I trip over the table after getting hammered on the knee. I can feel my bones clash and grind with each other. A major headache strikes my head as it hits the solid floor beneath me. It feels as if someone had just cracked my skull open.

"I've waited so long for this moment!" says a guy, lifting the hammer higher. My life is flashing before my eyes. Ah! With force he hits me on my face. Blood fills my mouth. It tastes metallic. "You should have NEVER gotten into this. Ever since you did, everything has changed. And now it's time to pay." As if to prove his point, he punched me directly on my eye. It begins to swell fast. More pain enters my head.

"Please. Stop. What the hell are you talking about?" I painfully say between tears. I have no idea why this is happening to me. I don't even know this man for my life's sake. He didn't say anything except lift up the hammer once again. A scream escaped from my mouth. And then it was over... the man struck me.

Before I faded to black, someone burst through the door.


Tuesdays are a drag, especially since it's a "special" Tuesday. The sun creeps behind the see-through curtains with such a stronger light than usual. It makes me hop off from my bed. I drag my feet across the rug and make my way downstairs. To my surprise, mom is awake, cautiously watching the t.v. CNN is on... with my picture. CNNS FIFTY YEAR ANNIVERSARY: MOST SHOCKING CASES.

I speed walk to the kitchen trying to shake off the shivers. I guess the media wants me to keep remembering that night. Dumb fucks.

"Ready for school?" Mom asks concerned. There really isn't a way to answer this with honesty, but I suck in a big glob of air and say, "yeah". She nodded and grabbed the keys from the counter.

"Get ready and try not to be late. For today you can use the Volkswagen." And with that mom kissed my forehead and walked out the house.

I took a quick shower, put on some clothes and walked to the car. The drive to school was calm, but it felt like someone was watching me. But that's what happens after getting abducted; you feel as if you are never alone.

Once I get to the parking lot, Veronika hops out her Lamborghini. "Hey, Bitch!" she says with love.

"Hey Vee. How was it with Dante this summer?" Her smile grows bigger at my question. "Ohmigosh. Wait.. y'all didn't do the... deed, did you!?"

"Sorry to break it down to you, but I'm as virgin as you are a goody two shoes." I laughed at her smart remark, as to knowing how sad she really is about not getting with Dante. Before she could say anything, someone walked past us. But it wasn't just "anyone". He was the hottest thing in town if anyone were to ask me. Though something about him sent me a scary image of gangsters and drug dealers. He had the bad boy looks: black leather jacket, combat boots, and faded jeans.

"If I were a boy, I would get a boner," interrupted Vee. She made an obscene gesture that brought a smile to my face. "Talk about cocking a gun!" I whistled, intending to make the convo less awkward.