Title: Under Fire
Chapter 1 – On Deadly Ground

Summary: The teams respond to an apartment fire in the middle of a gang run neighbourhood only to find the tables turned on them. With both Casey taken hostage and Severide trapped inside the burning building can the teams get to their Lieutenants in time? Or will they be the next casualties?

Disclaimer: Chicago Fire and its characters are the property of Dick Wolfe, NBC and….well sadly not me lol

A/N: Okay yes so am still in utter shock about that last eppy's ending. They just better not kill Shay! I LOVE our boys and am hoping they have more moments together in the new year – so great to see them working together again *sigh* this idea came from taking an idea from the last eppy 'Merry x-mas' and a bit of 'Leaving the Station' and I mixed the two together for a perilous fictlet. Hope you all like it!

"Do you really think you can fix that limo for Hermann?" Casey asks Severide as he slowly walks up to him early that morning.

"Have you ever said no to him?" Severide asks with a small groan as the two of them stand outside in the cool morning air.

"I know. He gives you that lost look and…"

"Damn he'd give one of those sad orphaned kids a run for their money," Severide smirks as he takes a sip of his hot coffee; Casey offering the true sentiment a small chuckle as he looks at the limo parked at the far end of the parking lot. "Know anything about mechanics?"

"What do you need?"

"A miracle," Severide adds with a smile as the bell rings, calling both of them to action within seconds.



"Truck 81…squad 3...ambulance 61…apartment fire…Humboldt Park…"

"You seem a bit distracted," Casey mentions lightly to the big truck driver as they race toward their latest situation.

"Tough neighbourhood," Cruz replies with a serious tone.

"Your brother still around here?" Casey inquires carefully.

"Some days. I hope that's not today."

"Me too."

"Just watch yourself with these guys," Cruz warns. "They play for keeps no matter who is coming to help them."

"I'll keep that in mind."

The small entourage of Fire House 51 vehicles comes to a stop at the foot of the six story apartment.

"Okay fire is mostly in the front but there is heavy damage so go carefully, those floors are wooden and could give way. There were reports of gunshots but it's gone quiet about fifteen minutes ago. Casey!..." Boden starts into his instructions for Casey's team to get the fire under control at the front of the apartment; Severide's team about to head in the back to see if anyone was in need of rescue.

"Hermann you and Mouch take…" Casey calls out his own instructions; Severide's voice on his headset as he hears the rescue team heading for the back entrance.

"Otis, Mills with me. Let's get inside!" Casey shouts as Otis busts through the front door, both of them ducking slightly as a thick plume of black smoke billows forth; the rest of the truck 81 team starting to attack the fire from above on the ladder and below on the ground.

"Thick in here…watch it," Casey cautions. "Severide?"

"Yeah we're heading up to…Capp!"

"I see it…ma'am fire department…are you hurt?"

"Fire department!" Casey calls out as he switches back from Severide's team chatter and pushes ahead on his own quest. "Mills open those windows. I'm moving ahead."

"Did they say when the shooting stopped?" Severide's voice is heard over Casey's headset.

"Probably split when they heard the sirens. What did you find?"

"A young boy…oh man he's been dead…damn it…"

"Is that…" Hadley's voice is heard.

"What's been found?" Boden's strong voice interrupts.

"Chief…we found two young boys, both shot. Wounds…they don't look that old. This bleed out is fresh; could still be trouble in the building."

"Go carefully," Boden warns.


"Yeah I heard that," Casey answers Severide as he starts to climb the front stairs. "Floor two is clear, moving up."

"I'm heading up to level two on the back stairs," Severide informs him.

"Copy," Casey replies as he knocks on the first closed door. "Fire department!" He shouts before pulling his infrared box.

"Got another here! I'm bringing down a young girl!" Severide informs them as he sees Casey at the other end of the floor and gives him a small wave.

"Second floor is clear, heading up to the third!" Casey informs them; his men still trying to battle the flames in the front. "Fire department!" He calls out. "Cruz, I have one here!"

"Seconds away," Cruz calls out as he races for his Lieutenant.

"Here, take her!"

"Got her," Cruz picks up the young girl and races back for the entrance and disappears into the hallway. Casey quickly checks the rest of the apartment and heads back into the hallway; quickly checking the rest and noting the floor as clear. "Third floor is clear, heading up to the fourth!"

"I'm coming to meet you Casey," Severide's voice is heard as he hands his own young girl to Shay and then races back for the stairs.

Casey reaches the fourth flood landing and stops; his brain trying to register if the sounds of muffled voices was all in his head or if indeed there are people still going about their regular business in a building that was on fire several levels below.

"Fire dep…" his voice starts and then stops.

"Casey…what is it?" Severide asks in concern.

