Chapter 1

Deidara was in his room, packing his things, ready to leave to join the group known as the Akatsuki. He put on his bag and looked around his room.

He sighed, as he saw a picture of a little girl and himself when he became a Jounin. He had one in his bag that he took a few days before he left the village, making sure she was with him, and destroyed the place while she was knocked out with a drug.

Deidara loves his art above a lot of things, but this little girl, was the one exception. But he will not let these stupid people degrade his art, and he knew that she would do the same thing. Loving his art just as much as he does, already forcing him to teach it to her at a young age, and learning it quickly. She was born with the hands as well, which is outstanding. It was how Deidara found out about their kinjutsu. But she, unlike him, could make it appear and disappear. Which is a strange feat with the jutsu, but to her, it's most likely a kekkei genkai, and will most likely be different in ways, as it already was as he has found out.

This little girl had blonde hair as well, just not as bright as his; it was dulled, but had a shine to it. To him, this little girl was art as well, in way, fleeting too. She could be as nice as a teddy bear, but then mad as an Ox. Her emotions, at best, were… fleeting too.

He could feel the girls chakra in the room next door. He had sent for someone to take her in to the only village he could think of that would take the girl in, what with her basically being raised by him, and lived with an S-rank criminal.

He walked out of his room and slipped into hers. The little nine year old was sleeping happily, hugging her teddy bear he had given her for her birthday when she was five.

He walked to her bed side and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Then he ran his fingers down her cheek, before he put something on her desk, then slipping out of her room, and into the hallway once more.

Deidara quickly moved to the front door, and stepped out, hoping with all his might that they wouldn't find her. His little bomber.

His eyes dropped onto the people he would be now working with. His eyes narrowed. Itachi, the genjutsu user who basically mocks his art, looking at him emotionlessly. His new partner in this organization had already gone to the base.

"Come," the Uchiha grunted. Deidara glared at the stoic Uchiha. How could anyone be so… emotionless?

They were all about to move when they heard a thud within the house. Then a curse. Deidara had to bite his lip to stop himself telling that voice not to use those words.

"Who else is in there Deidara?" Itachi asked the bomber, just as the door opened.

Deidara's eyes widened, as he saw the little girl. Hugging her teddy, yawning. He looked at the shark and Uchiha, as they looked at the girl.

"Big brother?" the little girl asked, yawning. "Who are they?" she asked him, as he turned around, and walked to her. He kneeled next to her, and took her hands into his.

"Some people who mock our art, un," he told the little girl, and her eyes widened, before they narrowed at the two Akatsuki members.

"You dare mock Dei-Dei's art?" she asked, her voice no longer tired, but fierce, well, as fierce as his little bomber could get at her age. "Art is a boom! Fleeting!" she exclaimed, and the shark chuckled at the little girl. Her eyes landed on the man, her eyes narrowing. "Don't laugh at our art, you over grown shark. Or you'll soon be nothing but fish guts!" she growled at the shark, AKA, Kisame.

"I didn't know you were a brother, Deidara, I always thought the girl was a rumor," he chuckled, and the girl did a hand sign; no one saw it, as her hand was hidden behind the teddy bear. It made the teddy bear in her arms hard as anything can get, well, in her world anyway, before launching it at the fish. He let it hit him, not knowing it would make him fly back, and hit a rock that was surrounding the house.

Itachi narrowed his eyes at the little girl and Deidara quickly moved so she was out of Uchiha's sight.

But what Deidara didn't know, was that Itachi wasn't thinking of hurting the girl. She reminded him of his own little brother. That, right at this moment was, he was hoping. Training to kill him. Was Deidara planning the same thing for himself?

Deidara was not, he was hoping that one day they would be reunited, and show the world what their art was, and prove it was not to be mocked like the Uchiha had done. This little girl… was his world, besides his Art, and he couldn't ever do what the Uchiha was thinking.

"What are you going to do with the girl, Deidara?" Itachi asked the bomber, as the bomber protected the little girl from the Uchiha's sight.

"She is going to another village, away from you art mocking b-" he cut himself off, before he cursed in front of his little sister. But she was already giggling, knowing what he was about to say. His hand then met his forehead. "Un."

The little girl, suddenly caught onto what the bomber was saying, and her eyes widened. "You're sending me away?" she asked, her voice hitching on away.

The little girl was taught by her brother, that if he could do nothing to protect her, and it makes its worse by staying near, she would send the girl away from him, hopefully staying safe.

Deidara suddenly turned around, and hugged his little sister before she started to cry. The little girl couldn't remember a day when they weren't together longer than a week. Deidara knew it was going to be hard for her.

