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Eponine walked into the classroom with a heavier heart than usual. For the past week she had been either playing messenger for Cosette and Marius or avoiding her friends all together, but it was hard considering she was in their classes. As she stepped into English she saw Cosette smiling at her, completely oblivious to the pain that was Eponine was going through her. Although Cosette was a main cause for her pain, she couldn't stay mad at her, it wasn't her fault. She sat down in her normal seat next to her and felt yet another letter burn a hole in the pocket of her sweater.

"I have a present for you." She said, her hand reaching down into her pocket.

"Is it a letter?" Cosette asked lightheartedly

Eponine brought the envelope in front of her face, "No it's a check. Of course it's a letter!"

Cosette blushed, "Sorry, I'm still getting used to the whole thing."

"Cosette why don't you just talk to the guy? You know he likes you, it's only a matter of time before the letters get old."

"I know but I just don't know what to say to him."

"Say what you write in your letters, it can't be much different. Either way whatever pours out will come from your heart."

"Do you really think that's a good idea?"
"I know it is." For your sake and my mine

"Ok….but not yet."


"Just give me time."

"Fine" Eponine groaned. She was fairly pissed off, the longer Cosette and Marius stayed at the letter level the longer she had to act as a messenger and fell her heart rip open each time anew. She wished she could tell them how she felt, or that they would realize how much it hurt her but she knew that could never happen. Some things were meant to be and some weren't.

The girls turned their attention back to the teacher and her lesson; it was something about rhetorical strategies. Eponine found it very boring and found her loosing attention and drabbling things in her journal, the next thing she knew her teacher was at her desk.

"Oh hi Mr. Kretzmer." She said as she glanced up at him.

"Eponine" He nodded as he slid an essay on her desk and went onto the next student.

Eponine bit down on her lip as she timidly lifted the paper and looked down at her grade.

"How did you do?" asked Cosette as she leaned over to look at her essay.

"No too well." She sighed as she showed Cosette her paper, a giant red C was prevalent at the top of her paper and with it came a frown on Eponine's face.

Things didn't really get much better; in French class Eponine got her test back and saw that she bombed that too.

"This isn't like you Eponine." Commented Mr. Hugo grimly as he handed her back her test.

"I know I'm sorry Mr. Hugo, I'm sure I will do better next time."

When the teacher left Eponine turned her attention back to the window, with everything going on in her life school had taken second and her grades were showing just that. The bell rang and she glumly picked up her things and headed out the door. She ran over to her locker and quickly threw her things in, irritation behind every shove.

"Angry much?" said a voice behind her

Eponine turned and saw none other than Enjolras leaning on the locker next to hers.

"Oh no, not at all" She said sarcastically as she threw the last thing into her locker and slammed it shut.

"What's got you so pissed off?" he asked as they walked toward the cafeteria.

"Stuff" she shrugged

"What kind of stuff?"

"Just stuff"

Just then she spotted Marius out of the corner of her eye at the same time he saw her. He rushed over to her with a broad smile on his face.

"Did you give her the letter?" he asked as he took her hands in his

She rolled her eyes, "I gave it to her the past three times so why would this be any different?"

"Oh Eponine you know I kid."

"Sure," she muttered as her hand reached into her bag, "anyway I gave her the letter and as you can guess she gave me th-" before she could finish Marius snatched the letter from her hand and walked off as he tore the envelope open, "oh sure be that way." She muttered. Enjolras placed a hand on her shoulder but she instinctively shrugged it off.

The three sat down at a table and while Marius was off in Cosette-land, Enjolras could feel a lot of tension on Eponine's part as she stared at Marius with an expression full of disappointment, anger, and pain.

"So by stuff did you mean Operation Matchmaker?"

She glared at him, "For your information no, I have some other stuff bugging me too."

"Would you like to elaborate?"

"Not particularly, but you will pester me till I do so I might as well."

"Aren't you a smart one?"

"Well that's the problem," she muttered, "I'm not/"

"What do you mean?"

She bit her lip again and looked down at her shoes in shame. After a moment she dug out her English essay and French test from her bag and handed them to Enjolras.

"Oh." He muttered


"How long have you been struggling?"

"A few weeks," she admitted, "with everything going on I haven't really been able to focus in class. And I just can't find time to relearn what I missed, which makes the new stuff even more complicated for my liking."

"That's understandable." He reassured

"I wish the teachers felt the same as you."

"Feel the same about what?" asked Grantaire as he and two others neared the table.

