Title: Jack Frost Goes to School
Notes: This is sort of a deleted scene from my fanfiction Imaginary Friends. You don't have to read the story to understand what is happening. Though, there will be references.

Jack Frost had never been to school. At least, not during his Immortal life. He had seen children come and go from from the building frequently referred to as a prison of sorts. Very few particularly enjoyed going to the institution, which is why Jack loved to give the kids a break once in a while. They deserved it.

But when the snow days were over, they had to return. There was a sort of gloom about going back. Jack wondered what the big deal was. How terrible must school really be? I mean, they got to socialize, make some friends, he supposed learning might be a good thing, too.

So, he decided to surprise the Bennetts one day by following them to school.

High school. Jamie walked into the front doors with this sister, Sophie. Jamie was taller than most of the kids around him, so he wasn't hard to spot. The small blonde girl next too him would have been difficult to find, had Jamie not been standing next to her.

Jack landed amongst the throng of students. He had been subjected to the shock of having several of them pass through him, but pushed through the crowd. He wondered of the siblings would notice him. But he hoped they wouldn't.

Jamie and Sophie parted ways to get books from their lockers. Jack decided to follow Jamie first. He followed him at a distance, keeping his staff lowered as to not get Jamie's attention. He tailed the boy until he walked into a room.

Jack peered through the window. A kid opened the door and passed through Jack. He froze up. Ugh, he didn't know if he could handle this. The feeling of people passed through him was extremely uncomfortable.

He could do this. He pulled himself together, lowered his staff and pulled his hood up and walked into the classroom just as the bell rang. There were only a few open seats and Jack slipped into one near the front, setting his staff on the ground, out of Jamie's view. Jack chanced a glance back at him. Jamie was chatting with his neighbor.

The teacher had quieted the classroom. Another bell rang, a different kind of bell. A television turned on and a disinterested student appeared on the screen, reading off the announcements.

He heard a whisper. "Who's the new kid?" Jack smirked.

"What new kid?"

"That one—" Suddenly the teacher shushed Jamie. He heard the boy groan and a thump. Jack turned back and leaned down to his staff and tapped the ground. Frost shot over to the boy and froze up the legs of his desk and covered the top. Jamie yelped and pulled his frozen face from the desk, looking around.

Jack chuckled and Jamie met his eyes. Jack pulled back his hood, wearing the biggest smirk. The boy's brown eyes widened and Jack waved. Jamie leaned forward and slipped, landing on the floor, flat on his face. The class laughed and Jamie quickly scrambled back into his seat, waving it off with a grin.

"I'm good!" Jamie held up a hand. The teacher quieted the class once more and shot Jamie a glare. Clearly, Jamie had caused problems in the past that the man was not too keen on.

The announcements went off. The class sat in awkward silence for a few minutes. Jack leaned back and casually rested his bare feet on the front of the desk. He glanced back at Jamie several times and the boy looked back at him with a mixture of excitement, confusion, and giddiness. Jamie was sure if he had Sandman's power, Jamie would have sand pictures flitting faster than Jack could read above his head.

Another bell rang. Jamie quickly darted toward the front, grabbing Jack's arm to drag him off.

"Whoah, whoah, slow down!" Jack grabbed his staff and followed Jamie. Jamie pulled Jack into a restroom and checked the stalls before looking to Jack. His mouth moved, but he couldn't find words to say. "Surprise?" Jack offered.

"What are you doing here?" Jamie asked.

Jack shrugged. "I've never been to school. I'm curious."

Jamie hopped a bit on the balls of his feet and moved his hands around, trying to form words of excitement. "This is so cool!"

"Your teacher was really… a charmer." Jack laughed.

"Mr. Jorgen." Jamie rolled his eyes. "Thank God I only have him for fifteen minutes a day for homeroom. He doesn't like me. Last year, I'd mess around a lot and he tried to throw curve balls at me." Jamie snickered. "I still got an A in his class. He can't forgive me for it."