"Hush, my little bomber. Don't cry, yeah," he told her, and she clenched her hands. "We will be together again, when you understand more of who I am, well, what I am, un," he explained and the girl frowned.

"I know who you are big brother. Your my big brother and I love you. I don't care what you do, you can kill, and I'll still love you," she snapped back at him, glaring at her brother.

He sighed, and ruffled the girl's hair. "I love you too, yeah," she stopped glaring at her brother. "I'll hold you to that, hmm."

The little girl sighed, knowing he was going to go, and she was going to god knows where. Or maybe Jashin knows where, like in that book she found in the library one day when her brother was doing something he said she would know when she was older. The idea of Jashinism was interesting to her, and it seems better than a god who punishes people just because they might have done one bad thing. Which is all ninja mind you.

"Who are you going with?" she asked her brother. He at least had to tell her that. He sighed.

Itachi stepped forward from making sure that his partner wasn't hurt, maybe a fractured rib. The shark stood up, and walked forward with the Uchiha, wincing a bit. The girl saw that, and smirked a little. That's what the big mocking shark gets.

Deidara watched them carefully as they approached them, but he was surprised when Itachi's red Sharingan disappeared.

"My name is Itachi," Itachi told the little girl, and Kisame rubbed his rib, before giving the girl a sharky grin.

"My names Kisame," he told her. "You've got some teddy there, kid." He handed her back the teddy bear that the girl didn't know he still had.

She beamed at the shark, and hugged the bear with all her might. "Thank you, my Dei-Dei got it for me. I love him. His name is Artsy, yeah," Kisame chuckled, but then winced. This little girl spoke like her brother.

"What's the kid's name, Deidara?" Kisame asked the bomber, already falling for the girl's cuteness that can make any ninja fall if she used it right. And Jashin knows she does.

"Her name is Emiko, yeah," he told the shark. The little girl loved her name, as when she was born, he named her. Father had died a month before, and her mother turned into a mess after that, so Deidara had basically taken care of her, and she knew that. The girl held little to no love for her mother.

Itachi felt a pang that he hid on the outside. He was destroying yet another family. Little as it was, but all the same, they only had each other. But it had to be done. Hopefully they would see each other again.

"Emiko," the girl looked at the Uchiha, who saw red, before she was cast into a genjutsu, and sent to sleep.

Deidara caught his little sister before glaring at the Uchiha. He picked her up, and walked into the house, before traveling into her room, and putting her on her bed.

Kissing her head once more, before returning to the Uchiha and Shark. Livid beyond imagination.

Once he arrived, he punched the Uchiha in the head. Well tried, Itachi grabbed the bombers hand.

"If I find out that you hurt her, you'll become my next artistic subject, yeah," he warned the Uchiha, but he was ignored.

"Let's move, before those who you sent for find her," Itachi told the shark, and bomber, before they all ran out of there.

When the girl awoke, she was a bit slow on why she felt weird. Then she remembered seeing red, before blanking.

Deidara… no! She jumped up, and started to run around the house, looking for her brother, but not finding him. It wasn't a dream. Her brother was really gone.

When she came to that conclusion, she walked slowly to her room, and seeing something on her night stand.

She took it off the stand. There was her own pouch of exploding clay just like her brothers! And a scope. She smiled sadly. This was a goodbye present. She knew that for sure.

Then there was a knock on her door, and she headed there, putting her pouching on, ready to fight if they were bad. Her hand mouths appearing, hand near the pouch, and opened the door. She saw three ANBU.

The one with the dog mask stepped forward. The little girl before him narrowed her eyes.

"Are you Emiko?" he asked, and she slowly nodded her head at the ninja. "Someone sent a message to our village for you to be taken in. Do you know why?" This was a question that he and his team were confused about.

Why couldn't a chuunin, or even a team of genin and jounin handle this? Why ANBU? It was mind boggling. He knew he shouldn't ask, but it came out without thinking, foolish on his part.

"My brother did. He could no longer protect me right. So he told me that if this ever happened, he would send me to a village that would accept a… S-rank criminal's little sister without hurting her, un," she told the ninja, using her cuteness to the best of her ability.

The ANBU's gasped, well, one did. The one with a dog's mask, kneel down in front of her.

"You'll be coming with us," he told the little girl, as she nodded her head a little, and moved her hand from the pouch, making her mouths disappear. "To Konoha."

The girl nodded. She ran back to her room, and looked around her room, grabbing the few things she was taking with her.

When she saw a photo, she picked it up, and looked at it carefully. It was her and Deidara when she was three. It was one of her earliest memories. She remembers to this day what he told her.

"Always remember. Art is fleeting, my little bomber, un."

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