Um…. Hi…?

*All of you take sharp looks at me and start throwing things at me*

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Shadow: He he he, you need to do Algebra. He he he!

:( Shut up Shadow! Let's see you try it instead!

Shadow: …. No

Aw, but why?!

Shadow: You just want me to do your HW instead, you do have a Math Quiz on Tuesday

Yeah yeah whateve-…. Wait… did you just say a 'Math Quiz'?

Shadow: Um, yeah, it's on the calendar

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B: Beautiful

"You're always like this! Why can't I have the Chaos Emerald? Just hand it over!" Sonic shouted, "Well, that's not my problem. Just lay off, the Emeralds mine!" I shouted back. It was a peaceful day for me, just a normal walk around town when all of the sudden Sonic came zooming by and disturbed me, sadly, and started to demand me to give him my Chaos Emerald. I mean what the hell? I don't go around looking for the Faker to give me his rings do I? No! So… what the hell? Damn this guy!

Sonic sighed and pinched the edge of his nose, "Look, Shadow just give me the Chaos Emerald or this world is going to have the new lame name Eggman Land!" I rolled my eyes, although I had to admit about Mobius having the new name Eggman Land would be the worst thing ever happening, just picture Eggman with a robe and a golden crown on and trying to fit into his throne but can't due to his size. I grimaced at the thought and sighed.

I then spun on my feet and started to walk away, "Hey!" the Faker yelled behind me, "Get back here! We're not done yet!" I kept on walking and waved behind me, "Farwell Faker!" I called. I flash later, Sonic was standing in front of me and I had no choice but to stop my feet. I growled and side-stepped, to the right, he copied. I then went left, he soon followed. I stared at him and he smiled with a chuckle, I took a step back and he bounced towards me, I push him in front of me and I stepped, I couldn't help but grin, "We might as well hold hands if we're going to dance."

Sonic blushed as I discreetly took out my green Chaos Emerald, I threw it in my hand, "If you want it that bad" I told him, "Come get it!" and with that, I turned and raced away, Sonic following shortly after me. I put my arm with the Chaos Emerald out by my side so Sonic could have an advantage, he fell for it. He went faster and appeared beside me, his arm reaching out to the gem, I laughed cruelly as I pulled my arm back in and skidded to a halt. Sonic seemed to have been taken by surprise and he fell forward, tripping over his feet. He adjusted easily as I changed turns to the trees, I jumped in the air and grabbed onto a branch, I bounced from each long twisted piece of wood and smiled to myself as Sonic skipped right beside me.

"Give it up Shadow!" he shouted from right next to me, "That emeralds mine!" I smirked, "Not whilst I'm around!" We jumped in the air several times, trying to bash into each other or cause the other to lose their balance. Sonic jumped to the floor and I went down with him, don't get me wrong, I would get away from him any time but right now I was having too much fun. We fought with legs and arms, feet and hand, not necessarily in proper combat but playful and fun instead. We jumped above one another and slid in between our legs to skid to the other side, every so often, the Chaos Emerald would be tossed into each of our hands, thrown in the air and caught once again.

We laughed at our attempts to win over each other, an idea came to my head and I grinned, we stopped moving and stared at each other, panting for breath. I smirked and showed him the Emerald, "You want this Faker?" I asked, "Go get it!" I swirled and threw it far away, it flipped in the air and we got into our racing positions. We took not a second to blast off into the fields beyond, long patches of grass brushed against our legs as we zoomed off. We were neck to neck and were coming too close to the Emerald, 'If we're side by side right now there's a fair chance that he'll get the Emerald instead of me… Fuck nuts!' I cursed through my panting breath and but all of my strength into my legs.

