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As Robin walked up to the stage star flew up behind him. 'I shall join you boyfriend robin!'

He turned and smiled at her. 'Alright star'

He handed her a mic and the music started.


Tale as old as time
True as it can be

Barely even friends
then somebody bends

Robin- just a little change
small to say the least

Both a little scared
Neither one prepared

Both- Beauty and the Beast...

Ever just the same
Ever a surprise

Ever as before

And ever just as sure
As the sun will rise

Robin- wooo wooo Whoooo!


Star-mmm ohhwooahh!

Both- Ever just the same
Robin- (yeah)

Robin- Ever a surprise

Both-Ever as before
Star- (Ever just as sure)

Both- As the sun will rise

Robin- oh! oohh! ooohhh!

Star- Tale as old as time
Tune as old as song

Both- Bitter sweet and strange
finding you can change

Learning you were wrong

Robin- Certain as the sun
Star-(certain as the sun)

Robin-Rising in the east
Star- (tale as old as time)

Both-Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the Beast

Star- Tale as old as time...
Robin- Song as old as rhyme...

Both- Beauty and the beast...
Beauty and the Beast...

They ended with a bow and jumped off the stage to go to their seats. Robin cast a glance to Raven, she had her hood up, she must be blushing. Her arms were crossed and she was looking away from the puppy wagging its tail sitting on her lap trying to get her attention.

He grinned. Suddenly the doorbell rang. He strode to the door to get it.

It was speedy, aqulad and terra?

'Hey Rob me and fish boy here were just stopping by to irritate out leader she said something about karaoke and not showing up no matter what so we stopped by.'

'Ok? And terra?'

'Don't know man she just started following us, been on our tail for an hour.'

'Alright come in.'

They strode past him. 'Hey bee!'

Bee looked up from the computer to see her teammates, she seethed. 'Didn't I say NOT to come here you dimwits?!'

Speedy smiled at her. 'Yep and that's why we're here.'

Cyborg oblivious to the situation called out. 'Alright who's next?!'

'Me!' Aqulad ran up to the computer pushed a button and then ran up to the stage.

Raven crossed her arms. 'Well your mighty energetic today aren't you?'

'you got it!' He winked at her and she shuddered.

Then the music started.

Ariel listen to me. The human world? It's a mess.

Life under the sea is better
than anything they got up there.

The seaweed is always greener
in somebody else's lake

You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake

Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor

Such wonderful things around you
what more is you looking for?

Under the sea
under the sea

Darling its better down where
its wetter take it from me!

Up on the shore they work all day
out in the sun they slave away

While we devoting
full-time to floating

Under the sea

Ah ha ha ha ha!

Down here all the fish is happy
as off through the waves they roll

The fish on the land aint happy
they sad cuz they in the bowl

But fish in the bowl is lucky they in for a worser fate
one day when the boss gets hungry

Guess who's goin be on the plate?
OH no!

Under the sea
under the sea

Nobody beat us fry us and eat us
in fricassee

We what the land folks love to cook
under the sea we off the hook

We got no troubles
life is the bubbles!

Under the sea
under the sea

Under the sea
under the sea

Sense life is sweet here we've
got the beat here naturally (naturally)

Even the sturgeon and the ray
they get the urge and start to play

We've got the spirit
you've got to hear it

Under the sea

The newt play the flute
the carp play the harp

The plaice play the base
and they sounding sharp

The bass play the brass
the chub play the tub

The fluke is the duke of soul (yeah)

The ray he can play
the lings on the strings

The trout rocking out
the blackfish she sings

The smelt and the sprat
they know where it's at

And oh that blowfish BLOW! (haha)

He did this strange little dance that reminded everyone of a fish out of water and they tried not to laugh at the irony of that

Yyeeeaaahhhhhh! Under the sea!

Under the sea
(under the sea)

When the sardine begin the beguine
its music to me!

What do they got? A lot of sand!
We got a hot crustacean band

Each little clam here
know how to jam here

Under the sea

Each little slug here
cutting a rug here

Under the sea

Each little snail here knows
how to wail here

That's why it's hotter
under the water

We are in a luck here
down in the muck here

Under the sea!

Aqulad grinned and hopped off the stage. He walked over to raven who busy petting a green cat that was curled up on her lap.

He gave her what he probably thought was a seductive look but it reminded her of a blow fish. 'So what do you think Ravey?'

Her eyes narrowed. 'You call me that again and I'll throw you in hell where there is no water and watch you shrivel and die.'

He backed away slowly and cat beast boy shook with a sound that was suspiciously like snickering.

Raven glared down at him and her hand paused. 'What's so funny?'

He lifted his head to look at her and stared a moment before licking her hand and letting out an irritable 'mew'.

She scratched him behind the ear and he purred. 'You're an idiot you know that?'

He just laid his head back down and continued purring.

'I'm going next people!'

Everyone looked up to see speedy on the stage holding a mic before the music began.

Les poissons, Les poissons

How I love Les poissons
Love to chop and serve little fish

First I cut off their heads
then I pull out the bones

Ah Mai oui
Ca c'est tojours delish

Les poissons, Les poissons


With the cleaver I
hack them in two

I pull out what's inside
and I serve it up fried

God I love little fishies, don't you?

