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Hinata looked down at her new born baby girl as she screamed with new life.

"She's beautiful." Naruto whispered. Hinata beamed at him in reply.

"What are you going to name her?" Sakura asked, smiling at her.

"Mikina. Her name is Mikina." she replied, "bring Minato in. I want him to meet his little sister." Hinata looked down in wonder at her new baby girl. Her eyes were green with a light touch of blue, so unlike her brothers, who had solid blue like his father.

"Okaasan?" a soft voice broke her concentration. Hinata looked up to see her son glancing nervously towards the bundle in her arms.

"Come, say hello to Mikina." Hinata beckoned. Minato came up and looked down in awe.

"She's so small." he whispered. Naruto chuckled softly as Minato touch his sisters head with his finger.

"Okay, time to let Mom and baby rest." Sakura but in kindly.

"Okay. See you later Mom! Love you. Oh and you too Mikina!" Minato spoke in a rush then griped his fathers hand and started to pull.

"C'mon Dad. They'll be here later. I want to show you something!"

Hinata laughed.

"I'll see you later. I love you."

"I love you too bijo."


"There was nothing we could do! They were just suddenly there and they took her and -" Kiba started.

"They took her? They took my daughter?" Hinata yelled. Rookie 9 stood in Naruto's office, bloodied and bruised.

"Hinata-sama… I'm sorry. We'll do every thing in our power to find her. I swear it on my honour. We'll find her" Neji promised.

"You will find her. You will find her no matter the cost." Naruto boomed, "Leave us." The Konoha ninja exited.

"We'll find her bijo. No matter what."

After - Mikina

"Bitch please. Come at me bro!" I said teasingly. Brandon raised an eyebrow at me.

"I'm a lot stronger then you. And not to mention, immortal. You really want me to 'come at you'?"

I sighed. Sometimes the Dark Hunters were so out of the times it wasn't even funny.

"Sometimes Bran, I wonder if you even try to fit in with society."

Brand scoffed.

"That's why I have you. To make me look like I belong. Now, if you don't mind. I would like to go to sleep." Bran checked his watch.

"Fine, fine. I'll go an explore. Find out what's near, where the grocery shops are and stuff." Bran waved his hand at me and yawned. I smiled and walked towards the door, but waited till Bran was safely away from the sun.

See, Bran is what we call a Dark-Hunter. He was killed horribly and his soul cried out for vengeance. One thing led to another, and now he is an immortal warrior fighting under the Greek Goddess Artemis's name and killing Daemons. Daemons are Artemis's twin brother Apollo's git. They are called 'Apolites' - children of Apollo (or, you know, great something or rather, related to Apollo) until they turn 27. Then they can either die a painful death or become a Daemon. Daemon's eat people's souls to live and the role of a Dark-Hunter is to kill these Daemons.

Now, I'm what's called a Squire. We get 'employed' to a Dark-Hunter and we do their errands, pay bills, pick them up and drop them off at places and just do stuff for them. We get paid crap loads for this as well. I'm a Blood Rites Squire. This means that I am one of the elite ranking of Squire's. We uphold our 'code' and do shit like that. All my life, I have been raised a squire. I was adopted when I was a baby, and my parents were Squire's.

My 'employer', Brandon Farwell is a 456 year old Greek solider. Obviously, his name is not Greek. Bran changes his name every 100 years (or so he's told me). I have been with Bran since I turned 18 and we have just moved to Konoha, Japan. It's a nice place, I guess, for Federal Japan. I prefer the open and carefree feeling of Australia, where we lived before. Hundreds of years in the future.

Ash, the unofficial leader of the Dark-Hunters, and our patron Goddess Artemis, had decided that this time need a Dark-Hunter and sent Bran. Now, I don't know all the finer details to this particular task, and Bran doesn't think it's necessary for me to know, but I know it has something to do with the Kyuubi, an ancient Japanese fox demon. From what I gathered, it was going to fuck some serious shit up sometime in the near future. With the help of some less-than-lovely Daemons, hence why Bran and I where here. It also probably helps that both Bran and I can speak Japanese.

I change into the clothes I had found in the small cottage that Bran and I are staying in a little while out from Konoha and walk towards the large hulking gates at the front of the village. From what I've read, Konoha is one of the most powerful ninja villages, famous for spitting out powerful shinobi. Konoha is located in the middle of Fire Country and is surrounded by giant hulking trees. To my utter surprise, some of these trees have been knocked down. Or obliterated. Or both. Huh. Of course, that isn't the only thing that surprised the shit outta me.

In a small clearing off to my left was a Daemon. And, seeing as it was pure daylight, it was a Gallu Daemon. And a ninja was fighting it. Well, trying to. He wasn't getting very far. Granted, he probably didn't know how to kill it. Great. Not even my first day here, and I have to go kick some ass.

Stalking into the forest, I pull out a long black steel blade that is sheathed on my back, the handle pointing downwards for easy drawing.

"Yo, fucktard. You wanna pick on someone who actually knows how to kill you?" I said loudly. The Daemon looked at me and narrowed his eyes. He did me a once over, eyes slightly widening when he saw my tattoo.

"A Dark-Hunter Squire. I'm going to enjoy eating you little girl." he snarled, baring fangs. The boy he was fighting, had taken the time to sneak up on the Daemon and stab him in the shoulder with a triangular knife. The Daemon hissed, turned on the spot and backhanded the boy and sent him flying. The boy looked exhausted, with various bruises and cuts littering his body.

"C'mon shit head. Lets do this." I taunted. The Daemon smirked at me, stalking closer. I grinned and flexed my shoulders. Raising my knife, I flexed my fingers in the universal sign of bring it. The Daemon stalked closer, bearing his fangs. Suddenly, the boy was by my side. I made a gurgling sound (not my finest or elegant Surprise! sound).

"How do we kill it?"

hollllyyyy shiiiiiittt son! His voice... damn, dat voice. I must of spaced off and boy nudged me.

"Well? How do I kill it?" He asked again.

"Oh. Hit it in between the eyes. Behead it. Or burn it. Only ways to kill it. Oh! And don't let it bite you. Thats bad. Very, very bad."

"Got it," and with that, the Daemon was suddenly on fire.

Well? I'm no good with the fighting scenes and stuff, and NO! Kakashi's son (who has yet to be named) is not weak. He was coming back from a very tiring mission and wasn't the strongest. And you'd be a bit stumped if this...thing that wouldn't die was attacking you, saying that he is going to eat your soul.

ANYWAYS! So...yay or nae?


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