"Leniency in grades" Eponine answered

"Tell me about it!" exclaimed Grantaire, "Mr. Mackintosh chews me out for just about everything and he shows absolutely no mercy! I have a C- in his class"

"You know," commented Combeferre, "you might get a decent grade if you actually tried in class and didn't slack or goof off."

"Where's the fun in that?"

Eponine giggled at them as they continued talked then she looked over at Enjolras who gave her a small shrug as if he didn't know what yo make of it.

He looked at her again as if she was a textbook, "All you really need is a good tutor." He mused

"Do you know of any?" she asked in a mocking tone.

Enjolras pondered for a moment before an idea entered his mind, "Actually yes, I think there is one that would be a good fit."

"Keep in mind that they would have to teach me, I'm not the most…..likeable student."

"Give yourself some credit Eppy." Grantaire said as he reentered the conversation, "We all like you." He said as he threw his arm around her.

"Thank you for that." She looked back at Enjolras, "So how soon can the tutor start?"

"I think he is available today after school in the library if that's ok with you."

"Fine with me" She shrugged, "I'm not working today."

Enjolras nodded in understanding and then turned back to his own work while the others got into a discussion over whether or not a tomato was a fruit. After a few minutes the constant chatter was getting to him and he finally had enough and left the cafeteria to study someplace that would allow him to focus.

Out of the blue Marius came to and looked over at Eponine, "'Ponine could you please help me with something?"

"Sure what is it?"

"Could you read this letter over, I want your opinion on it before I give it to Cosette."

She hesitated, "Why do you want my opinion?"

"Well I just want a girl's opinion on it and you're kind of…"

"Excuse me?!" she asked, offended at his comment

He turned red, "That's not what I meant. I simply meant that you are the most feminine out of all of my friends so you can give me the best input."

Eponine still had a look of offense on her face but she shook it off and snatched the letter from Marius hand to read it over. Her heart fell with ever word he wrote but she had to admit it was beautiful. She finished reading it and handed it back to him.

"It was beautiful Marius, any girl who reads it will fall in love with you."

"You didn't." joked Grantaire

Eponine chuckled, but it was a dry and sad one, "No I guess I didn't." she glanced over at the clock, "I have to go meet with a teacher." She lied as she slipped out of her seat and ran out of the cafeteria.

She sprinted out of the lunchroom and down the hall to the auditorium; as soon as she was in there she ran up to the stage and collapsed against the back wall. It was becoming a customary habit but she started minding less and less. After a moment she slowly walked over to the piano bench and sat down, her fingers ghosting over the keys. She hummed a little tune before playing it. Once she played it she remembered something she wrote in her journal a few nights ago and pulled it out.

"If only you could know, the things I long to say," she sang as she continued playing, "If only I could tell you what I wish I could convey. It's in my every glance, my heart's an open book, you'd see it all at once if only you would look….if only you could glimpse the feelings that I feel, if only I could tell you what I'm dying to reveal. The dreams I can't declare, the needs I can't deny, you'd understand them all if only you would try…..If only it were true, if only for a while, if only you would notice how I ache behind my smile. I guess you never will, I guess I doesn't show…oh what I would give if only you could know."

With each word Eponine felt more and more pain escape her and eventually a tear escaped as well. If only, she though.

Little did she notice that her place of sanctuary was occupied by not one but two people; Erik sat in box five and saw the entire thing but he also notice what Eponine failed to, in the audience seats there was someone who watched her sing with something Erik could only describe as admiration and something else, whether it be pity or empathy or pain he did not know, but he knew that whatever it was, he knew it was something.

If only you knew, Erik thought, if only you knew.

Eponine now found herself at the entrance of the library, anxious to meet her new tutor but also anxious to just get it over with. Her day had gotten even worse after lunch as Marius gave her yet another letter and she still couldn't find it within herself to refuse, his smile was enough to persuade her.

She slowly walked over to the back table of the library and took a seat in one of the cushioned armchairs by the giant windows. She found that spot to be very peaceful and she found she wanted nothing more than to sit there forever and forget everything.

He heard a throat clear behind her followed by a voice she recognized, "Eponine Thenardier?"

She turned in her chair to see her tutor eye to eye only to be met with a face she had seen more than enough times.

"I'm your new tutor."

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Grantaire: What kind of bet?

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Courfeyrac: And he agreed to that?

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Grantaire; What's that supposed to mean?

Me; Nothing, nothing at all

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Grantaire: So where is Enjolras anyway?

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Enjolras: I resent that!