this point since Yuki would have been happy either way.

He sighed deeply and draped an arm over his eyes, resting for a bit. Right around that time he heard a distinct click of his door opening and the fragrance of sunshine and flowers, it could really only be one person.

"Yuki…" He drawled slowly as he heard her set her book bag down beside the bed and crawl up next to him. Her hands settled lightly on his arm and he dropped it to his side to see her.

"Onii-sama… you're upset again."

"It's nothing." He slowly sat up; the only sound aside from their breathing was the rustle of the sheets as he moved. The unusual silence made him realize something was odd. "What is it, Yuki?" He lowered his face to the side of her neck and started to trail warm lingering kisses along her skin.

"I well… today… never mind." She stuttered all at once, face red and he pulled back to look at her in thought.

"Ah. I see." He slowly reached down and grabbed her book bag and reached into it, finding exactly what he expected. "Yori-chan has been giving you more hentai manga? You shouldn't be reading things like this."

"I only want to so I would know how to make you feel good… since… I never really know what things I'm supposed to do…" She had tried hiding the manga, but one time she accidentally knocked her bag over and he saw it, luckily and stuffed it back in the bag before her parents noticed. He had made her explain, (and she did briefly mention Yori gave it to her to look at, but avoided telling him the whole truth about it) but until now he hadn't mentioned it again.

"You please me just fine… Yu-"

"But I don't really do anything for you at all…"

"Yes…" He assured as he removed her school tie, but her hands caught his.

"I really don't… can't… we just read over one together… and… if you see something you like then we could do that…" She gave him her innocent puppy eyes and he let out a long drawn out breath. "It would make me feel better, Kaname…"

Yuki was very slowly learning how to push him just right to where he was unable to combat her with his usual methods and it was becoming quite troublesome. She was a bit rebellious recently. He finally leaned back against the headboard and gave in.

"Very well then…" He was determined to pick nothing and show her that he was perfectly satisfied with her without her needing to do those things. There was a slightly awkward silence shared between the two, before she sat beside him and nervously opened the book.

He slowly glanced over at her from the side, noticing the way her blush darkened at the prospect of reading something of this nature with him. Still… after all this time she got so embarrassed over these things, but he didn't mind since it was too cute for words.

He brought his hand up, thumb under his chin, finger along his nose and the rest of his hand covering his mouth as he chuckled quietly at the scene laid out before him in the colorful pages.

"What…?" She asked uneasily and he simply shook his head.

"It's… colorful?" He replied for a lack of better words and he meant colorful in so many ways it might as well have been a dictionary. "Mmm."

She didn't reply, not really sure what to say in response to his words, but at least he didn't seem upset or disturbed, but then again this was him and he accepted almost anything. Especially when it involved her.

She quickly flipped the page and heard him shift beside her to make himself more comfortable. At the sight of the page she flushed even more, the thought he was also looking over her shoulder at it made her even more nervous. Her face redden even more if it were possible at the sight of the two characters so intimately connected. Artfully displayed across the page and a smaller panel showing where they were one between the girl's thighs and the thought of herself doing these things with Kaname made her shift uneasily. Even if they had done it before, seeing what they had actually done in this prospect made it different in some way. To top it all off feeling Kaname's eyes on her made her skin burn.

What she didn't realize was that his thoughts were quite clearly the same. He watched as she nervously licked her lips and her breathed picked up. Looking at the page she was looking at he inhaled sharply, thinking… so that's where she got the idea to 'make it up to him.' Yuki, naughty girl.

The page brought back that memory and he felt a slow tingling swelling sensation that was a dead giveaway to what he knew was coming. He leaned forward, chest pressing firmly against her back as he tapped the page holding a few depictions of oral ministrations. He felt her stiffen as she felt him press himself against her.

"So that's where you got the ideas from…?" He exhaled warm heated breath against her neck and she shivered. "So you've read these things before… now I understand the reason and why you've kept these hidden."

"No… I only read the page Yori told me too… not the whole thing…" She muttered and he dropped back onto the bed, smirking slightly.

"So that's why your reaction is so strong… I can smell it quite clearly."

"No that isn't why! It's because-" She shut up right away as he sat up again, waiting eagerly for her next words that never came. Instead she flipped the page and he glanced at it, before looking back to her face, becoming even more red.

He shifted a bit more as he watched her, his slacks were becoming too tight and it was starting to hurt at this point. He groaned slightly and shifted again, trying to get comfortable, but between the pictures and her increased breathing he could hardly stand it at this point.

She cleared her throat and closed the book finally, watching him as he tried to get comfortable. "Do you… me to…" He only looked at her and she had her answer, she moved to kneel in front of him and undid the front of his pants… she slid her hands into them and took him in hand, slowly messaging him and he leaned his head back slightly with a deep sigh. "Does it feel good Oni-Kaname…?"

"It always feels good when you touch me." He replied, settling a hand over hers for a minute or two and letting her continue to touch him for a little while long, before he brushed her hands away and pressed her back onto the mattress. "I love you… so much… I do. You don't need to do special things to make me love you. I appreciate it, but don't do things only to make me feel good. I know that you love me as well, so it's enough."

