The all too familiar agitating tones of the alarm clock woke Annabeth Chase up. Annabeth groaned and rubbed the sleep away from her eyes while reaching for her alarm clock at the same time.


Why did she even reach for the alarm clock? After all, it woke her up on the same time every single day, so the gesture was ultimately meaningless. Annabeth shook her head, trying to avoid over thinking her actions as soon as she woke up. There would be plenty of time for that later.

Annabeth rolled out of her comfortable bed and stripped her pajama's for an old soccer jersey and some black yoga pants. She retrieved her iPod and her arm band before going downstairs to slip on her running shoes. After lacing them up, she silently opened the front door and stepped outside to avoid making any loud noises that might disrupt her family's sleep.

The dark street was illuminated dimly by the lampposts and Annabeth took a deep breath, relishing the smell of the early morning air. There was nothing quite like it. It was so clear, clean, and pure that she felt rejuvenated everytime she inhaled. Once she made it to the end of her street, she found the familiar trail that was her running path and she took off, slowly at first but increasing her speed steadily. It occurred to her a couple seconds in that she had forgotten to stretch beforehand, but she didn't feel like stopping at the moment so she continued.

Running enhances brain function and science had shown positive correlations between early morning air and thought clarity. This only gave Annabeth more of an incentive to run, but in truth she just enjoyed the activity. Running was a test of one's own will - how far are you willing to go? What are your limits? Those questions where the ones that Annabeth longed to answer, but she felt like she had an answer: She had no limits. With enough hard work, Annabeth felt like anything was possible.

Using her right hand, she hastily selected a song to listen to. She had selected "Satellite" by Guster, one of her most favorite songs. The familiar chords began to ring out and Annabeth felt her mind go blank, something that only happened on her runs.

Her run ended twenty minutes later and she sat down on the grass over looking the forest. Her house was situated on a large hill of sorts and from her current view, at the top, she could see the sunrise creep out over the horizon. Annabeth sighed in contentment as the sun slowly began to emerge, brushing the empty night sky with a flurry of colors. To her, it was the most beautiful sight in the world.

Annabeth stood up a few minutes later and made her way home. Fortunately, the path she took was circular, so she didn't have far to walk.

At promptly 6:30, she sat down at her dinner table after her shower, dressed in new clothes. Her father wordlessly placed a cup of coffee in front of her and Annabeth accepted it gratefully. She sipped the bitter but warm liquid with relish, hitting the pinnacle of clairvoyance. Annabeth felt the need to be completely awake by the time she got to school, so she ran and drank coffee. Her father handed her the lunch that he had prepared for her - Salad, Banana Chips, Orange Slices, and Lemonade.

Once she finished her coffee, she began to review her assignments from the night before, making sure that her work was correct and satisfactory. Her mother, Athena Chase, came down dressed in a crisp business suit, her curly brown hair let down so that it tumbled over her shoulders. Athena Chase was the definition of cold beauty, and Annabeth liked to think that she was the same way, albeit her hair was a golden blond as opposed to brown.

Annabeth straightened her posture at the sight of her mother, trying to look more presentable. Athena adjusted her sleeves as she stepped into the kitchen. She cast a critical, appraising eye over her daughter as she made herself some green tea.

"Did you fix the second paragraph in your English essay?" Athena asked expectantly.

Annabeth nodded in assent. "I made sure to change it before I went to sleep. I'm reviewing it right now."

"You shouldn't have made so many errors with your grammar. I expect better from you. You can't afford to slip up in your junior year. We have a lot riding on you, so don't you dare throw everything away." Athena snapped, her gray eyes appraising Annabeth with disdain.

Annabeth felt anger and disappointment blossoming through her stomach, but she held her tongue. She so desperately wished that her mother had told her to simply try harder in the future, but such things were wishful thinking. She fantasized about telling her mother that she was not and never would be perfect, and that her mother would accept her for who she was. Instead, Annabeth merely nodded curtly at her mother before politely saying, "Of course mother, I won't fail you."

