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"Jack, Jack, wake up!" A gruff Russian voice said. A young boy with white hair woke up.

"North, what's up?" He said sleepily.

"What'd you mean, what's up?" Professor North scoffed. "Today's the day Jack!"

"Today's the what?" Jack then thought about it, today was his birthday, the day he finally set out on his journey.

"You get your first Pokémon today and leave..."

"Woohoo!" Jack quickly got out of bed and went to get ready

"Now, he remembers," North mutters.

North left the room so Jack could have some privacy.

"Hmm, I can't believe so much has happened."

Jack would never forget that day he lost his parents in the car crash. The family lived in the woods. So they really connected with the Pokémon and act vegetables and stuff. Jack also had a shepherds crook, for the Mareep. Life was good. There was also times they would go in the city, to have dinners and they took a taxi to get to places around the city and that's when the accident happened.

"Honey, I can't believe you allowed Jack to bring his staff!" His father whispered.

"He gave me that pout face, I couldn't say no." His mother said.

Jack was eight, his little sister was five, he thinks. Suddenly the car was hit by another. Everything went by as quickly as the car was halfway off the road, ready to fall. The parents and driver got more of the hit but Jack and his sister were still conscious. The car was ready to fall with any sudden movements.

His little sister was worried.

"It's ok, it's ok." He said to calm her. "Don't look down, just look at me."

"Jack, I'm scared."

"I know," He said. "You're not going to fall, uh; we're going to have a little fun instead!"

"Would I trick you?"

"Yes, you always play tricks!"

"Alright, not this time, I promise, you're going to be fine." He told her. "You just have to believe in me."


"I want you to move slowly and grab my hand."

She did that but the car started to fall. Everyone fell but Jack thought quick and grabbed his sister's hand and used his staff to hook onto to railing.

"Mommy, daddy!" The girl screamed.

"Don't watch." He told his little sister, not wanting her to look.

Jack couldn't watch as he parents and the driver fell, he hoped they didn't but it was true as he heard three splashes.

He knew he had to at least save his sister.

"Ok squirt, I don't think I can swing you high enough, so hold on." Jack then switched and held onto the railing and his sister was in the staff and he swung her and the staff and she landed on the ground. Jack then fell into the water.

Jack remembered a little bit in the water, he remembered an Umbreon but that was about it.

When he woke up he was in a car front of in a child's orphanage. His sister had passed out.

He woke her up as well.

"Who are you?" He asked the man with the Umbreon who saved his life.

"You can call me Manny." The man smiled.

"This is Mim." He said. "My Umbreon.

"Thanks' for saving me." Jack told the man.

"What's your name?"

His sister was about to say her but Jack stopped her.

"My name is Jack Frost, but hers is none of your business, I don't know if you're a child rapist or not!" Jack covered his sister's ears. "I won't allow my little sister to give her name out to you, besides; it's rude to ask a lady's name."

Manny laughed. "I thought it was her age?"

"Well, for me its name, weight and age!"

"I like you son."

"I'm not your son." Jack said harshly. "I just lost my father."

"I know, the only thing the little girl said before she passed out were mommy, daddy, gone." The little girl was asleep.

"So, you're going to dump us here huh?" Jack asked.

"Well, you can't live by yourself now can you?"

"I'm almost old enough to start my own journey."

"But what about her?" Manny asked about his little sister. "She can't live till she's ten, and even though I'm not allowed to ask her age, she doesn't look ten to me."

"If I sign that paper I have to stay with an adult till I'm sixteen," Jack muttered. "But I can't be separated from her."

"How about you think about while we pick up some flowers."


"For your parents."

They ended up picking flowers though. They said their parents would have loved them more than store bought flowers. They even picked some up for the driver. They also found out that he had no family so they decided he needed someone who would miss him as well so they would be that someone. When they were finished they went to the orphanage and registered even Jack.

"Jack, you won't be go on your journey at ten." His sister said.

"Yeah, but I'll have a journey with you in here." She hugged him as she held his hand as they said goodbye to Manny and went into the orphanage.

All his life Jack protected her, from everything, but this he couldn't protect her from. His sister fell ill and was dying in the hospital. Jack got her there even though he wasn't allowed to leave the orphanage.

He knew she was sick but the woman in charge brushed it off and wouldn't take it to the hospital, so Jack snuck them off and took her on his back all the way there. She had some illness and only had a few days left.

They had so much good times at the orphanage. They would be people interested in her but not him, or him and not her but they never left unless they took both of them so people just left them there. There was some who tried to take them so they had to act bad so they wouldn't want them.

"Jack, I guess I'll never be in Pokémon Contest."

"Huh, contest?"

"Yeah, I think you'll do well in those."

"Me, bleh." Jack said. "Besides, the Pokemon league is the way to go."

"Yeah, if you just sat down and watched it you'll like it!" She smiled. "Maybe you can do both!"

"We don't have TV…"

"Why do you think I offer to take the laundry duties?" She said. "There's a TV there and the owners always watches contests."

"That's what you do be doing."


"So, the washing machines don't always be taken."


"Huh, I have taught you well!"

Then she passed away a few days later. Jack blamed the owner of the orphanage for not taking her right away to the doctors so the woman hit Jack so hard that he hit his head.

The hit made him forget the name of his little sister.

Adoption day was here again but this time he got a visit.


"Jack, I want you to meet someone." A large, slightly rounded bellied man came in. He had bright sapphire colored eyes, a large white beard and a white mustache He also wore a black fur hat, a long red coat with black fur trim, black, cassock-style pants, and a red plaid shirt.

"Your grandfather?"

"No, this is Professor North." Manny said. "He wants to adopt you."

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