Jack and White Fang got ready for a marvellous hunting trip at 4.45 a.m. They set to the woods nearby the house. After one kilometer they heard a male deer call, Jack reloaded his gun to take a shot. After twenty five minutes there was no sight of the male deer, White Fang tried to sense the deer but had no luck.

It was getting lighter in the woods of Alaska on the north side. Jack thought the animals will start hiding so he was ready to take a shot, then a rabbit was bouncing to the logs. Jack quickly grabbed the 22 rifle and had a shot. It hit the rabbit and it was a clean kill. White Fang retrieved the rabbit and gave it to Jack. Jack grabbed the rabbit and put it in his hunting backpack.

They went across the Yukon in an abandoned boat. White Fang jumped off so quick on the other side. Jack put the boat under a log so someone wouldn't take went down steam till they reach a trail after a while the Jack spotted a male Deer Jack said silently to White Fang

"deer get ready"

Jack was about to fire then a mountain lion jump from the tree above them. It claws cut the deers back near the rump of the deer then the deer collapsed on a ground next to a tree. Jack went a shot the mountain lion and skin it Jack put a rope on the deer they started heading back home to drop off the deer and rabbit tack killed before.