A/N. This is just a little thing that popped into my head after watching PewDiePie's videos on Slender. I might turn it into something more. I might not. I kinda like it how it is, even if it's just so short. Enjoy my little blurb :D.

What if... Slender man doesn't mean any harm?

What if he only wants a friend?

What if he's harmless?

What if he just wants a hug?

Nobody has thought of this. Everyone just assumes the poor, faceless man is evil. He's been corruped, abused, thought to be just a hallucination.

What if he only delves into the minds of those with pure, good hearts?

What if he's the product of an evil doer, but doesn't want to be evil himself?

Let's just give the poor man a chance, to give him a life, a friend, a lover, a place in society. He deserves it after all those "What if's".