He pulled up in front of the farmhouse. "Thanks for bring me home unharmed. And do not turn my words into a sexual innuendo," I warn beforehand.

"Fine, just for the rest of the time we're in here." I frown at the thought that we barely have five minutes left.

"Like I said, thanks. Um, I have to go so I'll see you tomorrow at school." And then he leaned in, pulling me to the drivers side placing me on top of him with ease. Having him so close is provocative. Kissing him is tempting. My prayers were answered. Our lips met for the second time today after two hours. During those two hours, I ached to kiss him again. We've only known each other for a week though it feels like years.

His hands slid halfway up my thighs, leaving a warm spot where his big hands hold. He then removed them, letting them rest on my hips. Heat was surrounding us like flames. "I think I should go now..." He planted one more needy kiss upon my lips before finally letting go. "Let me walk you to the door," he suggested.

"Oh, what a gentleman you are," I tease sarcastically trying hard not to cross the line. He opened the door and walked me to the porch.

"Goodnight, Angel. Call me if anything." He then wrote his number down on my wrist. After nodding with a seductive smile, Patch walked to his Jeep. Soon, it disappeared into the night. "I am so going to dream with the angels tonight."

I dreamed of what happened last night. I can't seem to swat away the images of his face. Vee would be so proud of me. Speaking of which, she is not getting away with this, but then again if it weren't for her last night wouldn't have happened. Maybe it was meant to be that way as supposing that she planned everything ahead of time.

Homework sheets that are due on Friday are scattered all over the table. Instead of taking them with me to school, I put them in individual piles. When I reach for another sheet of paper a seven-digit number is written on my wrist. 345 7689: a proof that last night wasn't some manufactured fantasy.

Grey clouds form above me. They're just about the same color as my eyes. I impatiently pace back and forth on the porch until Vee's car shows up. "What's the 4-1-1? Don't leave anything out." She jumped up and down on her seat like the energizer bunny. After telling her everything, she stepped on the stopping pedal so hard we flew forward. "My baby is growing up! I taught you well without a doubt. He took you to Enzo's, you made the first move and when you were in the car he put you on his amusement park ride?"

"No! I wouldn't put it that way. He just... put me on his lap. With one leg on either side of..." I slowed down as her words sunk in. That was such a one-way ticket to his "amusement park ride".

"Kill me now. Kill. Me. Now. Ugh, you are right. Look, there's nothing going on between us. He's only been in Coldwater High for one week."

"Point taken." She turned on the radio as we continued driving to school.

Once we got there, Marcie was practically sending us mental daggers. She flipped her long, strawberry-blonde hair with a little too much "i'm-a-bad-bitch" attitude. I have no idea why I never get the urge to rip her to pieces. Maybe because I am not a hateful person. Not that Vee is, she just so happens to have a temper as short as a pinky.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't dumb and dumber!" Marcie Miller says, appearing in front of us with her followers (preferably called "stringed puppets"). Up close, you can tell her freckles are concealed under half a bottle of foundation.

"Is that the best you can come up with, you fucking Swiffer? Just in case you don't understand why you are a swiffer I shall speak in baby language. You. Go. Everywhere. Mutha'fucka!" She held on to the "tha" sound for a while. Before the Alpaca could respond we walked away with an invisible flag of glory.

Coach McConaughy's biology class is the worst class ever. As soon as people walk in, I'm pretty sure they see Barbie and Ken stripped naked on his desk. Right behind his desk is the chalkboard that has 'SEX' written extremely big. "We're not blind, geez," someone complains. As everyone settles down, Coach glares at me and Vee before announcing, "there's a new seating chart". Angry scoffs rise in the room. "Now, now, no need to fuss. It's only for one more quarter!"

"That's the remainder of the year," everyone says in unison.

Coach gives a wide smile which makes his face fatter. "My point exactly." He began to call out names, pointing at their new seats. "Nora Grey. And Patch Cipriano," he added. He sits to the right of me. Vee is so far away, all the way in the back of the room. Why does he have to do this? Me and her barely talk. Okay, perhaps it's an understatement. Fine, we talk constantly, but still. Talking is better than getting distracted by someone I kissed merely ten hours ago.

"Bitch, you are soooo far away. All the way 'cross the sea," Veronika says the last part in a country accent.

"After class. Both of you. Biiiig trouble." If looks could kill me and my R.O.D would've been dead a long time ago.

"Talk in a sentence please. Me no speak dumbass ," she backtalked. I was trying too hard not to laugh. But my face got so red I could be mistaken for an air-head.

"It's funny, huh? Let's hope you can laugh in after-school detention." Our laughter lasted for one more minute.

After-school detention took forever. Coach went on about how foul language was inadequate. As always we pretended to listen but we were actually daydreaming. Me and Vee said nothing on the drive home; a big headache threatened to make her head burst. "You sure you'll be alright?" I ask with concern.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be perfectly fine," she then smiled to reassure me.

"Text me. Bye." Then I ran inside of the farmhouse. Something catches my attention. A sneaky shadow moves swiftly. My heart pounds too quickly in my chest. BOO! "Ah!" I scream as an unfamiliar voice filled the house. No, not my house... my head. I trip over one foot falling butt first. Stay away from Patch, it says. Could it be that the guy my abductor was talking about was Patch? It can't be possible. I shouldn't be staying away from Patch, I should be staying away from my abductor. But who's more dangerous? I don't know and I sure don't wanna stick around to find out.