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Ally Moon set the box of toys down at the foot of the stairs with a huff. She, her kids, and her husband of two months were moving into their new house. Their friends were there helping too. Most of them.

"Trish, can you like actually help?" Ally asked her friend irritably.

Trish De la Rosa sighed and picked up the smallest box and started up the stairs.

"Well, don't put yourself out or anything." Ally said dryly, picking up the box she had set down.

Ally loved her new house. It was two stories, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, painted a light blue with white shutters and a big bay window downstairs. It had a large front and backyard, perfect for Kaylin and Kyler. It also had a two-car garage with a music studio above it. She was thrilled to get out of the cramped apartment she had lived in ever since the twins were a year old. Austin had proposed that they live in his mansion, but she wanted her own home, a home she could share with her new family.

"Where do you want the couch Ally?" Dez yelled up the stairs.

Ally closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose. She loved Dez, she really did, he was her best friends boyfriend and her husband's best friend, but sometimes…

"In the living room Dez!" she shouted, and then said in a lower tone, "Where couches go."

She was a little stressed. Moving was a pain in the ass. She had to plan Kaylin and Kyler's birthday party in two weeks and she had to register for the summer semester for school. And on top of all that she had to help Austin make a record.


"What?" she snapped.

Her friend Emily Cahill stepped back, hands raised.

"Whoa, there." the blond woman said gently, "Why don't you take a break."

Ally sat on a box with a sigh.

"I'm sorry Em." she said, "Dez is a ditz, Trish wont lift a finger, I feel like I haven't seen my husband in ages, and I'm pretty sure my father has kidnapped my children and filling them up with sugar."

Emily laughed and sat beside Ally, giving her a hug. Ally hugged back in thanks. Emily was a wonderful friend to have. She was sweet, caring, and soft spoken. She had a sort of flawless natural beauty about her that both Trish and Ally envied.

"Dez is a ditz, Trish isn't being very helpful, your husband is currently helping Dez and yes, your father stole Kaylin and Kyler and took them out for ice cream." Emily confirmed, "What room are we in?"

Ally looked around.

"This is going to be Kyler's room. I'm decorating it with a train theme as his birthday present." she said, smiling.

"Aww, what are you doing for Kaylin?" Emily asked.

"An art theme. She is so talented; I want her to continue doing what she loves." Ally answered.

"She'll love it." Emily said, squeezing Ally's hand, "Now, how can I help?"

"Teach Trish those words." Ally joked.


Over the next few days, everything was moved into the Moon home and all the pictures and decorations were up as well. This would be the first night in their new house. Kaylin and Kyler were happy to have their own rooms, but Ally could tell they were nervous about being apart.

"I'm hungry mommy." Kaylin said, entering the kitchen.

"Dinner's almost ready." Ally said with a smile, "Where's your daddy and brother?"

"Outside." Kaylin said, "Daddy's measurin'."

Ally stopped stirring and turned to her daughter.

"Measuring what exactly?" she asked.

"For a tree house." Kaylin answered.

Ally groaned. She could just picture Kyler falling out of tree house. And the hospital bill with lots of zeros.

"Daddy didn't mention that to me." Ally said, putting a lid on the pot, "Go ahead and tell them dinner's ready."

"Okay mommy!" Kaylin said, always happy to do what her mother asked.

Soon two very dirty boys entered the kitchen.

"Stop!" Ally yelled, hand out.

Austin and Kyler froze, grinning sheepishly. Ally tried to remain stern, but she just couldn't stop the smile forming on her face.

"Go get cleaned up, then we'll eat." she said.

"Aww." the boys groaned, but they headed up the stairs.

"Boys are so dirty." Kaylin said, wrinkling her nose.

Ally laughed as she set the food on the table.

"Someday you won't think that." Ally said.

"Eww." Kaylin responded, sitting down.

Ally almost had a heart attack when Austin came flying in the dining room, Kyler on his shoulders. They looked…a bit better.

"Austin!" she exclaimed.

"Oooh, looks good darling." Austin kissed her cheek, setting down his newly adopted son.

"Sit down." she said, playfully pushing him away.

Ally loved this. She loved having family dinner time. She knew it was a cheesy line of thinking, but it was something she was sure she would never have.

"Mommy when are me and Kaylin gonna be six?" Kyler asked while Austin cut up his spaghetti.

"In…"Ally counted in her head, "nine days."

Kyler looked over at Austin.