"Just thought…I heard something…"

"Wait for me, I'm almost there."

"I got this."

"You heard what the Chief said…could still be trouble in the building."

"I'll be…" Casey starts as he nears a door where he thinks he hears the voices coming from. "Fire department!" He shouts before he barges into the somewhat smoky room. "You…whoa…" is all he manages before four angry looking men turn their guns on him all at the same time; a few large packets of drugs on the table between them. "Oh damn…" he softly curses as he quickly steps back; his curse forcing Severide to pause for a few seconds as well.

"You're right oh damn! You're in a lot of trouble."

"Okay guys look the um…"

"Casey? What is it? What'd you find?" Severide asks in haste. "Casey!"

"I'm gonna answer this. Kelly I've got fo…"

"Bad move hero!" One of them growls as he rushes up toward Casey and pulls his radio off and tosses it to the ground and steps on it.

"Casey? Casey!" Severide calls out as he races up the third set of stairs and nears the top of the fourth landing.

"Kelly what is it?"

"Don't know sir…Casey's not answering his…wait a sec…I hear voices…"

"Go carefully."


"Look guys I'm not the police and what you do here is your own business but if you hadn't noticed, the building is on fire and we all need…" Casey pauses as the other angry looking man nears him standing a few feet in front him right beside the first.

"We need to leave right now."

"You guys take the back way but you have…"

"Shut up!" One of them snaps at Casey, making him look at him in surprise.

"I'm only here to her…"

"We take him and we have leverage. No one will rush us with this guy with us."

"I don't think…"

"You don't speak again either!" The first one named Aaron growls as he gives Casey's mouth a hard slap, forcing him to slightly pull back with a stunned expression; his tongue tasting a small twinge of slick copper as his own blood enters his mouth from the cut on his lip.

"Cops are gone! Let's get the hell outta here!" The second one named Carl hisses.

"I've seen this guy before. Cruz is one of his boys," the third one named Levi states as he nears Casey with an angry scowl. "I have a score to settle with Leon. Let me take it out on this guy."

Without waiting for the next voice to be heard talking about his would be ill fated demise, Casey turns and bolts for the door; a few seconds later having the wind knocked out of him as a hefty frame slams into his back and the two of them tumble to the floor.

"Bad move hero!" Levi growls as he kicks Casey in the side; forcing his slightly winded frame to remain in place. His helmet and tank are both yanked off and tossed aside as his struggling frame is quickly hauled back up.

"He's coming with us. If this goes south we can use him to get our asses clear," the fourth named Nate suggests.

"Bring him!" Aaron directs.

"Guys look this is…" Casey tries one more, only to receive a hard blow to the gut; his frame then held fast as he's pushed up against the wall and his wrists roughly tied behind his back with some harsh rope.

"This is a bad id…"

"Shut up!"

"Let's go before his team gets here. Use the back stairs…no one's there."

Kelly! Casey's mind races as the door is pulled back open; Severide ducking out of sight at the last second; having gone back down and then up the front stairs to come up behind them. He pushes his firm frame into the corner alcove, praying that none of the reflective stripes on his gear will give him away or the fire below doesn't force him to reveal himself prematurely. He peers out and sees Casey struggling between two of the gang members; his eyes narrowing at the guns the four are armed with.

Damn it…Severide's mind curses as his fingers curl tightly around the handle of his axe. But just before he can make his next move to at least jump two of the end thugs, his radio cracks to life; instantly giving him away.

"Severide, you found Casey?" Boden asks in concern.

"Damn it!" Levi curses as he pulls Casey back and sticks his gun in his side. "Hey fire fighter!" He calls out, earning a silent eye roll from Severide. "We got your buddy here. You let us pass or…"

"Cops are on their way!" Severide shouts back from his hiding place. "We are just here to stop the fire. Let him go!"

"Go back or else!"

"Guys come on!" Severide huffs. "The building is on fire!"

"Then worry about that and leave us the hell alone."

"Let my partner go and I will!"

Casey tries to pull himself free but to no avail as the four of them pull back toward the back stairs; Severide having come up the front to try to get on the other side but in the part of the building that had also suffered the most smoke and fire damage.

"This guy's stalling, we can't wait…" Nate utters in a low tone. "Use it."

"It could get us killed."

"If anything it takes him out and starts another fire, they'll be so busy putting that out that they won't worry abou…"

"Kelly look out he's got a…" is all Casey manages before the thug named Carl pulls out a small Molotov cocktail, lights the end and tosses it in Severide's direction; forcing the whole area around the 51 rescue Lieutenant to explode and sending Severide crashing down one level and the five others flying backwards but out of harm's way.

