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I watch the Daemon burn with surprise. Well, there's something you don't see everyday. I turned my head to look at the boy, eyes wide, as a stream of fire was exhaled, somewhat violently, but under perfect control. Within seconds, the Daemon was nothing but a sing mark on the grass, and the boy was looking at me with calculating green eyes.

Silver hair, tousled in a sexy dishevelled I-was-in-a-fight-and-kicked-ass mop on his head. Barely there bangs just covered his eyes. A purplish bruise had formed on his left cheek, near his mouth, and a cut slashed his right eyebrow.

I was in Heaven. Died, and went straight to Heaven.

"Who are you?" He asked, oblivious to my inner fangurling. I blinked twice in rapid secession. Right, he was saying something.

"Sorry, what did you say?" God, I'm stupid. I think my inner fangurl just committed suicide.

"Who. Are you?" He asked slowly. Oh, God. He asked slowly. Now he thinks I'm stupid. Oh, hell no. Cute or not, nobody talks down to me. I mean, I know I'm short, so logically, everybody but small children talks down to me. But, you know, I mean metaphorically.

"I'm Mikina. Mikina Yuuki. Oh, shit. You guys say it the other way round, don't you? Ah, Yuuki Mikina. Yeah, Yuuki Mikina. And you?"

The boy looked blankly at me as I re-holstered my blade.

"You're not from here." He stated. I sighed. Now who's the dumb one.

"No, I'm not from here. Now, are you going to answer my question, or avoid it all day?" Que the hand on hip.

"I'm Hatake Tsuki. Nice to meet you. Are you headed to Konoha?" He said with a bow. Yes, I am fluent in the language. No, I don't particularly like taking part in their customs. They're strange. The whole, having to bow thing? Yeah, no.

"Yeah, I'm headed to Konoha." I made a slight kissing sound when I pursed my lips. A habit when I'm in awkward positions. "Can I go with you? I mean, I might need some protection!"

Tsuki had already started to walk away (Okay, rude), when he replied with a:

"Nice knife."

I gritted my teeth and sped up to walk just slightly behind him.

We walked in silence for a while before the trees started to clear up and a set of huge gates appeared. I made a small sound in the back of my throat.

"Oh, wow. They are the biggest set o' gates I have ever seen in my life. Look at the size of them big bastards!" I was in awe. Yes, I admit it. My inter fangurl had come back from the dead. Not to ogle at cute boys, but to worship a set of gates. God I'm strange.

Tsuki chuckled. "The look on your face right now, is priceless. They're just gates."

Tsuki led me closer to them. Once we got into ear shot of some guards, they called out and waved.

"Hey, Hatake! Welcome home! It's good to see you safe!" A guard with a bandage across his node shouted.

"Yeah, Hatake, good to see you home" another guard with a tight bandana-style added.

Hatake, as the guards called him, lifted his hand in a greeting, but didn't say anything. I frowned slightly, but didn't say anything. When we got closer to the gates, the guards where waiting for us. Well, they where waiting for Tsuki. Being closer, made me realise that these guards where a lot older then I thought they where. Slight wrinkles former around the guard with the bandage's nose, in-between his eyes, with laugh lines around his eyes. The other guard also had wrinkles around his visible left eye.

"Who's this?" The bandaged guard asked, eyeing me curiously. The other guard looked like he was trying to remember something, but couldn't.

"This is Yuuki Mikina. I found her on the path, heading towards Konoha. So I joined her." Tsuki's right thumb jerked at me from over his shoulder. Nah, ah. No matter how pretty he is. If he keeps up with this attitude, I'm gonna peg him at the gates.

"Do you have any papers, to identify yourself with? I'm Kamizuki Izumo."

Bran and I where given papers to identify ourselves before we left, and, lucky me, I had tucked it into my bra.

"Oh, yeah, hang on." See, putting things in my bra is a natural thing. My friends and even Bran don't flutter an eyelid when my hand goes down my shirt. So you can imagine my amusement, when all three men looked at me like I was growing a third head in front of them. I pulled out small, but think, square of paper. I quickly unfolded in and gave it to the bandaged guard who was closest to me.

"Ah. Thanks. I'm, ah, I'm Hagane Kotetsu." aww, the man was blushing. Kind of creepy, seeing as he was probably old enough to be my dad. But cute, none the less.

He quickly scanned the paper, seeing no fault with it and sent us on our way. Tsuki walked with me for a bit before stopping at a cross road.

"Well, I have to go and see the Hokage now. It was nice meeting you. Ja, ne." Hatake didn't even wait for a response, before taking a left and walking off, leaving me to fend for myself.


I spent the rest of the day stumbling and pushing my way through the crowed. I had some money on me, for which I was eternally grateful, and was able to buy myself some lunch before happening upon a cool breezy shady spot next to a small stream somewhat off the main road. I must of have feel asleep, because when I opened my eyes, it was dark. I sat up quickly, blinking in my surroundings. Damn. I haven't slept that good in ages.

I quickly got up and headed off the way I had come earlier in the day. The streets where less crowed at this time of night, but still busy. Restaurants and dinners, food carts and benders lined the streets. My stomach grumbled. I still had some left over money left, and went in search of a place to eat.

Now, I love ramen. Ramen, and ramen alone, is what got me interested in the Japanese language. So, surprise, surprise when I stumbled upon a little ramen store called Ichiraku. Mmmn. Even the name sounds good. Yum. I lifted the curtain and blinked at the harsh light. A blond man was already in, slurping down a bowl of ramen and adding it to his growing pile. Woah. This dude likes is ramen.

"Ah, come on in, and take a seat -" and old man had started to say before cutting off and dropping the ladle in his hand and staring at me. I must have grown a second head sometime today without me noticing it.. The blond man straightened up within seconds. He turned in his seat, tense and ready to launch himself at any threat. That was before he got the same look in his face as the old man.

"You… you…you." The man stutted.

"Yes. Me, me, me. What is it man? What? Do I have dirt on my face. A bad word drawn in my face? What?" I demanded.

"You. You're Mikina." he stated. Damn this man had pretty blue eyes. Kinda like mine. Such a pretty shade of crystal blue. Whisker-like marks coverd both his cheeks in threes.

"Yes. Yes I am. Thanks for telling me that."

The man stood up, towering over me. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I am the 7th Hokage of Konohagakure."

I raised an eyebrow. So this was the Leaf Villages most powerful shinobi. He was also the Jinchuuuriki.

"Impressive resume." I responded.

Uzumaki Naruto's eyebrows twitched as he fought off a frown. He swallowed loudly and visibly.

"I am also your father."