Jack laughed. "So, school isn't a prison for you?"

"Are you kidding me?" Jamie threw his hands out. "This place is hell."

"Now, that's harsh." Jack snickered. Jamie rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to say more and a bell rang. Jamie cursed. He was late. He ran out of the bathroom and Jack flew after him.

Jamie ran into a chemistry lab and Jack slipped in after him. The whole class looked at Jamie.

"Hey, am I late?" The teacher gave him a look. "Looking lovely as always, Mrs. Henshaw~" He slipped into his seat, giving a wink to the class giggled and Jamie looked at Jack.

The teacher started class, explaining chemicals and reactions. Jack could not force himself to get into it. He crouched on one of the tables, saw Jamie writing notes. How could he even listen to this?

Then the teacher brought out chemicals to demonstrate. Was she going to make them blow up, like he had seen in movies? Jack bounced and watched, excited. Much to his disappointment, the chemicals only simmered. Jack lept off the desk and moved over to the chemicals.

"Lame, that's not exciting." Jack looked over to Jamie and shook his head, his eyes wide. This only egged Jack on. "Oh? What could possible go wrong?" Jack tapped the beaker with his staff. Instantly, the chemicals froze.

The glass cracked.

Mrs. Henshaw gasped. "What—?" The glass cracked.

"Hit the deck!" Jack yelled ducked behind a table and Jamie brought his head down into his notes, covering his face with his arms. The beaker shattered just as the front row and the teacher ducked. Jack laughed as he stood up to look at the mess. "Oops."

Jamie looked up, horrified. The rest of the students looked up. No one was hurt. They all began to laugh, relieved. Mrs. Henshaw explained the chemicals were harmless, thank goodness. Though, she was so confused as to what happened.

"Jack Frost froze the chemicals." Jamie explained. It cause scattered laughter throughout the class.

"Jamie Bennett, that's not a scientific reason, so please don't speak out of turn." the woman scolded. "I know yesterday's snow day is still on your minds, but now we are learning."

Jamie sighed and dropped his head back into his notebook. Jack stood behind him, laughing. "What? You can't tell me that wasn't fun. This is horrendously boring." Jamie groaned. "What? Don't want me here anymore? Fine~ I'll go play with Sophie."

Jack turned to go and felt a tug on his sleeve. Jamie was shaking. Under his arm, Jack could see a tight-lipped smile and a red face. The boy was holding back laughter. Jack smiled and jumped up onto the desk with and stood in front of Jamie's lab partner. The other boy was giving Jamie this look, almost concerned.

The rest of the class was spent carefully cleaning up the glass and ice pieces and trying to figure out what happened. Jamie continued to insist that Jack Frost was responsible and frustrated Mrs. Henshaw.

After Chemistry was history. Jack walked around the front with the teacher, imitating him. He watched Jamie trying hard not to laugh. When the teacher got a fact wrong, Jack jumped back in offended horror. He explained to the class that couldn't hear him how wrong he was and what actually happened. Jamie smirked and took notes on Jack's lesson. After all, Jack was actually there. He had seen the events happen.

Jamie's music elective was much more laid back. It was open, more of a discussion than a class. The teacher was relaxed and enjoyed Jamie's quips and banter. Jack couldn't help but stare at two dark-skinned boys. They looked so familiar.

Then he realized it. Claud and Caleb. The twin brothers that had helped him so long ago fight against Pitch. They hadn't noticed Jack. Jack danced around them, laughing. "Hey, guys! It's been a while! Look at you guys. Lady-killers, I tell ya."

Jamie gave Jack a pitiable smile. Jack rubbed the back of his head, knowing the two of them couldn't see him. Of course they wouldn't believe in him any longer. Ten years had been far too long. He was amazed the Bennetts even believed, still.

