Derek looked at Stiles as he heard the sounds of a baby crying, his eyes widen as he looked at Stiles who looked equal as scared as he held the small bundle in his arms, the rain poured on him as he stood outside the Hale home. Mud covered his bare feet and the smell of blood was strong on him even tho the rain soaked him, Derek took a couple of steps out into the rain, in bare foot as he looked at him the both of them "Is that?"

"Yes." Came the weak response

"Is that why you ran away after the shooting?" Derek asked walking closer to him not caring that the mud was going in between his toes and soaking into his jeans

"That and you told me that you used me and you really didn't care about me only as long as you got what you wanted, s…so after d…dad…dad was killed I left." He said quietly trying to hold his tears away but they fell along with the rain.

The wolf's heart broke, he knew when he said what he said he hate himself and how it broke Stiles even Derek's own pack was angry at the wolf but after the shooting and Stiles dad dying he was to blame "I didn't mean it, I was trying to protect you." Derek said trying to explain why he did what he did, but after some silence between with only the rain fall and the child crying it started to unnerve Derek

"It didn't work, they came after me and my dad got killed." Stiles said shaking,

"If you didn't want to come back why did you?"

"I have nowhere else to go, the…the hunters want to kill John." He said as he started to shake

"John, after you father." Stiles nodded his knees started to give go, Derek got to Stiles before he fell and picked him and John up and turned back into the house "He's a new born?" Derek gasp

"3…3 hours old." Stiles whispered as they walked inside the warm house out of the rain.

Derek carried him into the living room and placed them on the floor in front of the fire place and then turned it on, to start warm them up "ISAAC!" He yelled, the sound of footsteps padded down the stairs as a startled look teen walked into the room, he stopped and looked shocked

"S…Stiles! Oh god your back!" he yelled happily, Derek looked up at him

"Call Scott and tell him to get Mellissa and tell her to get her to get here now!" he said

"Yeah okay." The blonde ran off and to the phone, Derek started to pull Stiles wet bloody clothes off

"We need to take this off and get you warm." He said as he pulled Stiles' long T shirt that came to his knees, and then his jeans and boxers and then covered him in a warm blanket, "Can I take John and warp him in a warmer blanket?" he asked Stiles looked at him with brown eyes and nodded and shakily let Derek take the amber eye baby and untangled it from Stiles' hoody and shirt and warped his own warm shirt around the baby boy, he looked at Stiles and saw the teen had started shaking and twitching, his eyes had rolled back into his head and he had falling on to his side "Stiles, Stiles!" he cried "ISAAC GET IN HERE!" he cried out, the blonde came running back in

"I just called her and told her to come here that Stiles is back and…"

"Hold him keep him warm." Derek said handing the baby over to Isaac, the blonde looked down at the baby in his arm his mouth just hung open

"I...Is this…"

"It's mine and Stiles." Derek growled as he pull the blankets off Stiles.

The blonde looked confused at the baby that looked up at him "It's a wolf." Isaac said as he looked back up "W…What's wrong with him?" The curly hair blond asked looking panicky and close to tears

"He lost a lot of blood with John, he's going into shock, Mellissa not going to make it in time." He said, the blonde watched with wide eyes as Derek took his alpha form and bite down on Stiles shoulder. Isaac pulled the baby close to him so he could see Derek bite Stiles.

The car pulled to a sudden stop as three people ran out the car and into the house, Mellissa stood there looking at the scene in living room, Scott come in behind her along with Peter "Derek?" she called out as she walked in, Derek looked up at her, he has Stiles head in his lap as the teen laid out on the sofa, he walked over to him and looked at the pale teen in his lap

"I had to bite him, he lost so much blood …" Derek stopped as he ran his fingers through the slightly longer hair of the teens

"Derek I am not judging you." She said softly touching his knee "Isaac said there was a baby?" just as she said it Isaac walked out with a small bundle in his arms, she got up and looked over the baby "Oh god he's a new born?" She said looking teary eye; Peter came up behind her and touched her shoulder

"Shhh it okay, just check him over okay, me and Scott and Isaac will go and get some baby things okay." She looked at him and nodded

"Thank you." she kissed him and the older wolf left with the other two wolves.

Mellissa walked back to Derek and looked at him "The baby is fine, health from what I can see, he's just hungry." She smiled

"His name is John." He said as he took the child into his arm, she nodded "He's mine you know, I chased Stiles away and he couldn't came to me after his dad died and then he had to go through all this carrying him and given birth to him and for the hunters trying to kill them both, it's all my fault." He said,

"Yes you made a mess of it and there is the words I told you so hanging around, but you got find away to prove to Stiles you love him and that little boy in your arms." Derek looked at her as she smiled sweetly.

By morning the baby had been feed and is now sleeping in a cot by the sofa, Derek stayed by Stiles side throughout the night, Mellissa and Peter sleep in one of the bed room's down stairs and Isaac and Scott slept in front of the fire, warped up in each other's arms, Stiles whimpered and open his eyes and looked at the fire crackling in front of him he looked down at the two teen's on the floor sleeping tangled with each other, he sat up and looked around and saw Derek sleeping, he had been using his leg as a pillow, he saw the white cot and stood up warping the blanket's around him as he looked at his sleeping child "Stiles?" came the voice, looking around and saw Derek looking at him with a puppy look,

"H…Hi." He whispered as he pointed to the puppies on the floor, Derek held out his hand Stiles look at it wondering if he should really take it but he reached out and took it, Derek pulled him closer to him slowly "You gave me the bite?"

"Had to I didn't want to lose not again." He said, looking up into the wolf's eyes Stiles bite his lip

"You really hurt me." He said

"I know I am so…so sorry, I panic and thought if I pushed you away you would be okay and the hunters would leave you alone, I was so wrong Stiles I only made it worst." And what shocked Stiles was Derek had tears running down his eyes, he titled his head and looked at Derek and reached out and wiped the tears off Derek's face

"Do you care about me?" he asked, Derek looked up at him

"I do I love you." Stiles let a smile form on his lips and let himself climb onto the wolf's lap and bury is head into shoulder

"I love you Sour wolf."