She looked at him in surprise and her eyes watered slightly with unshed tears (though not at all of sadness) from his words and he furrowed his brow, reaching up to do his best to wipe them away as she settled her hands along his face and trailed down his neck to his shoulders. He spent a little time just watching her and finally she pulled him down closer so only he could hear, even if they were completely alone.

"It's wet still…"

He allowed a moment of silence, before reaching underneath her skirt and pressing it up to feel her and brought his hand back to slowly lick the taste of her from his fingers.

"So it is…" He shoved his pants down more and moved close, but she stopped him lightly and he gave her a curious look.

"Wait, first… would you tell me… what it feels like for you when you're… inside?"

"Of you?" He asked with a slight teasing smirk, but she was too embarrassed for him trying to coax her into saying it. Instead she only nodded and he reached for her hand, nicking it with his fangs lightly. "It's wet… and warm… and it kind of feels…" He sucked the blood off her fingers and she gasped quietly. "like that… so very good being so far in."

She hadn't quite been expecting him to actually tell her, let alone like that and her silence made him smirk. "I…"

"Are you going to tell me now?" He asked, shifting between her thighs as he prepared them. She wondered why he thought it was so funny to make her embarrassed.

"Tell you what?" She asked slowly, even though she had the feeling she understood. She didn't get a chance to see his reaction, before he turned her around and leaned along her back.

"What it's like for you, or should I remind you?" He pulled her white school shirt down her shoulder so he could press his lips along the bare skin there. When she took too long to answer him he pressed his hips forward and slid inside, and she suddenly gripped the sheets.

"Ahhh!" Her gripped tightened as he leaned over her back and nipped at her neck and shoulder, hips slowly bumping against hers with every movement. "It's so good… Onii-sama is so hot and hard… touching all of me inside… like… you're so deep… inside my stomach…" He leaned farther over her at her words. He also hadn't been expecting her to say anything. He exhaled slowly and she shifted under him, muttering something.



"What's that, Yuki? I didn't catch it."

"Please… harder…" She begged in a quiet whisper and he was left with no choice, but to comply. He couldn't deny her anything after all. He reached his hand beneath her and cupped her lightly, knowing where he had to stimulate to push this along. His thrusts picked up in speed as well. Suddenly she clenched around him with a whimper and collapsed onto the bed, weak and unable to move. He pressed hard, both with his hand and his hips until he was pounding her against the mattress. He efforts paid off and she came again, which in turn pushed him (finally) over the edge.

He briefly wondered if he was just getting old, since it was taking so long for him to be able to finish lately, but fell backwards onto the bed (so as not to crush her) and completely forgot about it, thinking there really was no point in worrying. Ten thousand years was an eternity to a human, not to a vampire after all.

After lying around and recovering for a while, they completely stripped one another this time around and went for another round and then some. It wasn't long before they wound up lying lazily in one another's arms, Kaname laying his head on her chest and her situated comfortable beneath him. She very lightly stroked her fingers through his hair and it kept him distracted for quite some time.

"I like the feel of your skin beneath mine…" He muttered quietly, lazily.

"I… like the sounds you make." She admitted a bit sheepishly. This had been going on since they had been resting, continually talking about certain things they liked about the other.

"Mmm… Yuki if we keep this up what we like will keep going on and on forever."

"We have forever…"

"Hmp…" He smiled regardless of what sounded like a discouraging sound. "What about the sounds I make?"

"It's sexy?"

"You learned that word from Yori." He admonished.

"What about feeling me?" She retorted and he gave her a brief look.

"Your skin is warm… and soft… and you smell good."

"I thought you said not to let this go on forever."

"Ah, you said we had forever, correct?" His lips twitched slightly, but he went silent finally. Still even after being together so many times she wanted to slip him back between her legs and rock him into ecstasy and she doubted he would protest in the slightest, but like he said… they had forever, so for now it could wait, lying like this was fine for now.

The door opened suddenly and Haruka glanced in. "Kaname, your mother found your hentai books. She says you're grounded."

"And tell him he smells like he's been mating for six weeks and needs a shower." Juri cut in from outside the room. In his mind's eye Kaname envisioned her with a rolled up newspaper, tapping her foot. In fact he's sure that was what she was doing right now.

"And you need a shower."

"Separately." She cut in again.

"Separately. By the way in case you can't tell she's not talking to you…" Haruka finished, before giving a 'hang in there son I'll get you off the hook later' look and disappearing and closing the door.

He sighed deeply. "Yuki… the books yours isn't?"

"No. I only have the one Yori gave me." Yuki promised.

"Then if it isn't-" A loud boom sounded from downstairs.

"IT'S YOURS?!" And suddenly a lot more things made sense and all was right with the world again and at least one vampire was no longer grounded that night.

Hahaha. Gotta end it with my trademark humor. Aww, come on Juri, cut him a break he was lonely after you banned him from the bed after that fight.