"I hope not. We expect you to follow in Malcolm's footsteps." Athena murmured into her cup.

Frederick Chase, Annabeth's dad, gave her a sympathetic glance as Annabeth met his eyes. Annabeth turned her head and tried to repress the feelings of neglect and self-loathing she felt about herself.

Malcolm was Annabeth's perfect brother - the brother that was the standard of all comparisons, the one who every teacher ever doted upon, the one who had personally been flown out to Yale to be told that he had earned a full ride there. No matter what Annabeth did, she could never escape her brother's shadow and everything that she did do was always inferior to Malcolm's actions.

Annabeth didn't hate Malcolm, quite the opposite really. Malcolm was the most perfect older brother a girl could ask for - he listened to her problems, he spent time with her, he made her laugh, and he was overprotective of her to a rational extent. Annabeth loved Malcolm. She just wished that she wasn't always second best to him.

"That's enough dear. Annabeth's going to do just great." Frederick said soothingly to his wife.

"'Great' is not acceptable in this household. 'Great' reeks of mediocrity. No, in this household, we are exceptional, not 'Great'." Athena snapped at her husband, who calmly stared at her. Athena stormed away, grabbing her bag and leaving the house, shutting the door behind her.

Frederick winced before sitting next to Annabeth and rubbing his temples.

"Why does she hate me?" Annabeth murmured to her father.

"What? Honey, no, she doesn't hate you. She just has really high hopes for you, we all do." Her dad said, wrapping his arm around Annabeth's shoulder in a comforting gesture.

"I just want her to be proud of me." Annabeth whispered, returning her father's embrace.

Her father rubbed her arm placatingly. "She is proud of you. You should hear her when you're not around. She's got nothing but praise for you. She just acts like this around you to push you to achieve." He said.

Annabeth snorted. "That's not necessary - I want to achieve, I want to make you all proud. She doesn't need to be like that." Annabeth said.

"Then there's not much of a problem. I'll try to talk to her, but you know how she is." Frederick explained to which Annabeth returned a weak smile.

"I got to go. Thanks for the talk and for lunch dad. Love you." Annabeth said before kissing her dad's cheek.

"Go get 'em, Annie." He said with a smile as she walked away.

Annabeth slung her backpack on her shoulder. All her homework, folders, and textbooks were meticulously arranged inside from the night before. She opened the door and began to walk to her car, a silver Mercedes Benz, a present for her sixteenth birthday.

As she drove, Annabeth put on her mask - the one that she wore at school. She was no longer the insecure, shunned Annabeth Chase from at home. Now she was Annabeth Chase: the hottest, smartest, and most popular girl at Goode High School. She was Annabeth Chase: the girl that every boy wanted to be with and the one that every girl wanted to be.

After she parked, Annabeth stepped out of her car and flipped her golden hair, making it wave with the wind. It rearranged itself in glossy ringlets that tumbled uniformly down her shoulders. She walked into the school and there was no one there, like always. Annabeth liked to be at school a good twenty minutes before anyone else got there. She might go and talk with her teachers about course material or visit the volunteer center for new volunteering opportunities or just read a book.

She was so wrapped in her thoughts that she ran into a boy walking out of a hallway.

"Ow." Annabeth said, falling and holding her head.

"Sorry." She heard a deep voice mumble.

As she opened her eyes, they narrowed at the hand that she was looking at. She looked up to see Percy Jackson, the school's laughing stock, extending his hand to help her up. He was failing almost all of his classes and everybody thought that he was a retard. At least, that's what they called him. Annabeth never interacted with him before, but she went along with her popular friends when they made fun of him.

Percy looked down at Annabeth, and she was surprised to see that he wasn't at all fazed by her appearance. Most boys in their school would either drool over her right now or apologize profusely at the sight of her, but Percy looked almost bored to see her.

"So are you going to take my hand or not?" He asked lazily.