Here's something for tempting the palate
prepared in the classic technique

First you pound the fish flat with a mallet
then you slash through the skin

Give the belie a slice, then you rub some salt in
Cause that makes it taste nice

Zut Alors!, I have missed one!
Sacre bleu what is this?

How on earth could I miss such a sweet little succulent crab?
Quel dommage, what a loss?

Here we go in the sauce
now some flour I think just a dab.

Now I stuff you with bread it don't hurt cuz your dead
and you're certainly lucky you are

Cuz its gonna be hot in my big silver pot
toodle loo mon poission, au revoir!

The music stopped and speedy fell on his back laughing hysterically and aqulad started freaking out.

'How could you think that's funny!? You're a fish killer!'

'You're a big baby! It was a joke, get over it.'

Aqualad tackled him and they wrestled and fell out the open window, as they fell everyone heard.

'I'll drown you!'

Speedy laughing. 'Bring it on fish boy'

Bee sighed and buried her face into her hands. 'They are such idiots.'

Cyborg laughed. 'I wonder why BB didn't get mad too.'

Robin raised an eyebrow. 'Good point where is he?'

Star started giggling and pointed at raven whose head was slumped into the back of the couch asleep and there was a snoozing cat across her lap as well.

Jinx snickered. 'I guess that answers your question.'

Kid flash grinned. 'Should we wake them up?'

Just then music started up but it was soft music and they all turned around to see terra with a mic.

It's, oh, so quiet…
Sshhh shhhh
It's, oh, so still…
Shhhhh shhhh
You're all alone…
Shhhh shhh
And so peaceful until...

The music changed completely and blared out at everyone. Raven jumped awake and flung beast boy to the floor. He changed back rubbing his head.

You fall in love
Zing boom
The sky up above
Zing boom
Is caving in
Wow bam
You've never been so nuts about a guy

You wanna laugh you wanna cry
You cross your heart and hope to die

Terra winked at beast boy and he dove behind raven.

'Til it's over and then
Shhhhh shhhh
It's nice and quiet
Shhhhh shhhhh
But soon again
Shhhhhh shhhhh
Starts another big riot

Terra grinned.

You blow a fuse
Zing boom
The devil cuts loose
Zing boom
So what's the use
Wow bam
Of falling in love….

It's, oh, so quiet…
It's, oh, so still…
You're all alone….
And so peaceful until...

You ring the bell
Bim bam
You shout and you yell
Hi ho ho
You broke the spell
Gee, this is swell you almost have a fit
This guy is 'gorge' and I got hit
There's no mistake this is it

She looked over to beast boy hiding and rolled her eyes.

'Til it's over and then
It's nice and quiet
Shhhhh shhhhh
But soon again
Shhhhh shhhhh
Starts another big riot

You blow a fuse
Zing boom
The devil cuts loose
Zing boom
What's the use
Wow bam
Of falling in love

She caught a glimpse of ravens angry face and grinned again.

The sky caves in
The devil cuts loose
You blow blow blow blow blow your fuse
When you've fallen in love


Terra grinned and jumped off the stage. She walked over to raven who glared at her and pushed the purple haired girl away. Beast boy sat up straighter after raven was no longer hiding him. He chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck.

'Um…hi terra.'

'Oh beast boy!'

She threw herself at him and he yelped as he landed laying down on the couch with her arms constricting her neck. He tried to pry her off but she wouldn't let go. Suddenly she leaned up and kissed him…..French kiss. He tried to protest.

'MPH! munmph! Manppnnm!'

The boys were on the ground laughing hysterically. Star was trying to get them to stop and jinx had gone to get raven up.

'What happened?'

Jinx helped her stand as she held her head. You see when she had been shoved out of the way she had smacked her head on the coffee table and she was a little dazed.

Jinx smirked at her and gestured to were beast boy and terra were. 'Take a look.'

Raven turned and saw terra on beast boy and him fighting to get her off and her face turned red with anger.

She wrapped terra in dark energy and pried her away from him. The moment she was off he rolled to the floor scraping at his tongue. 'EEEWWWWWWWWW! When was the last time you brushed your teeth!?'

Terra shrugged. 'A few days ago.'

He turned a paler shade of green. 'Aw man' His hand covered his mouth and he ran out of the room.

He came back a few minutes later with a bottle of mouth wash in his hands. Raven was standing there with her arms crossed.

'Can I throw her out of the window now?'

'No I want to be part of the team and see my love beast boy!'

He clearly shuddered. 'You're insane! I don't love you! And yea Rae go ahead.'

The next sound heard was terra's screams as she flew away.

He plopped down on the couch after washing his mouth out a few times. 'Thanks Rae! So who's next?'

'You're welcome.' She sat down beside him and crossed her arms again.

'I'm going! It's been a while and I want a turn.'

Bee grabbed the mic and flew up to the stage. Cyborg chuckled. 'Alright bee I've got just the one for you.'

She glanced at him. 'Should I be worried?'

He grinned.'Nah'

Then the music started…..

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