The bed room door open and Stiles looked down at what looks like a sleeping man, he gave John to Derek and walked into the room and sat on the side of the bed, his hand rested on his dad's chest and could feel the rest and fall of his chest his heart beat strongly but yet he didn't wake, there was no machine needed for his breathing or for his heart "Why won't he wake up?" Stiles asked as he touched his dad's hands

"The doctor's don't know, everything is okay, his brain function his fine and his wounds healed but he just won't wake up." Chris said

"What doctor and don't say the vet?" he asked

"He's an old friend of am, he use to be a hunter before he decides to join the ranks of the witches; he works as a doctor when he isn't trying to create mud babies." Stiles looked at him oddly

"I'm not going to ask." He said "Derek you said you were going to offer him the bite?" Stiles asked, bouncing the whimpering baby in his arms

"I can't give it without his permission or a family member?" he said

"You have my permission Derek." Stiles said, nodding Derek gave baby John back to Stiles who held onto him and held onto his dad's hand as Derek sat on the other side and pulled his other arm out that had the IV in

"Do you want me to bite him in the arm?"

"It's as good as any place." The teen said, turning into his alpha form, he sniffed along the man's arm before biting down, Chris winced as he stood in the door way as he watched, pulling away Derek licked he bite clean before looking down at the man "How long before we know it will work?" Stiles asked

"I am not sure, it could still kill him."

"Derek." Stiles whined, he really not wanting to hear that

"It may take a couple of days…maybe?" he said looking back at the teen, Stiles eyes where soft brown as he held John in his arm and turned him around

"Hey look it your granddad, he's not well at the moment, but when he opens his eyes he will see you and he love you, like me and daddy." He looked up at Derek who caught his eyes and gave him a small smile.

Down stairs, Chris he stopped and leaned against the wall feeling dizzy "Are you okay?" Stiles asked, looking at him, the hunter looked up and at him

"I'm fine." He said

"Liar what is wrong?"

"Stiles…" the teen turned around and looked at Derek


"…Remember I told you Peter made sure Chris will help us not just because of what happen?" Stiles blinked at Derek and then back at Chris, he watched as the man held his stomach

"Are you saying he…"

"No not that, I let him Stiles." The teen looked him

"You let him?" Chris frowned and waved his hand into the living room, Stiles walked in while Derek helps the hunter into the living room and sits him down

"Thanks." Derek sat next to Stiles as the teen looked at that hunter

"After what happen with… I fell and into depression and Peter was there to comfort me, the pregnancy was unexpected I didn't even knew it was possible until Peter said, Mellissa and Peter have been happy about it."

"Your…whoa oaky I wasn't expecting that!" He muttered

"Expecting what?" They all turned around and saw John Stilinski limp down the stairs

"DAD!" Stiles cried as he gave John to Derek and ran to his dad, the older man warped around his son and held him as he cried

"Hey…hey what is with all the tears Stiles?" Stiles just held onto his harder and cried, Derek stood up with the baby in his hand

"I will call Peter." Chris said getting up and walking into another room,

"Stiles it's okay?" he said

"No it's not I thought you been dead for 6 month." He cried

"6 months?" John asked as he looked up to see Derek looking at him holding a baby boy "I was out for 6 months and that is my grandson?"