I walked my way through the Death Egg calmly. I remembered that Tobi, or should I say Madara Uchiha, has teleported me into this dimension so that I can meet up with this Dr. Eggman character in person. He has told him many things about me. Well, that's nice of him. Maybe if I show my face to him, then he'll get a good recognition of me. That is, if he has a picture of me, or just guess. Either way, he should know it's me because he's a mad scientist. I managed to meet him up all the way to the top floor. It's obvious of where this fortress can be controlled from. As I meet the doctor, he is bald, fat, and has a big orange mustache. I got to admit it, his description really disgusts me.

"Oh ho ho, if it isn't Sasuke Uchiha. Nice to meet you," he happily grab my right hand and we shake hands together for the meeting.

"Yeah, nice to meet you too," I sarcastically agree with how he guessed correctly that it's me. "You must be the great Dr. Eggman."

"That's right, my boy. Madara has told me about you, especially how powerful you are," said the mad doctor.

"Uh, that's right," I coldly replied back.

Why do I even bother working for this fat tubby? I'm better off quitting, if I'm going to.

"Now, allow me to introduce you to someone," Eggman points out to some robot and that is a red-headed squirrel who is wearing a blue suit. Not to mention she looks cold. Fortunately, that look on her face won't stop me because I usually have that look on my face. Anyway, my coldness is much better than hers. "This is your partner, Mecha Sally. She'll be guiding you on how to work together on some cases I'm assigning you."

"I see," I reluctantly sees his terms on it.

"I'm sure you two will get along just fine. Besides, you two have similar cold looks on your faces."

But mine is better than hers...

I said coldly with sarcasm, "It's so nice meeting you here, Sally. I'm Sasuke Uchiha."

"It's a pleasure meeting you, Sasuke," Sally talks in a very robotic tone that is very disturbing. "We will work together in doing what Dr. Eggman says. His word is law."

"I got to say, that robot of yours, doctor, has really such bad taste in how she does her own things."

"You dare insult this unit?" the robot gets insulted on this one. How interesting. I decided to test out how strong this creation of his.

I continued with an evil smile on my face, "How about if I call you 'little miss piece of junk'? That's because you are so weak that even if you are upgraded or something, you can't just beat me with those."

"Sasuke, just what are you trying to do to her?" the doctor asks in curiosity as he tries to stop our fight.

"I'm testing out her skills, that's what," I activated my Sharingan at the process. At the same time, I pulled out my sword from the sheathe behind my back as I point it out at that piece of junk. "Now, show me what you got."

Mecha Sally is ready to fight me as she has unleashed two energy blades coming out of her forearms. Interesting, but it stinks. My sword is much more better than that. As she charges on me, the image of her move to me at that time is vividly clear. I can see what she will do so I jump out of the way up in the air. Next, I stab her in the back with my sword, pinning her down to a wall.

"This, doctor, is the Sharingan," I demonstrated my power. "With it, I can easily anticipate any move that anyone would try it on me just like her. Here's another thing," I changed my eyes from the Sharingan into the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. "This is the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. I can show you what I can do with this power. You wanna see it?"

As I looked at Eggman, he is amazed of how I'm be able to pin down that robot of his to the floor with my sword. On to top it off, he is even curious about my power with my eyes.

"Yeah, I wanna see it," was his reply.

I closed my left eye as I activated Amaterasu. Just then, a side of the room got burned by the black flames itself. "This is called the Amaterasu. Too bad you can't use water or any other methods and that it will just continue to burn until that object is reduced to ash or destroyed. You know, I got other powers and some jutsu, but I'll save some of it for later."

"That's very highly of you, Sasuke, carrying all that power," Eggman compliments me before focusing on Sally. "Mecha Sally, show him what can you do else."

"Gladly, master," she said coldly as she faces me something in the middle of her head appears. It's a laser cannon and it's about to hit me so I pull out my sword from her and jumped out of the way. I put my sword back to its sheath. "Too bad, Sasuke, if you have a best friend who is better than you, you can beat me."

As her words reaches my ears, I thought about how Naruto is getting tough as well. Well, I'm getting more tougher than him; I'm better than him. So Sally can talk to me about something like that? We'll see. I can't be stopped by this so I just ignore her. So she has done this to her own old friends.

"Just so you know, Eggman, the way she talks at me doesn't work. Why? Because I severed my own ties to these people. Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and all of the Hidden Leaf. That's why whatever she says about me doesn't work."

"Well, that's interesting," Eggman compliments on what I've been through. I turned off my Sharingan at the moment. "Now, we're going to invade New Mobotropolis the second time, but first, you two must do an assignment together," he lectures us on what should we do together. "First, we should have another invasion at Stormtop Village where my former creation, Monkey Khan, lives."

I looked at Sally as I'm confused about this person the mad doctor is talking about.

"Ken Khan, subject of discontinued "Project Khan"," was her reply.

I was quiet while I listened to Eggman's instructions.

"Now you two will head over there and wreck stuff on that village. Is that understood?"

"Yes, master," Sally and I say this simultaneously. I said it in sarcasm.

I was about to leave with her when Eggman called me on.

He said, "Sasuke, a private matter with me right now." I agreed to that as I approach him. Just then, he's whispering at my ear for some details. "Just so you know, this is Princess Sally Acorn and she's not really a robot."

I was surprised when I heard those words. All this time, that piece of junk isn't really a piece of junk.

"Oh yeah? Explain."

"She's just roboticized and is under my control," Eggman explains more. "In other words, the things she does; it's against her will."

Now I fully understand about Mecha Sally. Well, it makes sense when she said to me about how she managed to attack her old friends psychologically as she uses their feelings for her against them. Luckily, I don't do that as I'm not with Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and all of Hidden Leaf anymore. I broke my ties to them so that attack she made on me doesn't work.

"I understand. Well, I should be going," I said as I left the room. When I do, I walked with Sally down to the village. Looks like we're going to get along just fine. As I looked at her, we might have some things that are not so different to ourselves.