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The sun streaked through the thin curtains and onto the cracked wooden floors as Eponine Thenardier looked in the mirror, running her fingers through her dark curly hair. It was tangled and frizzy and completely out of control, after countless tries to do something with her hair she gave up and leaned over to snatch up her brown hat. After putting it on, she was fairly pleased with what she saw. Looking down her reflection she closely studied the white shirt, brown shorts and black leggings, she was wearing. All of which came from the second-hand down the street. It wasn't much but it was definitely Eponine.

A quick knock at the door bought Eponine out of her inner musing

"Eponine hurry up!" she heard her sister whisper through her door. She rolled her eyes glanced over at her clock.

7:12, oh crap!

She felt her heart skip a beat as she realized she was going to be late for school. She grabbed her backpack and slipped on her worn out boots and she made her way out of her and into the kitchen, careful to be as quiet as possible so as not to wake up her family, especially her parents –they were not morning people and they were very eminent about making that point to all of them. She left a lunch ready for her little brother Gavroche and stuffed an apple in her bag before before slipping out the door, quiet as a cat, and starting her long walk to school.

It was mid October but the breezy weather proved to be both a blessing and a curse for the girls, it wasn't freezing cold but the wind still proved to have the capacity to chill them both to the bone. The leaves were just started to fall and they crunched under their feet as they walked, other than that crunching the walk was silent. Eponine's mind started to wonder as they kept going, her thoughts proving to be much better company than the silence between her and her sister.

"Eponine?" asked Azelma, finally getting bored of the silence as well

"Hmm?" she replied, coming out her trance

Alzema smirked, "What are thinking about?"

She shrugged, "Nothing in particular."

"Come on you were thinking about something, tell me!" She whined, "Or perhaps you were thinking of someone?"

Eponine's cheeks deepened in color and froze for a second, but she quickly shook it, though it was enough for Azelma to notice.

"Ha I knew it!"

Eponine rolled her eyes, "You don't know anything."

"I actually know a lot of things." She countered, placing her hands on her hips and smirking at Eponine as if challenging her

"Whatever Azelma"

"So who is this someone?"

"Can't say," Eponine relied as she tossed her hair over her shoulder, "because there isn't anyone."

"Cut the crap 'Ponine, I know you were thinking of someone, you were making that face."

"What face?"

"Your happy face." She smirked

Eponine raised an eyebrow, "My happy face?"

"You know that face that you get whenever you are thinking about being with someone, that special someone who makes your heart flutter and butterflies fly all around your stomach."

"I think you have been reading too many romance novels."

"Deny it all you want but I know you were thinking about someone."

"If it helps you sleep at night then think what you want." She muttered

"Oh you're no fun!"

"Never said I was."

Azelma stuck her tongue out at her and Eponine rolled her eyes, sometimes it amazed her just how much of a kid Azelma was. She was only a year younger than her but she was so more light hearted and childlike than her you would think Eponine was twice her age.

The two girls kept walking. It was early in the morning so the rest of the road was empty except for a blue car that drove past them. A gush of wind blew on them causing them to shiver and Eponine pulled her thin jacket tighter around her shoulders. If there as one thing she hated about living so close to the windy city it was the cold gusts of wind it brought to her. Out of the corner of their eyes the two girls noticed a car drive past them in the opposite direction they were going, but neither paid much mind to it. However when the same car drove past them again and pulled over a few feet ahead of them they got suspicious. Out of instinct Eponine stood in front of her younger sister protectively and slowed down her pace. She quickly scanned the road; trying to see where to run should they have to make a quick getaway. The car door opened, causing Eponine to practically stop in her stop but she could see the passenger coming out cautiously. What she saw made her sigh in relief, the passenger that came out was a young girl, about her age with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she was well dressed and her hair was styled very nicely, a warm smile was also prominent on her face.

"Hi, are you guys heading to West End High?" She asked, Eponine nodded, "That's great! We were heading there too only we don't exactly know where it is? Would you like a ride? We can take you and you can tell us how to get there."

A smile appeared on Eponine's face. The girl seemed really sweet and innocent and her cheerfulness was contagious. Besides it was cold and Azelma looked liked she would kill her if she didn't except the ride to school.

She nodded at the blonde girl, "Sounds like a fair deal."

"Great!" the blonde beamed

Eponine and Azelma scurried over to the car and slid in. The driver was an older man who they assumed was the girl's father. As soon as they were in he drove off and Eponine gave him some simple directions to the school. As they were driving the blonde turned back to look at the two girls a bit nervously.

"I'm Cosette by the way. Cosette Fauchelevent"

Eponine tensed a bit when she heard that name, her memory flinging back at her, but decided not to say anything in case she was wrong, Azelma didn't react at all, further prompting Eponine's silence. Cosette looked at her expectantly but Eponine remained silent. Due to her silence Azelma sighed and smiled at Cosette.

"I'm Azelma, and that's" she sneered jokingly as she nudged her head over to indicate her sister, "Eponine."

Eponine noticed the man tense a little at the mention of her name but he too decided to remain silent since Cosette seem to have to reaction whatsoever, maybe she wasn't so off after all.

"So is this your first day?" she asked Cosette

"Yes," she blushed, "I'm not going to lie I am a bit nervous."

"Don't be, the school is very open and it's still the beginning of the year so I am sure you will catch up." Reassured Azelma

"You really think so?"

"I know so."

Right then they pulled up to the school and all three girls thanked Cosette's dad as they exited the car, but as he drove off and they walking closer to the school Cosette's eyes grew large with nerves.

"Don't worry too much. It will be fine." Eponine reassured Cosette.

"Thank you, at least I'm going in with at least one friend right?" she asked looking at the two girls.

"Make that two." Eponine answered smiling.

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