Jack sighed and dragged his staff along the floor near the chairs. Their chairs and shoes froze to the floor. One last small trick for some of his first believers. Caleb was the first to notice something amiss. He tried to cross his leg but his foot pulled right out of his shoe. Claud went to make an exaggerated gesture to express how awful his brother's foot smelled but he ended up tumbling out of the chair and his own shoes. The class laughed at the twins' misfortune. They weren't sure how it happened, but that didn't stop anyone from giggling. Even the teacher had a laugh.

On the way to lunch, Jamie met up with Sophie. "Hey, Soph." Sophie's stood with her locker open, the door in front of her vision. She sighed and crouched, trying to dig something out. "Looking for your money?" Jamie asked.

"Yeah," she groaned and slammed the locker shut and pressed her head against the door, her eyes closed. "Darn it… must have been when… ugh."

"When?" Jack pressed on. She didn't seem to have noticed him yet.

"Somebody knocked me down. It must have fallen out of my pocket." she mumbled.

"I got you." Jamie put a hand on her back.

"Thanks," she smiled at him. Then her eyebrows raised and her eyes widened. She pulled herself back from the locker and stared at Jack, as if she was trying to decide if she was hallucinating or not.

"Hey, Sophie." Jack grinned. Her face burned and she bolted. Jack was left, stunned. He looked to Jamie, confused. Jamie just laughed and clapped Jack on the shoulder.

"What just happened?" Jack asked stupidly.

"She's embarrassed." Jamie snickered and walked with Jack floating above the students. He had more people pass through him today than he had in all of this three hundred years of being an Immortal. It wasn't pleasant.

"Of what?" Jack questioned.

"Heck if I know, Sophie gets embarrassed really easily. The teacher can call on her in class and she'll be too embarrassed to answer." Jamie explained.

Jamie pushed through the people to get into the cafeteria. Sophie was sitting at an empty table, her head buried in her arms. Jamie dropped his bag in the empty seat across from her and raised an eyebrow.

"Sophie, Jack's here to see what school is like. He's gonna be with you this afternoon. Are you okay with that?"

Sophie kept her head down and shook her head. Then, after a beat, nodded. "Yeah."

"Don't worry, Sophie. It'll be fun." Jack assured her. "It'll be the best day ever."

Sophie looked up at Jack, her face still red, then looked down. "Okay," she said in a small voice.

"You guys go grab lunch. I'll save your seats." Jack promised the siblings. They left their bags and got in line for lunch. Jack kept the corner table Sophie had chosen nice and cold so that when people stepped towards it, they were instantly turned away by the chill. When Jamie and Sophie returned, Jamie shivered.

"Really, Jack?"

Jack snickered and lowered the bitter cold. Sophie had a cup of hot chocolate that she sipped and offered to Jack. Jack dropped down next to her and took the warm drink in his hands, sipping it. He made a face.

"This tastes like water."

"Yeah, school hot chocolate tastes really bad," Sophie said, taking back the drink.

"Then why'd you get it?" Jack asked, trying to get the taste out of his mouth.

"'Cause I want something sweet. And our school is getting rid of all the sweets." Sophie made a face. "This is the best I could get."

"It's not even that sweet." Jack said, taking one of her french fries.

"So, you don't melt with hot things?" Jamie questioned, eating his food.

"Unfortunately, no. I also enjoy the beaches of Bermuda."

"Seriously? Heat doesn't do anything to you?" Jamie posed.

"Well, um, I get weak when I'm in it for too long." Jack admitted, ruffling his hair. "Summers can be pretty brutal."

"So, we aren't going to see you this summer?" Sophie frowned.

"What? Of course you will!" Jack was quick to wipe the frown from her face. It didn't suite her. He much preferred her to smile. "I mean, not as often as now, but we'll see each other. I promise."

Sophie smiled and covered her mouth, bouncing in her seat. Jack beamed at her and stole some more of her terrible cafeteria food. She didn't protest. She nibbled at her food and Jack and Jamie told her about their morning.