"I'm fine." Annabeth snapped, picking herself up off the floor.

"Suit yourself." The raven haired boy said, shrugging his shoulders before sliding his hands back into his pockets.

Annabeth studied him properly; dissecting and analyzing him with her eyes. Percy was scrawny and about average height. He had messy raven hair and a goofy demeanor about him. He was dressed in a ratty green shirt and brown shorts. He certainly looked the part of a stupid kid that made no effort in school.

Then Annabeth got to his eyes, and she felt all her defenses crumble, almost instantly. They were a gorgeous sea green color that seemed to mirror the ocean, changing from various shades of blue and green. They seemed to pull her in, like powerful waves that were too large to resist. Those sea green eyes were not the eyes of a kid that was stupid - they glowed with a kind of intelligence that Annabeth had never seen in anyone.

"Are you going to keep staring at me, or can I leave now? I already apologized, so unless you want my lunch money or if you want to call me a retard, I think I'll get going." The boy deadpanned before starting away.

Annabeth grabbed his shoulder and pulled him around. "Listen mister, I was not staring at you. I have a boyfriend, you know." She hissed.

The boy coolly appraised her and brushed her hand of his shoulder. "Yeah, everyone in the school knows." He said flatly, an edge of venom in his voice.

"Watch where you're going next time and don't you dare spread rumors about me staring at you." Annabeth hissed.

Percy smirked at her in disdain. "No worries about that. I wouldn't sink to your level even if you begged." He said sardonically before turning around again.

"What do you mean 'my level'?" Annabeth snapped.

Percy turned his head slightly towards her. "Don't ask me questions you already know the answers to. That's a waste of your precious time and mine." He said before beginning to walk away. Annabeth noted how sarcastically he had said "Precious" - almost as if he was mocking her.

"Don't get on my bad side." Annabeth warned, jabbing a finger at his retreating form.

The boy laughed mockingly and turned his head ever so slightly, so that only his luminescent eyes could be seen. "You're funny. I think I like you." He said with a smirk as he continued walking.

What the hell does that mean?! Annabeth thought in exasperation as she walked to her locker.

Who the hell does he think he is, speaking to me like I'm inferior to him? He's the one that nobody likes. I have friends. I am popular. He's nothing compared to me. That arrogant little prick. I'll show him. Nobody messes with me and gets away with it. She thought in fury as she forcefully slammed her locker shut.

Annabeth's morning was not at all going well. She slumped on the ground in front of her locker and rubbed her temples, bracing herself for the flood. She allowed herself a moment's weakness before pulling the mask back on. Percy's words had disturbed her greatly. He talked to her like she was scum and like her status in the school was a curse rather than a blessing.

Well what does he know anyways? Annabeth thought stubbornly.

Still she couldn't shake that feeling of disdain in his voice. It had burrowed itself under her skin and she couldn't get rid of it, like an itch that got worse as you scratched. Sometimes Annabeth wondered if the mask she wore at school had replaced her real face. That's what bothered her about Percy's words. It was as though he was harshly telling her that she had become the facade that she wore.

The first of the students began to pour through the doors of Goode High and Annabeth shook her head to rid herself of her thoughts before standing up and going to meet her friends. She spotted Thalia Grace, Rachel Dare, Katie Gardener, and Silena Beauregard instantly and she approached them with a smile.

"Hey you guys! How was your weekend?" She asked them.

"Ugh, awful. My mom made me attend another one of her silly premiers." Thalia groaned and Annabeth smiled at her in response. Her mother was an actress, but Thalia hated her and the attention that it brought.

"My weekend was fine. My dad took me to an Art Exhibit, which was pretty amazing." Rachel said as she adjusted her strawberry colored sundress.

"Charlie and I went on a lot of dates." Silena squealed and Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"Well you know how my weekend was." Katie said with a smile and Annabeth smiled back at her. Katie was Annabeth's best friend and she had been over for a sleepover that lasted most of the weekend.