Sonic looked at me in shock and tried to copy to movement, 'Too late!' I smirked and kicked my right foot in front of me, shooting the Chaos Emerald through the air and into the meadow beyond. I heard Sonic curse me and saw him coming closer through the corner of my eye, "Damn you Shadow!" he shouted over the wind with a grin on his face, guess he was enjoying the fact that I extended the fun and games. I was soon getting tired by the fact that Sonic kept coming up right beside me without a trickle of sweat on his face, so I discreetly put me leg out at the right moment in attempt to trip him. He took the bait.

He yelped as he fell to the ground and I couldn't help but let out a laugh due to his stupidity that I wouldn't cheat. Despite everything, he got up anyway and raced after me. I sent him a smirk when he came back up to me and he made a sarcastic hurt face, we then turned our faces up to the upcoming Chaos Emerald. Both of our hands outstretched themselves, ready to grab the jewel before the other. Sadly, one thing caught me off guard. Sonic jumped in the air and landed on the Emerald, I swore loudly and tripped over him. Another thing we didn't notice was the fact that there was a hill right behind the Emerald.

Sonic grabbed my hand as I fell down the hill and he came coming too. I and Sonic rolled down the hill on top of each other, his hands tightly on mine. Few seconds later, my doppelganger started to laugh like a little kid as we spun our way down and I couldn't help but join in with him. I know it was childish but we just couldn't help it, we panted as we giggled in delight. We brushed against grassy patches and flattened flowers, sometimes shredding or cutting their leaves and petals. Blossom petals floated above us in the beautiful sky if I could make out correctly. How far had we gone down this hill by now? The answer was beyond me before we finally stopped, collapsing onto each other. We breathed heavily as we tried to turn the spinning world in our heads back to normal, half way through that I noticed that Sonic was on top of me and his hands were still on my wrists.

I didn't mind at the moment shockingly. I was too busy catching my breath from the laughing fit I had gotten just a while ago, I closed my eyes as my heart beating stopped pounding loudly. I peeked open my eyes and stared above me, the sky was a fair light blue with bits of clouds here and there. I tilted my head lower to gaze at the hedgehog on top of me, and for some odd reason, I didn't bother to push him off… weird. Sonic was lying on my chest, for some reason I could just tell he was still dizzy and trying to stay as still as possible to stop everything turning. Finally, he slowly raised his body right above mine.

Our heads turned to the Emerald that lay 20 feet away. None of us made a move for it, we just stayed… peacefully and comfortably still. It was nice I tell you in a way. I heard Sonic turn his head back towards the direction of me and after a few seconds I copied. My eyes thinned as I stared up in shock at the being above me. The azure blue fur had multiple shades with just the right touch from the deep blue sky, some of the tips were shining with the eternal light of the sun. "S-Sonic?" I whispered, he smiled down at me with gentle lips.

What shocked me is that one of his hands let go of my hands and started to stroke me on the muzzle. It travelled higher and I silently gasped as he started to rub the side to my right ear, it travelled behind and I couldn't help but purr as he touched my sweet spot. I heard him chuckle as I closed my eyes and leaned my head against his hand for more petting. I was replied happily by his touch. I half opened my eyes slowly and stared up at him, he tilted his head at me as I smirked lightly at him, "You can have the Emerald" I told him.

He stared at me and opened his mouth to reply but I sat up quickly and wrapped my arms around him in a hug. I felt his hands hesitantly wrapping around my body, I listened to his fast heart beat as I rested my head against his chest. "As long as you take me with you" I added as a whisper, Sonic's arms felt warm around me as he tightened his grip on me, "Why not" he whispered in my ear that sent chills down my spine, he nuzzled the top of my head before lightly planting a kiss on my coal black fur. We stayed like that for a long time, just watching the blossom petals falling in the sky lightly, when some touched our fur we would smell their rich scent and either brush them off or blow on them.

"How about we go kick some Egg-Head-Butt now?" I heard Sonic say and I smirked, I didn't need to reply as we untangled ourselves and helped each other to our feet. Petals fell onto our bodies as we stared at each other in amazement, it felt good to see a different side of Sonic in this way, was I the only one who could see him like this? Because he was just so… Beautiful…

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