"Will the tree house be ready in nine days?" he asked, mouth full.

"Kyler, swallow." Kaylin reprimanded ever the one for manners.

Ally sent Austin a look.

"Uh, we'll have to see Little Man." Austin said, "I think your mom wants to talk to me about it first."

"Can Keenan and Kallista come to our party?" Kaylin asked.

Keenan and Kallista were the neighbor kids. They were six year old cousins that lived with their grandmother. Kaylin and Kyler had become fast friends with them. Ally liked them, but she adored their grandmother. Alice Jacobs had been through hell, losing two of her three children and having to raise her grandkids, but she was the sweetest lady. She had brought over cookies the day Ally and Austin looked at the house.

"Of course they can come." Ally said.

"Yes!" the twins yelled.

"And can we have a bouncy house?" Kyler begged.


The twins and Ally stared at Austin. He lowered the fist he had pumped in the air slowly.

"What? You're never too old for a bouncy house." He pouted at Ally, "Can we have one mommy?"

Ally shook her head and laughed.

"Maybe." she poked a finger in her husband's direction, "But you and Dez have to share it with the kids."

"I think that's a yes guys." Austin stage whispered.

"And, your daddy and I have a special surprise for each of you." Ally said, rolling her eyes, "But you won't be able to see it until after your birthday."

"Why?" Kyler asked.

"Because it's big." Ally said.

"Really?" Kaylin said excitedly.

"Yep." Ally said.

"What is it?" Kyler demanded.

"It wouldn't be a surprise if we told you Little Man." Austin ruffled Kyler's hair.

They finished eating and settled into their nightly routine. Help the kids with their showers, brushing teeth, tucking in. Ally and Austin collapsed on the couch downstairs, making sure the twins were ok being apart. Austin handed her a glass of wine. She sighed in contentment and laid her head on his chest.

"You need to relax darling." Austin whispered in her ear, "You are so tense."

She tilted her head up so she could glare at him. He just took it as an opportunity to kiss her senseless.

Oh yeah, she really loved that too.

"I love you." she whispered against his lips.

"I love you too darling." he said, then pulled back, "Oh, by the way, my parents are going to be here in two days."

Ally jumped up with a shout.

"What? Why didn't you-? The house is-" she smacked his chest, "And you want me to be relaxed!"

Austin cringed.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you."

Ally glared at him, hands on her hips.

"Okay, you're upset." he said, standing up, arms raised.

"You think." Ally hissed, "The house is a wreck."

"The house is fine." Austin said soothingly, "And it's just my parents."

"My in-laws!"

Austin pulled her into a hug. It took a moment, but she melted into it.

"Let's go to bed." he whispered, biting her earlobe.

Okay, she really loved that.

"I'm still angry with you." she said as he lifted her in his arms.

"I'm ok with that." he said, then chuckled when she lightly slapped his face.

"Careful darling, you know what that does to our lives."


The backyard was full of screaming children. The bouncy house was a huge hit as was the tree house Ally had consented to, albeit reluctantly.

"Miss Ally." said a little girl from Kaylin and Kyler's preschool class, "Why is there a giant in the bouncy house?"

Ally looked up to see Dez jumping up and down in the castle-shaped bouncy house, little kids rolling around uncontrollably because of it. Oh, God. She had already told him to get out. Several times. It was time to bring in the big guns before the she had to bring in the paramedics. Sorry officer, he bounced them to death.

"I'll take care of it sweetie." Ally said to the little girl.

Ally stomped over to Trish, who was busy shaking Kaylin and Kyler's gifts.

"Trish, get your boyfriend out of the bouncy house." Ally said.

Trish sighed and set down the present she was currently shaking the crap out of.


Ally unplugged her ears. Everyone was staring at Trish, but Dez got out of the bouncy house, looking like a kicked puppy.

"Thank you." Ally said, "Will you please stop shaking the presents? They're not even yours."

Trish shrugged and smiled.

"Habit." Trish looked around, "Where's Blondie?"

That's what Trish called Emily. It was an affectionate nickname, for Trish.

"She's helping the decorators." Ally answered, "Thanks for taking the twins tonight. We're gonna finish whatever the decorators don't."

"Me and my twinions will have the best sleepover ever!" Trish said.

"Just make sure Dez sits this one out." Ally warned.

"You are no fun." Trish pouted as Dez joined them.

He leaned down to kiss her. Ally bit back a giggle. It was funny to watch them kiss. It wasn't their fault really, Dez was just so tall and Trish was just so short. He had to practically bend in half to reach her lips.