"Hey ladies, looking good." A voice said from behind Annabeth, and she felt a pair of hands slip around her waist.

"Hello Luke!" Silena, Rachel, and Katie chirped. Thalia mumbled it and made gagging motions with her hand.

Annabeth glared at Thalia and she simply smirked in return.

"Do you all think I can borrow Annabeth here for a second?" Luke asked them all, and they told him that he could.

Luke smiled at them and led Annabeth away, near his locker. Annabeth pressed her back to his locker as he pressed her arms up against either side of Annabeth's shoulders and grinned down at her. His perfectly tanned skin, pearly white teeth, bright blue eyes, and sandy blond hair made him look amazing.

"Hey beautiful." He said with smile and Annabeth returned one.

"Hey Luke." She said happily.

"Since we didn't have our date this weekend because of your sleepover, I think we should go out this weekend instead." He said with a grin.

"Sure, that'll work." Annabeth said with a smirk.

Luke leaned in and his lips brushed against Annabeth's. He rested his hands on her hips, but they dipped downwards dangerously, occasionally skimming the back pockets of her jeans. Annabeth didn't have the heart to push them away like she used to, she was accustomed to it by now.

"I missed you." He whispered as he kissed his way down her neck.

Annabeth weakly held onto Luke's soft hair, running her fingers through it. "Me too." She murmured lustfully.

Luke grinned against her neck and continued peppering kisses back up her neck. He hit the sweet spot next to Annabeth's ear that never ceased to make her moan. Naturally, his actions elicited a lustful moan on her behalf. She could practically feel Luke's smile grow wider and he attempted to kiss the spot again before he was interrupted.

"Oh that's fucking gross." Annabeth heard a familiar distasteful voice from around her.

Annabeth and Luke turned to see Percy and his friends, Grover Underwood and Nico Di Angelo, standing a short distance away. Nico was laughing riotously at Percy's comment, Grover looked away in embarrassment, and Percy looked at them with complete revulsion and disdain.

Luke tensed up beside her, and Annabeth knew that this wasn't going to end well for the other boys. Annabeth glared at Percy as Luke drew himself up to full height, rage apparent in his eyes.

"You wanna die retard?" Luke snarled at them.

"Ooh, scary." Percy teased and Nico's laughter began anew. Grover shifted uncomfortably beside them.

Luke cracked his knuckles and began to advance upon them. Grover quivered, Nico straightened himself and wore an eager smile, and Percy maintained his icy composure.

Annabeth placed a gentle hand on her boyfriend's arm, stopping him. "Luke, don't. You don't want to get in trouble over losers like them." She said loud enough so Percy and his friends could hear.

Instead of perturbing Percy like she hoped, he merely smirked and turned the statement back at her. "Good call, Chase. Wouldn't want your dumb ass of a boyfriend going on a hormonal kill spree, would we?" He said sardonically.

Annabeth could practically feel Luke tremble in rage and she had half a mind to release him so that he could have his way with them.

Percy didn't leave like any rational person would. Instead he stepped closer and continued with a smirk. "That would ruin 'Little Ms. Perfect's' life and we can't have that, now can we Nico?" He asked with a smirk.

Nico grinned evilly. "Of course not. She's got to keep her little dog on it's leash. Otherwise, it'll bite someone and get put down." He said sadistically.

"Don't test me, Di Angelo." Luke warned them, his voice turning hoarse with rage.

Percy winked at Annabeth and grabbed his friends by the shoulders, steering them away. "Make sure you use protection, Chase. Being preggers isn't good for your Yale application!" He called back malevolently and Annabeth positively squirmed with rage.

Once they left, Luke turned to her. "Why did you stop me? I could have killed that asshole." He shouted.

"He's not worth it. He's worthless and he always will be." She called out, so that Percy could hear. Luke still wasn't convinced, so Annabeth grabbed him by the shirt collar and pulled him down. "Now where were we?" She murmured against his lips, before capturing them against her own.

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