Happy Meat To Heart
Chapter 1: The Cafeteria

Disclaimer: Cow and Chicken (c) David Feiss, Cartoon Network. To Heart (c) AQUAPLUS, KSS.

"Bah. All mornings are soooo boring. My bed is the only one I can trust," Hiroyuki said as
he takes a nap in his seat, just before the class starts.

"Hiroyuki, cheer up!" Akari said. "I heard that the school will open its own cafeteria later
this noon. Wow, I'm excited on what will be served."

Shiho, who stands beside the door of section 2-B, heard Hiroyuki and Akari's conversation.
She then rushes towards the two, causing Hiroyuki to drop from his seat.

"Good morning! Well, Akari, what you said is true. Plus, the one who'll manage the cafeteria
is a red, pantless guy."

"Huh? A red, pantless person?" Hiroyuki exclaimed. He then goes back in his seat. "Shiho, it's
just one of your daydreams. I've never seen such a person before, and that person will never

"But I guess we'll check the cafeteria later at lunch to prove it," Akari reacted.

The bell rings, signifying the start of class.

"Gotta go! See you later!" Shiho then left for her classroom.

The class proceeds, with your usual Hiroyuki sleeping.

The teacher notices him. "Hey, wake up, sleepyhead! Answer the question on the board!"

Hiroyuki answered sheepishly, " Why do I have to do this?"

"Shut your pot hole and do it!"


The minutes of the class passes by.

Then the bell rings again.

"Whew. Lunch time. I've been waiting for this," Hiroyuki said to himself.

Then the students go out of their classrooms. Hiroyuki, Akari, Shiho, and Masashi get
together as they approach the cafeteria.

"Hey, Hiroyuki, listen to me," Masashi said.


"It is rumored that the food to be served at the cafeteria is nothing but ketchup."

"Ketchup?!" Shiho exclaimed. "Why not our favorite meals?"

"Whatever. What's important is that I eat three meals a day," Hiroyuki responded.

"I know the reason why, Hiroyuki," Akari explained. "The manager is red. Ketchup is red.
Got it?"

And the four finally arrived at the cafeteria. They see a long queue of people towards the

"What's the name of the manager, you say?" Hiroyuki asked.

"I think it's Ms. Bear-Derriere," Shiho answered.

"What a strange name," Masashi reacted.

Let's see the situation at the counter.

"Good afternoon, students!" Ms. Bear-Derriere (a. k. a. The Red Guy) said to the students
through her speakerphone. "We have a great selection of meals for you at affordable prices.
First, we have rice topped with ketchup! Or sushi a la ketchup! Oh, how about ketchupy fish
balls? And, for dessert, it's frozen ketchup on cones!"

"Duh. Those meals are monotonous," Shiho reacted. "Marvel Burger is MUCH better."

"What did you say, lady?" Ms. Bear-Derriere angrily reacted at Shiho.

"Marvel Burger IS MUCH BETTER!"

"That's it! No food for you today! And for those who share their food with her, you will
suffer the same punishment! That's because the school principal decreed that no one should
eat outside during classes! Now go!"

"We feel sorry for you, Shiho," Akari sympathized.

"Me too," Masashi said.

"Me three," Hiroyuki said.

"Hey you three dimwits! Sympathizing is the same as sharing! No food for you either!" Ms. Bear-
Derriere shouted.

Will our four friends suffer hunger? Find out.

(end of chapter)