The bell rang and Jack followed Sophie to her math class. It was rather dull and Jack noticed her struggle. She wasn't very good. Jack thought of how he could entertain her and walked in front of the class and touched each piece of chalk. They froze up. Her teacher tried to use each piece, but it would leave no marks and would create a screeching sound.

Jack watched Sophie cover her ears and look up at him. She sunk into her seat and smile at him. Jack chuckled and jumped onto the teacher's desk. He tapped the board and frost started to cover it. The teacher lept back, surprised.

Sophie covered her mouth to stifle giggles. The class burst into laughter as the teacher tried to figure out what was going on. Jack laughed and lept onto the desks, walking through the students as he stepped from desk to desk and stood in front of Sophie. He crouched in front of her and beamed.

"Now you might get out of homework, right?"

Sophie looked at the teacher who was wiping the frost away. She hid the lower half of her face behind her sleeves, only showing her green eyes. They sparkled when she looked at him.

"Tch." Jack looked at a boy who was glancing at Sophie. He rolled his eyes. "It's not that funny."

Sophie quickly sobered up and hid the rest of her face in her hands. Jack frowned. "It might not be that funny, but I'll show you what is." Jack jumped to the floor and went around behind the boy. He brought his staff to the nape of his neck and sent a small amount of frost to cling to the hairs. He yelped and grabbed the back of his neck, getting to his feet and trying to unfreeze the hairs there.

"Cold! Cold! That's cold!" He whirled to the kid that sat behind him. "What did you do!?"

"Nothing!" the mousy looking girl said, shrinking.

Sophie opened her mouth to say something, then closed it instantly. Jack snorted and bopped her on the nose. Her eyes sparkled and she sunk herself into her seat even lower.

"Looks like Jack Frost is here to have some fun, huh?" she said quietly.

The teacher was distracted, making an attempt to calm the students down. And then the bell rang.

"Jack Frost?" The boy gave her a look. "Are you serious right now? You still believe in that stuff? How old are you, like, six? I bet you believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa, too." He gathered his stuff and walked towards the door. Jack formed a ball of ice and pulled his arm back. There was a tug at his sleeve.

"Jack, don't. It's not worth it." she said softly, her head down. She picked up her bag and ran towards the door. Jack followed. He couldn't find her in the throng of students. She was so small. But then he caught her going into the stairwell and Jack flew after her.

"Wait, Sophie, slow down!"

The girl looked around and quickly slipped into a utility closet. Jack managed to squeeze in before the door closed. The girl was pacing and pulling at her hair, muttering. Jack landed in front of her and took her face.

"Sophie, don't listen to him, okay?" Jack pushed hair out of her face. The small amount of light that reached through the door reflected in her shining eyes. "Hey, hey, it's okay, Sophie. It's okay. Because you're special. He's not. You and Jamie, you guys have something that everyone else lost. You still have your sense of wonder. You still have your hope. You still hang on to those precious memories and childhood dreams. Everything the Guardians protect in childrenyou still have."

Sophie rubbed her eye. "I was trying to make a joke, like Jamie does, but, I guess I can't get away with it, huh?"

"It was a good joke, Soph." Jack insisted, putting a hand on her head. "He was just… Is he always like this?"

Sophie was quiet for a while. The bell rang, but she didn't move. "I'm invisible here." she said finally. "I'm either invisible or mocked. Because I'm weird."

Jack's voice softened and he bent to her level. "And this happens every day?"

"N-Not every day," she looked down, twisting her fingers. "Most days, if I'm real quiet, nobody will talk to me."

Jack stood upright and put his hand on his hip, the other gripping his staff. "That's it, then. I'll just have to go to school with you every day." he nodded.

"N-No!" Sophie shook her head. "I-It's okay, Jack! You've got your Guardian stuff to do and-and school is really boring but it's okay. We can just hang out when we can. After school is fine. It is."

The Guardian bit his lip. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yeah, Jack… it's okay." she smiled and kept her head low. "It gives me something to look forward to."

