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"Manny, I'm no pity case, I don't want his charity!" Jack told him.

Manny was about to speak when North stopped him.

"Jack, listen to me, I think you mislead my intentions, I honestly want you." North told him. "Manny has told me all about you, and I think you would make a wonderful son."

"I'm not your son." Jack said.

"I still think we could make a great family, I can feel it, in my belly." North grabbed his belly.

Jack grabbed his stick and nodded. "I guess any where's better than here.

"It's decided then." North said happily.

"Look, at me, my name is North and I feel everything in my belly." Jack mocked as he walked away to pack all his things.

"Well, this should be interesting." North said.

North lived far away, where you literally had to take a sleigh to get there. It was pulled by three Stantler, one shiny Stantler with a shiny red nose and four winter Sawsbuck. There was a Delibird waiting for them in the front seat.

"Jack meet, my Delibird." North introduced them

"So how are we going to get to your home?" Jack asked.

"Just wait." North said.

They just ended up taking a long ride through the woods.

"Hold on Jack." North said as the Pokémon began to fly.

"How is this possible?" Jack asked.

North said nothing as he pulled out a snow globe and they were pulled into a snowy new place.

"Did you use magic?" Jack gasped.

"Pfft! I used technology!."

"Welcome home." North said. North showed him inside, his room and the Ursaring who helped with his research.

"Now Phil, you are in charge of Jack in case he gets into trouble!" North told one of the Ursaring.

One of the rules of living with North is that you have to go to school. Poke school.

Jack hated everything about it. School to him is basically a place parents drop their kids off so they get half the day to themselves. He was picked on because he was a scholarship child. North gave him a scholarship. He didn't want Jack to get special attention for being his adopted son so he was given a scholarship instead. Since Jack was made fun of he got in a lot of fights in school.

He had to wear a uniform. Was in classes extra classes. All the note taking. He had no friends.

Jack was about to eat his apple when a girl was staring at him. "Um, can I help you?"

"I'm sorry, but, my I take a look inside your mouth?"

"Uh, excuse me?"

"Please, I want to be a Pokémon dentist, and your teeth, are so beautiful." The girl said. "Oh, by the way, my name is Tooth."

That was the day Jack had his first friend. Sure he had to keep her hands out of his mouth but she was a nice girl. A little weird but nice.

"Ok class, today we are going to learn how to battle."

Yes were heard around the classes.

"About time." Jack said.

"Now the requirements however, is that you must buy a Pokémon egg, it till it hatches and then battle with it." The teacher said. "You'll be graded.

"Wonder how scholarship Frost will get an egg!" One kid shouted. All the kids laughed. So Jack did the natural thing. He jumped out of his sit and punched the kid.

"Another fight Jack?!" North said.

"You should have heard the things he said!"

"Jack come with me."

North passed him a nesting doll that was craved into his likeness.

"This is what you see me as, big and imitating, but if you get to know me,"

Jack opened another one. "You are downright jolly."

"And mysterious!" North said. Jack kept on opening all until.

"There's a tiny wooden baby." Jack says dryly.

"Look closer. What do you see?"

"You have big eyes..." Jack guessed.

"Yes! Big eyes, very big! Because they are full of wonder. That is my centre. It is what I was born with. Eyes that have always seen the wonder in everything! Eyes that see lights in the trees, and magic in the air. This wonder is what I put in to my Pokémon! It is what makes me a trainer. It is my centre. What is yours?

"I don't know." Jack said.

"So, what's this about needing an egg?"

"Where are we?"

"Welcome to the Warren."

It was beautiful. All green with flowers.

"North what do you think you're doing here?" This large man with a watering can came out.

"Jack meet Bunnymund aka the Easter Bunny." North said.

"More like the Easter Kangaroo." Jack said. Jack heard of the Easter bunny. He wasn't really a bunny, it was a nickname because he took care of Pokemon eggs.

"I'm not a kangaroo mate." Bunnymund said.

"So, what do you want?" Bunny asked as they sat down.

"We wanted to ask if we could ask if you could give Jack an egg." North said.

"Since yours are the best."

"So, what type of trainer are you?" Bunny asked him.

"He doesn't have his center yet." North said.

"I think I have the best one for you."

Back to the present

"Happy Birthday Jack!"

The birthday party was held at Bunny's warren. Since Jack didn't have many friends the only people who came were Sandy. Sandy was the one of North's friends who Jack helped. He couldn't speak, so Jack suggested that he used a Munna to prject images to do the speaking for him. Ever since that they've been great friends. Bunny, who was hosting was there, with all the baby Pokemon, Tooth was there with Baby Tooth, as Jack named her, her Happiny.

After they ate the cake it was time for the presents.

When Sandy running shoes. He needed shoes to wear on his journey, whether he liked it or not. From Tooth, he got toothbrushes for his Pokemon. From Bunny he a Pokemon egg and a Poke ball.

"It contains the Eevee from the first egg I gave you." Bunny said.

"You mean I can keep her?" Jack said.


"Thanks." Jack said.

From North Jack got new set of clothes, a He wears a blue hooded sweater, brown pants bound with lighter material starting from the knee down to the end; the bottom of the trousers are rather tattered.

"Thought you'd like some hipper clothes." North explained. "Also I want to give you this special Pokémon, Jack meet Glaceon."

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