The arrow embedded itself deep into the flesh just below my left shoulder. It went in a good inch or so. But there was no time to worry about that now. Thorin was in danger. I continued to fight my way towards him killing a few more orcs along with a warg. The fire was closer to Thorin when I finally reached him and put myself in between his body and the monstrous pale orc.

"Move out of the way tiny one. My quarrel is not with you," he said offering me one last moment of mercy.

"You will not touch him. Even if I die you will not touch him," I replied preparing myself for what I hoped to be the next few minutes, rather than moments, of my life.

The pale orc descended from his perch on the equally pale warg.

He chuckled. "You think you can stand against me fae?"

I drew the dual swords given to me by Elrond and stood as tall as I could. Before I could come up with a plan of action Azog swung his left arm towards me. I parried his attack, and returned with one of my own only to have to dodge his mace that he swung with his remaining hand. I rolled backwards. Instead of giving me space from the monstrosity in front of me, I only ended up giving myself less space to maneuver and putting Azog closer to completing his goal. I gripped my weapons tightly in my hands. I raised them above my head and instantly dropped to my knees. I had forgotten about the orc arrow in my shoulder. The pain now coursing through my body made me drop the swords. Azog put away his weapon. He grabbed me around my neck and lifted me to his level. Laughter rang in my ears. Slowly he started to squeeze the life out of me.

"Did you truly think that you could kill me fae? You are nothing to an orc. You have no power that can destroy me. I will kill you and your friends."

That did it. I would hold back no longer. I let my anger of Thorin being hurt, of Thorin not acknowledging me take over. The fire around us gained power and roared louder and more fierce than it had moments before. I took care to keep Thorin safe but gathered a small section of the fire into my right hand and swung it up into Azog's face. I was instantly dropped to the ground spraining my ankle in the process. Azog howled in the pain I had caused him. I sheathed my swords and looked up to see my friends being rescued by giant eagles. I saw one coming towards me and prepared myself to be gathered into the giant talons. I was grabbed and dropped onto the back of another eagle with Fili and Kili. Together as a group the eagles flew me and my companions away from the howling screams of the pale orc. I searched for Thorin. I didn't have to look long. I looked in the direction Fili and Kili were and saw his lifeless form held gently in the talon of an eagleā€¦.