Jack sighed a bit and smiled. "We're not so different, Soph." Jack went on to explained how she was just like him. Her school life was his for three hundred years. He was alone and isolated and those that did see him never took him seriously. Because of some accidents, he had gotten on the bad side of a few of the Immortals, so they labeled him a trouble maker, not worth their time. And that was what he became.

"Jack," she frowned, her lip trembling.

"Hey, hey, it's alright! See? Things got better! I'm a Guardian now. I've got friends. People can see me. And you know what? It's going to get better for your, too." Jack assured her. "Only, I'm going to make sure it doesn't take three hundred years to do so. Alright?"

Sophie nodded. She rushed forward and hugged him, burying her face into his chest. Jack rubbed her back and he felt her shiver. He was always a rather cold being.

"Sophie, I think you're late for class." Jack said after a few minutes of silence.

"I dun wanna go." Her voice was muffled in his sweatshirt.

"Come on, we're gonna have fun." Jack grinned and held her at arms length. She pouted, but Jack pushed her towards the door. "You don't seem that upset, really."

"'M not." she grumbled and headed out the door. "It's not what he said. It's who heard it."

"Oh?" Jack floated in front of her as she walked. "Embarrassed? Why? Someone you wanna impress."

"Not impress, per se…" she muttered, averting his gaze, color tinting her face. "Just… you know… I don't want him to see me in that light."

Jack tilted his head. "Well, you know, it makes him look bad. Not you. He looks like a jerk." Jack caught Sophie wide smile before she hid it behind her hands. A habit she seemed to have formed when something made her really happy.

Jack followed her class. She didn't even try and sneak in, she just walked right in, Jack slipping in after her. She sat in her seat without incident. Nobody noticed her. Not one person. Jack whistled, impressed. Sophie only shrugged and pulled out her books. Jack was actually interested in this class. Creative writing. The teacher was a kindly woman who did make the class interesting. Though, Jack found a way to make it fun. He crouched on his staff next to Sophie, adding to the story prompts given in a silly way.

"A boy and a girl go into a haunted house. What do they find?" was one of the prompts. Jack looked to Sophie and added. "A boy and a girl go into a haunted house full of Easter Eggs. What else do they find?"

Sophie giggled and followed Jack's prompt. He helped her by adding silly things for her to write. But something made Jack curious.

"So, why are you taking creative writing? Isn't that Jamie's thing? What about art?"

Sophie scribbled a response in her notebook and showed it to Jack. It explained how the art electives were only available junior and senior years. But she was curious what got Jamie into writing, so she took a creative writing course.

At the end of class, Sophie walked up to the teacher and shuffled her feet.

"Oh! Sophie, you are here!" she exclaimed. "I'm sorry, dear, I didn't hear you when I called role."

"I figured." Sophie said quietly.

"This is the third time this week." she chuckled. "You should speak up more, hon."

"I know." Sophie rubbed her arm. "I just thought I should let you know I'm here." Sophie nodded and left the classroom. Sophie's last class was science. It wasn't chemistry so Jack wasn't going to have fun with the chemicals again.

But Jack found other ways to entertain Sophie by making some displayed projects go off or freezing the windows and drawing on them. Several of the kids were watching, quite confused with jaws dropped. Sophie stifled giggles and didn't even try and hide her distraction. She kept her eyes on Jack and Jack aimed to please.

School ended. Jack and Sophie met up with Jamie by Jamie's locker. Jack sat on top of the lockers and watched the two chat about being hungry and maybe picking up food on the way home.

The contrast between Jamie and Sophie's school life was like day and night. Jamie seemed to make the best of his time here, enjoying what he could of it. He had a lot of friends and he joked around, even with the teachers that didn't appreciate it. He did well in everything he did. Sophie… she didn't have anyone. People shunned her. She was quiet. She struggled with her classes.

The Bennetts decided on a place to eat and looked up at Jack and smiled.

"Today was fun." Jack grinned. "I don't understand why you guys call it a prison."