"Kelly…" Casey groans as he lands on his back, rolling to his side and trying to get himself upright to get free of the tangled mass of limbs. But with his wrists tied behind his back and his body weighted down with full gear, the battle is fruitless and short lived as he's grabbed from behind by a hand on his jacket and pulled back down to a seated position.

"Kelly!" Casey shouts in anger. "What the hell…"

"Let's get out of here…bring him. The other guys dead!"

"No…wait…" Casey growls as he's hauled upright and tries once again in vain to pull free; a heavy hand on his forearm keeping him in the company of the four gang members. His brain registers the crackling flames but no human voices. He can't be…dead…damn it he can't be dead…

He had heard Casey's call and poked his head around the corner just in time to see the small but deadly fireball sailing through the air right at him. Without wasting a second, Severide pivots on his right heel and bolts back into the charred room; the air around him exploding, taking the floor with it at the same time. His body feels the wind sucked out at the same time he's slammed with it; wooden debris falling around and down on him as he lands with a hard 'thud' one story below, managing to roll out of the way just as two chairs from the apartment above follow him down the charred hole and crash a few feet away.

"Casey! Severide! What the hell was that? Someone talk to me!" Boden's voice demands over Severide's radio.

For a few seconds Severide lays on his back breathing hard, his eyes squeezing shut but his brain demanding he get up; the room above and now to the left are on fire and Casey's in real trouble. Get up! Move…NOW!

"Severide status! What caused…"

"Chief…don't send…the team. Four guys with guns. They have Casey…they threw…"


"Trust me. Pull back from the windows. Who's inside?"

"Capp here, I've got Cruz with me; on the first floor."

"Did you see any of them Severide?" Cruz asks in concern.

"Trust me I could pick them up in a line up. Cops on the way?" He asks with a slight wheeze as he slowly sits up and then glances upward, pulling back as a few superheated embers start to target him.

"Any minute now."

"Okay I'm going after Casey, just put out the damn fire!"

Within seconds, he's on his feet, cursing the onslaught of dizzy spells from the fall and telling himself he has to get to Casey before they clear the building. Can't let him be taken with them…

Knowing he has to stall for time and help, Casey uses his large boots to trip two of the guys holding him firmly in their grasp; taking the three of them to their knees.

"You try that again and I'll cap you in the knee got it!" Levi hisses as he cocks the trigger and pushes the gun into Casey's soot clad cheek. "You are coming with us!" He growls as he gives Casey a small smack to the back of the head with the butt end of the gun; forcing his face to wince in pain.

"There is no way out!" Casey tries to argue back as he's pulled back up to his feet. But before he can say another word to his captors; they all hear the distinct sound of sirens looming closer – time was up.

"Damn we shoulda left sooner!" Levi shouts as he grabs Casey's neck and glares at him in anger. "Cover the windows!" He orders; his eyes kept on Casey's; his angry words shouted at his men.

Severide pushes open one of the windows of the third floor apartment at the same time the gang members appear at the same window one flight up. He watches as Mouch starts to maneuver the ladder toward him but gasps in horror as gun fire starts to ring out, hitting the side of the metal ladder with a distinct 'ping' and forcing all Fire House 51 members to retreat and duck for cover.

"Pull back!" Boden shouts.

"What's going on out there?"

"We're under fire! Severide you hafta find another way out!" Boden's voice is heard over his radio.

Without wasting a second, Severide takes a deep breath of air and races back toward the door, pushing through the growing wall of flames and landing on somewhat shaky legs in the hallway. But just as he does, his ears pick up the whiz of a bullet as it sails past him and embeds itself into the paneled wall behind him. He looks up to see Casey in the arms of one of the gang members, his arms tied behind his back and a piece of cloth stuffed in his mouth to keep him quiet.


"Shoulda listened and left when you had the chance, now you die too!" Levi yells as he fires at Severide once more; Severide racing for the other side of the hallway only to be turned back by gunfire hitting the door before him and forcing him back toward the burning room.

"Severide!" Boden's voice calls out in a panic over the head set; two teams outside all holding their breaths on the fates of their two missing Lieutenant's.

"Chief…" Severide's frantic voice is heard as he looks at the grim situation around him. Trapped by gun fire to the right; the stairs and window behind him being covered by a gunman; the fire to his left and his friend a captive by four angry gang members, all the while the building is now burning below them – the teams unable to get to them and help and time running out.

"We're trapped."

A/N: Ak! Alice what have you done? Muwhahaha I have an evil muse what can I say? Lol okay so this was supposed to be a one shot but then we kinda got carried away with a few details so now it's a two shot lol b/c I didn't want to rush the whole rescue and after-peril bonding that we all love hehe so hope you liked the start to this angsty little ficlet and please do review before you go and thanks so much!