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A: Abuse

Sonic was doing what he did best, and that was running. Nowhere in particular as usual, just allowing his feet to carry him to wherever their interested in. Over hills, across mountains, jumping over rivers, zig zagging on rocks, all of that was no sweat for the blue hero at all. But that was until he got to this certain place, a meadow of wheat, lot's of wheat with a old and corrupted tree in the middle.

People said that that tree was haunted, as the story goes, a long time ago a women was in so much pain and depression and loss that she hung herself on the middle branch, it was a surprise for everyone. A few weeks later, the wheat needed harvesting and the Farmers were sent to work. But then half of the group ran back screaming, they claimed that they had seen the ghost of the suicidal women who was angry about her peaceful deathly slumber being disturbed and had killed the other half to show her anger. Everyone since that day had been avoiding that place, but Sonic was never afraid of it, it was one of his favourite places to be actually.

Whenever he sat on a branch of the tree and felt a strange presence in the air. He'd talk to it, and not run or panic like everyone else.

As he was running, he saw the field up ahead. He smiled and his smile widened when he saw a group of older male teenagers at the tree, around 6 teenagers were there. He was pleased that he wasn't the only one who wasn't afraid of that tree anymore. He stopped and stared at them happily, his smile plastered on his face. He then frowned, were they kicking something on the floor? The Blue Blur narrowed his eyes to see better, sure enough, the teenagers were kicking.

Growing suspicious of what they were doing, he crawled into the wheat field, careful for them to not notice his bright blue pelt as he neared. He silently brushed the wheat out of his way and lightly put his feet on the ground for no sound, his bright emerald eyes glancing around the boys. He stopped when he was around the edge of the circle which was around the trees, as if the wheat wouldn't dare touch the 'haunted' tree.

A yelp of pain got the azure's attention again, his eyes widened when he saw a black male on the floor, and worst of all were the teenagers who were abusing him. "You're a monster!" one of the boys laughed and jumped on the figures back, a loud crack sounded and a cry of agony, Sonic tensed, "Your weak, your worthless, you have no life!" one of them kicked him in the head, the Blue Blur winced, "But most of all…" Sonic's eyes widened as he saw the leader of the gang, he was muscular and looked pretty tough, was he the cause of this?

"But most of all" he repeated and knelt down beside the whimpering body, "Is that you don't deserve to live Shadow the Hedgehog!" Sonic's pupils shrunk so much that you weren't even able to see them! The leader grabbed the neck of Shadow and lifted him in the air, the ebony's bleeding hands on the leader's, trying but failing, to weaken his grip, "You're no use to this world 'Ultimate Life-Form', you deserve to die…" Sonic covered his mouth with his hands, 'This can't be happening…' he thought.

The leader nodded his head to one of the gang's members, a signal for him. Sonic watched as the signalled boy ran to his supposed backpack and came back with it, he bent down and shuffled through it, "Hurry up!" another boy yelled, "I'm trying! I'm trying!" the boy with the backpack cried back. Finally, he stood up, and to Sonic's horror, in his hand was a rope with a loop on the end. "As I said Shadow" the leader smiled evilly, "You deserve to die. And today, you finally will" Shadow screamed and lashed out with all his might as he was carried to his own grave.

Sonic couldn't bare it any longer as they forcefully tugged the looped rope around the hedgehog's neck and tightened. Shadow whimpers grew louder. Sonic's fists clenched his fists in rage, 'Hadn't Shadow suffered enough already?! Well then, this is gonna be crazy but… oh what the fuck?!' Sonic thought as another one of the boys threw the other side of the rope on to a branch and started to tie a knot. Sonic slowly stepped out of his cover towards them, before he pounced on one, his legs wrapped around his neck as he leaned in and smashed his head against his, causing him to black-out.

The boy's body collapsed onto the ground, unconscious as Sonic was thrown to the ground and started to rub the part of his head which he collided with. He shook his head just in time to see 3 others coming right at him, "1 knocked out" Sonic muttered under his breath, "3 coming straight at me and 2 remaining with Shadow" he smirked, "This is too easy" The 3 boys circled their hero with open arms, showing him that there was no escape. Two from either side ran at him with a roar, at the last second, Sonic jumped in the air and crushed their heads with his sneakers as they bashed together.

The other one fumbled with his pocket before bringing out a knife. Sonic noticed and sank to his knees, "A knife!" he wailed dramatically, "Please! Not a knife, it's my only weakness!" he put his hands in a praying matter and shuffled backwards, "Stop being such a baby!" the boy yelled at him and took steps towards him, Sonic smirked, "I'm not being a baby" he looked up at him, "I'm just getting you closer…" the boy, noticing his mistake too late, fell to the ground face first due to Sonic bolting at his legs. The Mobius hero then punched the boy in the stomach and as he expected, the boy let go of the knife to clutch his stomach in pain.