"You have a colorful array of friends dearie." Alice Jacobs said.

"Oh you're here!" Ally hugged the friendly grandmother, "Yes, colorful is a good word. I'm so glad Keenan and Kallista could come."

Said kids had spotted Kaylin and Kyler, so there were shrieks of glee all around.

"I didn't have much of a choice seeing as it was their, and I quote, 'best friends' birthday." Alice said, eyes smiling.

The adults chatted until cake time. Emily came downstairs to join them. Dez brought out his video camera. Mike and Mimi were smiling happily. They loved being grandparents.

"Time to blow out the candles!" Austin yelled, carefully maneuvering the cake through the small mass of five and six year olds, "Make some room!"

The cake was large with chocolate frosting. Written on it in blue and pink frosting was 'Happy Birthday Kaylin and Kyler'. On one side were six blue candles and six pink on the other. Kaylin went on the pink side, Kyler went on the blue.

"All right kids, let's do this rock and roll style!" Austin yelled, plugging his electric guitar into a nearby amp.

Ally laughed in surprise. They all sang happy birthday to the loud music.

"Make a wish and blow out the candles!" she exclaimed.

The twins squeezed their eyes tightly for a second then blew out the candles together.

"Yay!" Ally cheered along with the others.

Kaylin and Kyler hugged each other.

"Happy birthday Ky!" Kaylin squealed.

"Happy birthday Kay!" Kyler responded.

Ally took a picture fast. Her father started cutting the cake. Austin came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She tilted her head back until it hit shoulder, showing quite a bit of skin.

"Austin!" she hissed, face burning as he tried to kiss her neck.

He just laughed and kissed her.

"We are in the presence of children!" she exclaimed when he pulled away.

"I'm just kissing my wife." he said unapologetically.

"Honestly." Ally said, blushing when Emily snickered.

Soon the guests started leaving. Ally handed Trish the twins bags for the night and the twins were off.

"Oh, look at this mess." Ally said.

"We'll clean it up tomorrow." Mimi said, "We have to finish their rooms."

Ally hated to leave a mess, but her mother-in-law was right. They split up. Austin, Mike and Dez finished up Kyler's room and Ally, Lester and Emily finished up Kaylin's. It was five in the morning before they were done. They all gathered in the living room.

"The twins will be so happy you two." Mimi said tiredly from the couch.

"Thank you for helping Mimi. You too Mike." Ally said, yawning from her place in her husband's lap in the easy chair.

"Anything for my grandkids." Mike said from beside his wife.

"That was fun." Dez said, sitting upside-down in the other chair, his face red from the blood rush.

"I'm gonna make breakfast." Emily said, getting up off the floor.

"You don't have to do that." Ally said.

"I want too." she said.

Ally wasn't going to argue anymore, she was exhausted. She must have fallen asleep, because when she opened her eyes, she was the only one in the living room. She went into the kitchen where everyone was eating and sat at the table.

"Here." Emily said, putting food in front of her sleepy friend.

"Thanks." Ally said.

About an hour later, two kids who were obviously stuffed full of sugar burst into the house.

"Where's our present?" Kyler yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Indoor voice." Ally reminded him.

Kyler just jumped up and down. Kaylin joined him.

"I don't know. I think we should wait another day Ally." Austin said mock-seriously.

"No daddy!" they yelled together.

"Alright then…go check out your rooms!" he yelled.

Kaylin and Kyler bounded up the stairs, deaf to their mothers command to walk. The adults followed.

"Oh my gosh!" Kyler shouted, "No way! A train bed!"

"Paints!" Kaylin's voice overlapped her brothers, "Cool!"

Ally felt her children's joy in her heart. Kaylin and Kyler ran around in their rooms, examining everything.

"Say thank you to your mommy and daddy." Emily said.

"Thank you mommy and daddy!" the twins hugged their parents.

"You're very welcome Princess." Austin said, lifting the little girl in his arms.

"I'm glad you like it Kyler." Ally said, hugging her son tightly, "But your Aunt Emily and Uncle Dez helped too."

The twins hugged their aunt and uncle.

"Don't forget your grandpas and grandma!" Ally reminded them.

More hugs all around.

"I love our home!" Kaylin said, her smile bright.

"I love it too." Ally said, looking over at her husband fondly.

Her future and the future of her family looked bright. She couldn't wait to see what came next.