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Chapter 1: Unable to move on, no matter what.

5 years have passed since the day she set foot into the world beyond any human's understanding; a world where dreams can become reality; a world that taught her how to care for others; a world where she fell in love…

A girl age 15 with mahogany brown hair down to her mid back sat in a bed that was in the middle of the all-white sickly smelling room. Her dark brown eyes filled with sadness and longing. She was a girl with a body to die for, curved in the right place and baby smooth skin with no pimples what so ever. Too bad she didn't want to be where she was. I mean who would? Her name was Chihiro.

Chihiro's P.O.V:

I looked at the white door of my room from this prison, *cough* I mean Metal Patient's Hospital. Yes you guessed it right, when I told my parent's about the Spirit World and Haku they thought I was insane, that I was hallucinating so they dumped me here…And that was 3 years ago and it's purely by luck that it's so close to the tunnel here.

(Flashback to 3 years ago):

"Mum, Dad please?! What I'm telling you is true, I'm not lying! Please don't let them take me away!" A 12 year old I shouted at the same time as trying but failing to get out of the gips of the doctors and nurses that were prying me out of the house.

"Honey it's for your own good. We'll come to visit you as often as we can," my Mum said as she eyed me with tears sparkling in her eyes threatening to fall. Next to her stood my Dad that had his arms around her shoulders; it seemed like if he let go she would fall to the ground in a heap. His eyes connected with mine as he said "Chihiro, your mum's right. We need to get you sorted out before you go completely insane; we need to get these fantasy creatures you created out of your mind and set your mind right, especially that dragon you always seem to draw and mention."

And with that, the nurses and doctors dragged me out and the front door to our house shut.

(Back to present and still in Chihiro's P.O.V):

I could never and won't ever forget that they were the ones that put me here. I don't even know if I will ever be able to forgive them.

Pushing that aside, I turned my head towards the one and only window of my room. I looked into the distance and saw the tunnel. Once again I was thinking about the spirit world, my true home. Kamaji was a caring grand-father, Lin was like the sister I never had and a friend. Yes you also guessed it right, ever since I came back after being spirited away I never fitted in properly, they always called me stuff like: the freak girl; a creep; dragon freak and so much worse…

But I still can't forget the people, the events of that magical place that changed me forever.

Granny, well she's the best granny ever; No-face turned out to be a really gentle and kind spirit; Bou also turned out to be a great friend just like Yu-bird; Yubaba, well she wasn't too keen on me…

Then there's Haku or should I say Kohaku now, the beautiful white dragon that saved me. He told me to not look back; he made a promise to meet again. And suddenly I felt a pang of anger and sadness rising in me. This anger I've been bottling up for 3 painful years. Before I knew it I cried out loud with tears rolling down my cheeks "It's been 5 years Haku! 5 stupid years since you let me go and made that promise! Are you going to come or not?!"

1 hour has passed since I had my little breakdown moment. I've made up my mind now. I'm going to try; no I will escape this prison and go back home. If Haku isn't going to come to me and fulfil that promise he made to me, then I'll go back to the spirit world; I'm going back home, and no one here, not even my parents can stop me anymore. I've lived this life that's a lie to me for long enough, all I want is to go back to my real family that truly cared about me.

I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen to write a simple note to my parents. I wrote:

Dear Mum and Dad,

When you read this I will have ran away from this prison. I'm going back to my true home. I told the truth when I said I never fitted in with any of the other kids. I want to go back and that's what I'll do. I can see why you would be angry at me for doing this but I'm following my heart. I hope that one day, maybe not today but one day, you can understand and accept my decision.

Don't come looking for me. You won't be able to find me.


I grabbed my blue and white checked backpack and shoved some underwear, tops, socks, skinny jeans ETC… I dressed in some faded dark blue skinny jeans, a plain white tank top and a purple cardigan over it with some white socks and then put my all white converses on. I snuck out of my room quietly. It was around 3'o clock in the evening and they'll be serving some people dinner soon so I picked the perfect time to leave. As quiet as possible I got passed all the staff and then out of the main door. Luckily no one saw me at all. As soon as I got out I ran for the tunnel at full force.

Approximately 10 minutes of running later, I stood outside the tall red building that lead to my true home. Without any hesitation I ran into it and then I was on the grassy field once again. The smell of freedom filled my nostrils and with the first true smile in the 3 years spread across my face I ran across the field.

I was home.


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