Sonic scooped up the knife and got to his feet and looked at the remaining 2, they just stared before they got back into control with themselves. The boy with the rope pulled faster whilst the leader laughed, Shadow just stared at him, his eyes emotionless… as if already dead. "There is no time to save your friend Sonic" the leader smiled, "But it was a nice try. Didn't know you were one to fight the people you protect. But we never respected you talking and walking animals" he put his arms out, "So I guess it's fair" Sonic roared and ran at Shadow.

"Get him!" the leader commanded the last remaining boy, the boy hesitated but charged anyway, stupid idea… Sonic threw his feet at his face and stomach and he fell to the ground. The leader did the remaining knot on the tree and laughed, "You're too late!" he cried before pulling the rope down and Shadow shot in the air, he started to choke and grabbed the rope around his neck which was burning him, "NO!" Sonic screamed and jumped in the air. He grabbed Shadow as if it was a hug and sliced the rope with the knife.

He then reached into Shadow's quill pockets and grabbed the green Chaos Emerald, he smirked, "Hope you don't mind…" he whispered in Shadow's ear, he then yelled the two words that all of us know… Chilli Dogs! Haha… got ya! "Chaos Control!" he yelled and they vanished in thin air.


Sonic landed in his house which he shared with Tails, holding Shadow bridal style he shouted, "Tails! It's an emergency!" he heard Shadow take in a shaky breath and he looked down at him, "Hold on Shadow-Kun…" he whispered, he frowned at what he said, 'Why the hell did I call him in Japanese…?' Before he had time to wonder about it, Tails came bouncing down the steps, "What's wrong Sonic?" he asked and froze when he saw the hedgehog in his arms, "W-what happened…?" he asked.

Sonic walked past him and went up the stairs, Tails following behind, "He was abused by teenagers and adults Tails, if I wasn't there he would be dead right now!" Sonic explained as he walked to the guest room and placed the half awake hedgehog on the bed, "Dead… how?" Tails asked when he ran to the bathroom and grabbed the First-Aid Kit, Sonic hesitated as he sat down in a chair next to Shadow, "… Let's talk about this later" he told him as he entered the room.

"S-son-ni…c" Sonic perked his ears and looked at the figure on the bed, he sighed, "You should sleep Shadow… after what they did to you. You should rest" Shadow slightly shrugged, "I-I'm not-t really ti-ired.." he said, he looked at him, "And I n-never really got to s-say… thank you eith-ther…" Sonic blinked in surprise, "Shadow, people were bullying you up! I couldn't just walk away!" he protested, Shadow just shrugged again, "Not many would do that though…" he whispered.

Sonic sighed, he was right, not many would help him if they saw. "I didn't though…" the Blue Blur reminded him, Shadow weakly smirked, "No you didn't" he admitted. A yawn came from the little Kitsune and he put the First-Aid Kit on the bed, "You can sleep here tonight Shadow, I'm going to bed. Night all!" he told them before walking out the door. Sonic sighed, "Where are you hurt?" he asked and grabbed the Kit, unzipping it to show its contents inside.

It looked like Shadow's normal attitude took over, "I don't need your help, I'm fine" he said and swept the duvet covers off of him. Sonic immediately grabbed his hand, "Don't. You. Dare" he warned. Shadow tugged his hand away and growled at him, "I already told you that I don't need your help!" he stood up and swayed on his feet, he put his hand on the wall beside him and shook his head with a dazed expression, "Shadow?" Sonic asked and quickly rose from his seat and walked around the bed to his side, "Shadow, are you okay?" Sonic said again with a more worried tone.

Shadow slid down to his knees, "Everything just went so… blurry" Sonic lightly grabbed Shadow's arms and lifted him up, "Back to the bed you go…" he whispered and lifted him onto the bed. Shadow sighed, "I won't be going anywhere for a loooong time" he said to himself, Sonic smirked. After a while of Sonic managing to clean Shadow's wounds and bandage them up, it was beddy-pies for the two hedgehogs.

The ebony hedgehog was able to curl up on his side, his face looking at Sonic with his ruby eyes open. Sonic smirked and stifled a yawn, "Well, you can stay here tonight Shadow, I'm going to go to bed now" In response, he got a sleepy grunt from his doppelganger and his black eyelids closed drowsily. Although Sonic was tired, he couldn't help himself staying in the chair and staring as Shadow went to sleep, his chest rising and falling slowly.

Without noticing what he was doing, Sonic swiftly got out of his chair and leaned over his Rival's body, he softly planted a kiss on the ebony's forehead before he realized what he just did. Half of him was shocked and confused, whilst the other side smiled as if it were a praise for his accomplishment. He shrugged it off and walked to the door and opened it silently before stepping out, "Sonic?" came a voice from behind, Sonic turned, "Yeah?" he felt a sigh, "Thank you" Shadow whispered.

The Speed Demon smiled at him, "Goodnight Shadow" he said and turned out the lights, "Goodnight Fak-… Goodnight Sonic" Sonic heard Shadow's duvet cover rustle as he turned on his side. Sonic closed the door and walked to his room and slipped into bed, his fingers brushed against his lips and he smirked to himself before closing his eyes and sleep covered him whole.